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metaphysical science


metaphysical science




metaphysical school

"I am fortunate to have found the the University of Metaphysical Sciences study program in my efforts to continue my ongoing lifetime studies. I can recomend the studies to anyone who wishes to improve and expand their personal pespective about  life experience. I have over 800 books in my personal Informational Resources Research Reference Library and I have a very good basis for comparing information value. Your information is excellent, and while I am not an expert, I certainly am speaking with a voice of personal experience." — H.R., UMS Student

metaphysical school


"I am absolutely thrilled with the course material so far. Interesting, thought provoking, and very informative! The extensive research on the materials makes an intriguing page turner." N.P., UMS Student


school of metaphysics


metaphysical science


new age school




new age school


new age school


metaphysical sciences

"All of my quiet, inner work has brought me great changes, creating a super busy life for a few months. I thank you for your patience, as the changes are so positive in my life! (which you have assisted in, and I thank you). I do love the program and am planning to continue." — C.G., UMS Student

metaphysical sciences

"Thank you so much!!!!!! My adventure with you has been wonderful and I thank you for all the growth and knowledge I have gained through you all! I truly wish you the best and from the bottom of my heart... Love and Peace." B.V., UMS Student

metaphysical sciences

"I just love the courses at UMS. Very enlightening University and great staff." — J.O., UMS Student

metaphysical sciences

"In terms of recommending UMS, clearly this is the best decision I have made to participate in. Perhaps of greater importance, this journey with UMS is the best gift ever.  Some of the goals have been met beyond the "expectations" that I have set at the beginning... with unexpected rewards/gifts in abundance ~ empowerment is one, and unexpected moments of bliss." C.M., UMS Student

metaphysical sciences

"I have grown exponentially due to the amazingly accurate and diverse teachings thus far, and I still have a lot left to learn! The knowledge I have read and the experiences I've had with all of the staff are a blessing. I have regained sight of my true path because of UMS. I hope to become a teacher to pass on the wisdom I have learned from my ‘blossoming opportunity’ at this University. I wouldn't be whole without them. Thank you all!" — S.D., UMS Student

metaphysical sciences

"I am now convinced that this is the best thing that i've done for a long time. I alredy feel that I am a better person, no longer alone in this Universe and I wonder how did I ever exist without the tool of meditation. I do not wish to rush this, this is too good to be true, it is like having an everlasting universal chocolate bar." C.B., UMS Student

metaphysical sciences

"Thank you very much for your wonderful comments and suggestions that you sent to me with my exam results. It is very important that the wonderful staff at UMS respond to the students work and goals. As for me, it brings a personal connection not only with the University, but with like minded spiritual siblings. Thank you once again for your support, and may 2010 bring you and yours much peace and blessings, in Oneness." J.D., UMS Student


"I feel like a different person now after learning so much about Metaphysical Science. I think I'm finally getting it. Sometimes I catch myself looking at my human self and really experiencing being aware of my oneness with everything. I had an experience one day at work. I was washing my hands and I noticed the orchid on the counter. I started to admire the flower and all of a sudden I fell so in love with the white orchid that looked so beautiful. I felt deep within me something I've never felt before. It was a presence of love, beauty and bewilderment all at ones. I've been awake ever since.  Thank you!"
LQ, UMS Student


"I have thoroughly researched metaphysical programs and yours is far superior to others. I very much enjoyed and have been stimulated by the coursework I have finished up to now." BR, UMS Student


“This is just a quick email to say I looooooove the meditation CDs. I listened to 3 tracks last night and drifted off into peaceful oblivion.” — M.A., UMS Student


"I can’t believe a school like this actually exists! The lesson plans are easy to follow and gathered from a wide variety of sources, giving students an extensive background of information. UMS has been a great program for not only learning more about Metaphysics, but also myself. Thanks!" M.S., UMS Student


 "Thanks for your interest in my studies. I didn't expect such personal attention and it's a pleasure."  A.W., UMS student


"The diverse information University of Metaphysical Sciences offers is a gift to the soul. The need and desire for a college such as this has been long awaited. As the mother of a UMS student, I know this material is definitely broadening his awareness. I am very excited for his future!" — C.S., mother


"This program is not only affordable, but I have spoken with several friends who enrolled in other programs that did not provide even half of the materials UMS has listed. One of the main reasons I enrolled was because of the wide variety of coursework that is available to UMS students that cannot be found anywhere else. This would be the first and only program I would recommend to those searching for higher learning."  K.P., UMS Student


University of Metaphysical Sciences
Bachelor's Degree Graduates of UMS

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  Master's Degree
Doctoral Degree

Ayanna Ann Hobson, Bachelor of Metaphysics, B.M.
Counseling, vibrational healing; specializing in sound, musical and vocal therapies and energies.

