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2012 predictions

2012 predictions

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Avoiding H1N1 Swine Flu, Pandemics,
Plagues & Bioterrorism

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UMS disclaimer

University of Metaphysical Sciences must include this disclaimer because no staff member nor the school itself is authorized to give medical, nutritional or health advice. Always seek the advice of your doctor. That said, here are some pointers for keeping your health in top condition and avoid getting the H1N1 swine flu symptoms.

Is There Really An Outbreak, Epidemic or Pandemic?

It is quite interesting to note that the H1N1 swine flu outbreak that has been declared an epidemic / pandemic by the CDC and the WHO is not really an outbreak or a pandemic at all. The pandemic was declared after only 300 people had died out of tens of thousands of people who had the H1N1 swine influenza. It was actually a very low percentage of people who died from the flue compared to how many people die each year simply from the regular seasonal flu. Far more people die from the seasonal flu than ever have from the H1N1 swine flu. It hardly qualifies as a pandemic or an epidemic, and definitely not an outbreak any more than the seasonal flu would be. Notably, most people who die of the H1N1 swine influenza do so because there are other health issues that they have that complicate matters, just the same as those who die of regular seasonal flu. It is the symptoms of the flu that actually trigger other health problems in the patient.

Some conspiracy theorists declare that the H1N1 swine flu is a bio engineered manufactured bioterrorism endeavor by those who would like to control people, depopulate the planet and cause fear and despair in the masses. There is definitely evidence that points to what they are saying as having possible truth to it, for the swine flu does seem very suspicious as to its origins and its distribution.

Do NOT Take Seasonal or Swine Flu VACCINES!

The regular seasonal flu vaccine that many people take has been reported to not do what it is said it should do. People do not avoid the flu at all, and in fact they have gotten extremely sick right after the seasonal flu shot, up to 4-5 months. Vaccines have many other substances in them that are not healthy for human consumption, and mercury and squalene are two of those ingredients that should not be introduced into the body but are given through vaccines. Mercury is used as a preservative. However, mercury in any amount is toxic for the human body.

It is believed that there are many children who are compromised by the amount of vaccines they are given when they are young, and is the reason so many children now are diagnosed with Autism, Asperegers syndrome and many other conditions. These vaccines actually stress out your immune system, cause it to be disrupted, and weaken you over all to make you more vulnerable to other illnesses that the vaccine itself do not address.

The vaccines for the H1N1 swine influenza are not going to help you. First of all, the swine flu vaccine has not been properly tested and so is not really suitable for human use. Vaccines normally go through 12 months of testing before they are released for public use. Swine flu vaccine was only tested for 5 days before release for public use. Many petitions and lawsuits have already been launched to prohibit it's forced use on health care workers in order to keep their jobs and the public at large.

It has also had a track record of shipments being quite high in deadly versions of the vaccine instead of versions that would assist. A particular shipment that went to Czechoslovakia killed all the ferrets that they injected it into and was almost 100% contaminated with a live version of the virus instead of a dead version of the virus which is what vaccines are supposed to contain. Another shipment to another country had 16% error in the virus shipment. Sixteen out of every one hundred swine flu vaccine shots had the live virus in it that would have made its recipients very ill with the actual virus the vaccine was supposed to be protecting them from.

Second of all, the swine flu will surely mutate and be a whole different flu by the time it gets to you. Viruses and bacteria mutate so it is a limited time in which a vaccine will actually do anything against the illness it was designed for. You are better off leaving your immune system at full functioning capacity and take your chances with your own brilliantly designed mechanisms your body has for dealing with bacteria or viruses. If you take the proper nutrients and keep your immune system working well, you will be safe from plagues, viruses, bacteria and other outside influences to the body. The most important thing is to work on supporting your immune system, get all the proper nutrients, exercises and eat healthy foods. Do your research and find out what is necessary to take care of your immune system.

Vitamin D3

The most important nutrient to avoid getting sick with viruses is Vitamin D3, the nutrient you get from the sun. If you can't get Vitamin D as a supplement, get it from the sun. Your body will make it. Get at least a half an hour of sunlight every day on your skin, and try to expose as much skin as possible. You won't want to get sunlight during the hours of the day that you will get really burned. Sunbathe in the morning or the late afternoon. You'll get a nice little tan, but no damage. A supplement is great to take as well, you can't have too much Vitamin D, they say. (check with your doctor of course!)