Aamirah Branch, Bachelor of Divinity, B.Div.
Aamirah Branch, B.Div., is an Ordained Minister,  Certified Spiritual Healer, Diviner and Spiritual Reader, Shamanic Practitioner and workshop facilitator. Her work includes spiritual cleansing, soul retrieval, Tarot and cowry shell readings, both in person and long distance. A graduate of the University of Metaphysical Sciences with a Bachelor of Divinity degree, she also studies with Malidoma Some in the tradition of the Dagara tribe of West Africa and the Foundation for Shamanic Studies.

Ahmed Faizuddin (Tikky), Bachelor of Metaphysical Sciences, B.Msc.
Ahmed is a Professional and reliable expert on hypnosis and NLP. A master of illusion and dedicated father and husband. His interests range from Entertainment to neruo science as well as the supernatural and the unexplainable.

Aditya Dugar, Bachelor of Metaphysical Sciences, B.Msc.
Hi I'm Aditya Dugar from India, Kolkata. I joined UMS 4 years ago to fulfill my spiritual quest but after completing my bachelors I realize how wrong I was. I now believe that my quest has just begun because I came across such reformative material and that I was completely floored. I was made to see things from various perspectives. I believe my outlook has changed for the better. I am basically a small businessman working on making life better each day. I thank UMS for their support.

Aidan Montgomery Sutherland, Bachelor of Metaphysical Sciences, B.Msc.
He is an Electronics Engineer with a vast amount of knowledge of the Aerospace and Telecommunications industries. A scientist by nature and a mathematician by instinct, he is curious about all things both seen and unseen and as a result, he intends to merge his scientific and engineering abilities with a deep insight into the World of things beyond the five senses. He will address many subjects of intense interest and speculation that currently perplex the human race, such as space, time, dreams and the spirit World. He feels his impact will be a great one in this new and emerging consciousness.

Alexandra Hulbert, Bachelor of Metaphysical Sciences, B.Msc.
Alex has begun teaching meditation and intuitive/spiritual development classes in Sydney, Australia and is building a Reiki and Pranic Healing practice.

Alicia Bebbs Higgs, Bachelor of Metaphysical Sciences, B.Msc.
Alicia is currently a legal assistant for a large law firm in Virginia.  Her goal is to obtain her Master and Doctoral degrees which she will use and share her knowledge and intuitive gifts to help others on their spiritual path.  
Aline Therese Hibbert, Bachelor of Metaphysics, B.M.
She also is currently studying Naturopathic medicine, is also a newspaper writer of metaphysics and leads a Holistic page named "Goddess Ali" and also leads a spirituality & metaphysical group.

Alisha W. Tamburri, Bachelor of Metaphysical Sciences, B.Msc.
Alisha Tamburri is a Clinical Hypnotherapist working with all issues, Birth Doula, Childbirth Educator specializing in HypnoBirthing, HypnoFertility and Domestic Violence Counseling. Alisha practices in various locations in Los Angeles and San Fernando Valley. She can reached at 818 998-8838.

Amanda Burke, Bachelor of Metaphysics, B.M.
Amanda Burke has a background in physical fitness.  She is passionate about the mind-body connection and believes if the physical body is sick, the other 3 bodies (mental, emotional and spiritual) will also fall ill.  She helps people stay physically healthy so that they may be healthy in all areas of their lives.  She specializes in channeling and is an empath.

Amanda Nichols-Clay, Bachelor of Divinity, B.Div.
Amanda Nichols-Clay received a Bachelor of Divinity Degree.  She is dedicated to a life in service through prayer for Peace on this Mother Earth.  She is continuing her education with UMS. 

Amber West, Bachelor of Divinity, B.Div.
Amber has been on a lifelong spiritual quest. She is sincerely grateful to UMS for helping along her path. She is a certified reiki master and natural empath. For fun, and income, she deals in antiques, paints and makes handcrafted items. She has received a Bachelor's degree from UMS, and will continue her studies with them in the Master and Doctorate programs. Her goal is to become a spiritual counselor and to offer other forms of healing.