Minerals are said to be the common missing ingredient in those who have cancer and other diseases. Lack of minerals is said to be at the root of many illnesses and a lack of health. Minerals are said to be even more important than vitamins themselves, and lack of minerals causes the body to be unable to process many vitamins. For some reason, minerals are necessary to many of the body's functions, and without them the body is compromised. Keep in mind that you are made up of 90% water, minerals conduct electricity, and your neural systems and messages are all sent throughout your body by electrical triggers. If there is a problem with conduction of electricity in your body, the messages your body needs to send from one part of itself to another are compromised.


It takes H1N1 2-3 days after introduction of the virus to proliferate and show symptoms. Gargling with warm salt water (or Listerine if that is your preference) prevents proliferation. Also rinse your nostrils once per day with warm salt water, use a neti pot, and this also prevents proliferation of the virus. These are the entry points into your body for any flu virus.

Vitamin C

Don't forget to make sure you have plenty of Vitamin C. More people are deficient in this than you might think. The body does not store Vitamin C and what is not used is eliminated instead of stored. Vitamin C must constantly be replenished in the body. Eat foods rich in Vitamin C or take supplements.

Avoid Processed Foods, Eat Raw Organic Foods, Avoid Commercial Meat

Avoid processed foods. Many of the foods that are processed are made with cheap ingredients, produced in ways that are not conducive to maintaining nutritional value to the food, and are made by companies that are in alignment with the old paradigm and not the new paradigm. Commercial foods are the worst. The companies that make them use GMO (Genetically Modified) products and irradiated ingredients, none of which are healthy for your body. Even organic processed foods are somewhat questionable because of the processes that are used to make them. The ingredients might have started out organic, but once they are processed they no longer have any nutritional value.

The best food you can eat are foods that have been grown locally by the farmers in your area if you live in a place where local produce is made. If you can't get that, at least eat organic raw foods from your local market. Be careful what organic foods you eat though. Many large supermarkets carry organic food, but sometimes the company that is supplying the foods is only on the very edge of being organic and pushing the boundaries somewhat. Keep in mind that regulations are changing, being pushed and lobbied through congress at this time, in order to make it possible for large corporations to cash in on the organic market, but not really grow organic food. Soon, food that is labeled organic will not really be organic. The laws will be relaxed in the near future. Your best bet is to seek local produce by conscientious local farmers.

If possible, grow your own food and then you will know it is organic fair and square! Make sure you get seeds that are not genetically modified. Do your research on seeds because that market is being manipulated as well. If possible, get seeds from your local farmers. Certain seeds are genetically modified so that the plants that grow from them won't reseed and that keeps farmers in the position of having to re-buy seeds every year from companies like Monsanto, one of the companies that is most known for working against the health of people through plants, food and seeds.

You might not want to go fully vegan or vegetarian. That's not necessary, but you are really going to want to examine the meat consumption you take in. Fish is notoriously high in mercury and other toxins since the oceans they are fished in are extremely polluted. Commercial fish farms are notoriously bad producers of fish meat because they can control what the fish eat. Those fish may not have as high a level of mercury, but they are high in steroids and other strange ingredients that aren't found naturally in fish meat. Same with mammal meats like beef, poultry, and chicken. They are notoriously full of steroids, hormones, antibiotics and also adrenaline because they have an adrenaline rush right before they die. It is not as if they don't know what is happening to them. When you ingest meat, you are ingesting fear, anxiety and high amounts of adrenaline.

Keep in mind that in the new paradigm meat eating won't be a way of life because it is not compassionate living to create the concentration camps of death and holocaust for the animals the way it is done now. Animals do not want to die any more than you do, and they are not giving their lives up willingly. They are treated inhumanely once they reach the slaughter houses, and in fact many of them don't even get to have a real life at all. They spend their whole life cramped in a tiny cage and live a life of despair, depression and sadness. Is that what you want to eat and put into your energy? If you have to eat meat because don't believe you can live without it, keep it down to a minimum. However, you can live without meat.

There are a lot of other protein supplements and humanity has indeed learned enough now about nutrition that it no longer needs to keep animals enslaved to the role of being raised solely for food consumption. There are also many meat substitutes made out of other types of ingredients that taste just as great if not better than meat. Avoid soy products, though. Your best meat substitute products are made out of mushroom type sources. A company that makes some great meat substitutes that are not made out of soy is called Quorn. Try their non-meat chick patties and their turkey rolls. You will see that getting off the pattern of meat consumption is easier than you think. Even though those are processed foods and we don't recommend any processed food per se, if you have a meat habit that is a way to start breaking the habit. If you want to be truly in your heart, you cannot harm the animals any longer, or support a barbaric industry that does.