Amira Makhlouf, Bachelor of Metaphysical Sciences, B.Msc.
Amira Makhlouf Bachelor of metaphysical science B.msc., an Arab lady who lives in Italy, is planning to open a meditation and counseling center in Tuscany.

Amy Rachelle Ruscoe, Bachelor of Metaphysics, B.M.
A Reiki Master and Teacher, a Reflexologist and a Natural Health Consultant. Her vocation is to help restore healing and humanity to our world, and to share what she has learned, with everyone in need, in all walks of life. Founder of Luminous Life, a natural healing service in Eli Whitney (Graham), North Carolina.

Anique Sara Taylor, Bachelor of Divinity, B.Div.
Anique Taylor, Life Coach and Spiritual Therapist, is also an artist and poet.
Anne Marie Sieff, Bachelor of Divinity, B.Div.
She has studied the Radical Forgiveness theories and have applied them in her own life to release a lot of pain and resentment. She works with people to help them see that there is a divine plan even in the worst circumstances...she guides them to a place where they achieve peace through "true" forgiving of others.

Anne Kari Vindenes, Bachelor of Metaphysical Sciences, B.Msc.
Professional Certified Coach PCC, NLP Certified Trainer, Extensive international Leadership Experience

Annie Ueber, Bachelor of Metaphysical Sciences, B.Msc.
Anmarie Uber is a reader, healer, instructor, numerologist, astrologer, guest speaker and writer. She reads for people internationally, and is formerly affiliated with Meditating Mantis and Synchronicity in Atlanta, GA. Anmarie currently offers tarot, astrology, numerology, spiritual counseling, mediumship, class instruction, angel readings, oracle cards, chakra balancing, emotional & physical body scans, life mapping, feng shui consults, past life regressions, channeling, and Spirit Release & Soul Piece Rescue healing sessions, with 24 years of experience in the above. Anmarie is a natural empath, telepathic, clairsentient, clairaudient, medium and clairvoyant, and formerly trained in palmistry and nutrition.

Anmarie is a Licensed Massage Therapist, a Certified Yoga Instructor, a Certified Chaldean Numerologist, a Certified Angel Card Reader and an Advanced Oracle Card & Tarot reader under Doreen Virtue, a Certified Tarot Practitioner under James Wanless, creator of the Voyager Tarot, Bagua certified under The Western School of Feng Shui, a Reiki Practitioner, a student of the Anastasi Psychic Development System, a student of A Course in Miracles, a member of the American Tarot Association, & has additional certifications in Reflexology, Aromatherapy, Acupressure, and many deep tissue massage modalities. Anmarie is the author of a book on numerology to be published in 2015, and is grateful for her beloved family, friends, 2 cats and wonderful boyfriend. She can be contacted at anmarieuber.com. Her Facebook Page is Spirit is Spirit.

April Gillian Newhall, Bachelor of Metaphysical Sciences, B.Msc.
April is a Spiritual Artisan and Metaphysical Counselor. One of the ways she presently shines and shares her love and light with the world is through her spiritually inspired metaphysical jewelry.

Ashley Pope Ronnfeldt, Bachelor of Metaphysical Sciences, B.Msc.
Ashley Ronnfeldt has a Bachelors degree in Metaphysical Sciences from UMS and plans to continue on through the UMS Masters Program.  Ashley lives in her hometown of Phoenix, Arizona and plans to incorporate Sacred Geometry art and her UMS education into a future spiritual guidance practice.

Babita Vj Saaraswat, Bachelor of Metaphysical Sciences, B.Msc.
BABTA VJ SAARASWAT is a physician that lives in New Jersey, with her husband and two kids. She loved this course and found it very helpful in her spiritual growth.

Beatrice Motlalepule Mazwi, Bachelor of Metaphysical Sciences, B.Msc.
Beatrice Mazwi from Johannesburg South Africa. Director of Organic Health Events. Passionate about a holistic view of living. I want to spread the word all over the world about elements and factors affecting the wellbeing of living beings on planet earth. Through the Organic Lifestyle Fair, I would like to share knowledge acquired from my studies and experiences about the universe,how it connects and empower us at all levels of existence.My wish is to inspire all humans to practice vibrating at the highest friquency to keep happy, healthy and excelling in all areas of physical reality, by awareness and accepting all life lessons with gratitude.