Lose Weight

If you are overweight, time to lose the weight. In statistics of the swine flu deaths to date, 80% of the people who died were obese and had other health complications. You need to take care of this now. Even just a little exercise and eating raw foods every day will make a big difference in your life. Do some fasting on lemon juice if you want to kick start the process. Stop eating processed foods. If you still eat at fast food places, this is a huge part of your problem. being overweight complicates everything on every level of your body and it puts your body in a compromised and vulnerable condition. Now is the time to start changing your condition. If you want to make it through without illness, you must be in the best possible health that you can be in. You don't have to lose all the weight or look like a model. Just get to the point that you can feel healthy. That's all it takes. A little bit of fat is not an issue, but a lot is. If you are over 20 pounds overweight, it is too much. 20 pounds over your proper weight is as far as you can push it and still be healthy.

If you want to eat a lot, eat as much raw food as you want. You couldn't eat enough raw food to actually be fat, so help yourself to all that you want in the raw food department. That is limitless. Of course, that doesn't mean you can eat 10 avocados a day, but an avocado is a great source of the necessary "good" fats that your body needs and is sort of like the vegetarian's meat, besides eggs.

Also, get a thyroid test done. A large amount of people who are overweight are obese because they have a hypo-thyroid condition they don't know about. Also test yourself for Hashimoto's, gout, and other thyroid conditions. These complicate the situation.

MMS (Miracle Mineral Supplement)

This is a very powerful anti viral and anti bacterial substance. It will stop viruses from growing and it will kill persistent infections from bacteria. This is a must have in your medicinal arsenal. Research this product and see if it is right for you.


This is what is created when garlic is crushed. If garlic is sliced it is not the same. It is a particular enzymatic reaction that creates Allicin when it is released. This is a potent anti bacterial. It does not work for viruses, but bacterial infections or conditions it does.

Removing Heavy Metals From Your System

Zeolite assists with removing heavy metals from your system. A high percentage of humans have heavy metal poisoning and don't know it. You can have a hair analysis test done to find out if you have heavy metal poisoning. If you've had vaccines you most likely have some mercury in your system. Zeolite assists with removing this and so do other things. Zeoforce is a capsule version of Zeolite if capsules are more convenient to use.

Another thing that assists with removing heavy metal poisoning that is natural is cilantro. Juice it every day for a very powerful heavy metal remover. Research other heavy metal removing agents as well.

The CDC and WHO
Center for Disease Control and the World Health Organization

The CDC and WHO are telling everyone to get the swine influenza shot as a cure and treatment, but they are not telling you the simplest ways to prevent and avoid getting the H1N1 swine flue virus. It is not as hard as it seems. Instead of Tamiflu and other possibly dangerous drugs, simply using natural remedies and nutritional prevention methods is an inexpensive and easy way to go. Squalene and mercury are two ingredients in these vaccines that should not be in your body. Squalene has never been approved for USA use, but an exception has been made for this vaccine. Squalene is very detrimental to your health, and so is mercury. Both are highly toxic.

It is always better to trust mother nature whenever possible. The human body is an amazing piece of bio machinery and its immune system is built to take care of these things. Nature has its own built in checks and balances, and the human immune system can adapt to and override most viruses and bacteria if the immune system is working efficiently, properly nourished, and has time to take care of business.

Prevent & Avoid H1N1 Swine Flu Virus Outbreak. Facts, treatment, cure and prevention for epidemic, pandemic outbreak of Influenza. Updates & News about cases, Information Map locations, no vaccines

2012 is only the beginning, not the end.

Enjoy 2012 discussions at Starlight Journal and also at the University of Metaphysical Sciences discussion board

2012 Survival Basics

Also read the recent Christine Breese 2012 article about how you can be involved. There is more than just what is depicted in the 2012: We Were Warned movie. It is also a spiritual tug of war in the realm of duality between darkness and light, fear and love. See what you can do to change the odds and step outside of duality and assist.

UMS Only Delivers Information

University of Metaphysical Sciences isn't saying whether drastic things will happen or not. It is simply our job to do research and present you with information that you can use as you wish. No one knows what is going to happen, but since many people have these questions, we present to you what our research has brought up.

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2012 predictions

2012 predictions

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2012 prophecies


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2012 shift


2012 predictions


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