Benjamin Thomas Woolley, Bachelor of Metaphysics, B.M.
He is a Financial Adviser working in the UK. Whilst this course is of no use to that(!), he has found this course to be by far the most interesting and useful study so far, on so many different levels. The only downside is that he has now finished it! He misses the courses. He is now studying for a Masters in Nottingham University specializing in Consciousness. Many Thanks UMS.

Beth A. Murphy, Bachelor of Metaphysical Sciences, B.Msc.
I look forward to continuing my education at The University of Metaphysical Sciences. My ultimate goal is to counsel those in need of emotional guidance, helping them understand themselves and their relations as multidimensional beings. I am eager to offer them the knowledge that they create their own reality, so that they may begin to use their thoughts in a more deliberate and focused manner.

Betsey Stephens, Bachelor of Metaphysical Sciences, B.Msc.
Betsey a musician/composer that resides in Hollywood, CA, her area of study and expertise lies in the relationship and healing properties of musical meter, sound, sacred geometry, numerology and the human psyche.

Beverlee Garb, Bachelor of Metaphysical Sciences, B.Msc.
Beverlee Garb is a public speaker, consultant and advocate for the role of emotions in effective leadership and decision-making. She focuses on the people-side of business -- the culture. Using humor, story-telling and experience, she illuminates the importance of EMOTIONAL INTELLIGENCE as a key ingredient in decision-making and effective leadership. Drawing on 8+ years of consulting leaders and businesses around the world, Beverlee will teach your people the secrets of the Emotionally Intelligent and increase their productivity, immediately.

Beverly Lieb, Bachelor of Metaphysical Sciences, B.Msc.
Beverly Lieb is a Certified Hypnotherapist/Spiritual Life Coach, specializing in Past Life, Future Life, and Lives Between Lives Therapy.  She uses a technique called, "Mining the Akash", to help her clients access the best parts of their past lives to heal issues in their current lives.  She also works with her clients based on their belief systems.   Beverly uses many useful tools, such as, Handwriting Analysis, Dream Therapy, and Pendulum work with her hypnotherapy clients.  She conducts a workshop called, "Finding Your Truth Past Life Regressions" to teach Past Life Regression Therapists how to use the "Mining the Akash" technique. She also has a workshop called, "Quantum DNA", which explains what the 97% "junk" DNA really is and teaches how to activate it to evolve one's spiritual or religious path.  Beverly has had a life-long fascination with metaphysics, and through a series of synchronistic events, found UMS, which provided the foundation for her spiritual career.

Bonnie Fischel, Bachelor of Metaphysical Sciences, B.Msc.
She is an Ordained Minster, Chios Master/Teacher and on an advisory group and became part of a new Chios organization, a Practitioner of Access Consciousness, AromaTouch Technique Practitioner, Crystal Therapy, Meditation Certified, ERT Practitioner, Spiritual Life Coach, and Intuitive. She is proceeding in finishing her Master's and Doctoral in the near future. Her intention to the universe is to assist all who are seeking to find true self and Sources Unconditional Love. Namaste and Espavo!

Bonnie Howard Howell, Bachelor of Divinity, B.Div.
Dr. Bonnie H. Howell was CEO of Cayuga Medical Center in Ithaca, Chair, of the New York State Health Care Association, and is a Fellow in the American College of Health Care Executives.  She is certified as a Spiritual counselor and as a Hypnotherapist. She is a Senior Consultant with Foley, Proctor, Yoskowitz, a health care executive search firm. Dr. Howell is a member of the International Association of Counselors and Therapists and the International Coaches Federation.

Bonnie Lawrence, Bachelor of Divinity, B.Div.
She is available for spiritual coaching and counseling, leading workshops and seminars, and meditative retreats.
 Bonnie is also a Reiki Level 2 Practitioner and is available for healing sessions including distance healing.

Brandy Deutsch, Bachelor of Metaphysical Sciences, B.Msc.
Brandy began her spiritual journey, consciously at the age of nine when depression and chronic fatigue ruled her life. Fed up with suicidal thoughts, she made an agreement with Creator, “Get me out of this situation and I’ll do your work, no questions asked!” Emotional struggles continued on and off for nearly 20 years but opportunities for happiness were around every corner and she persevered. In 1998, Brandy began practicing yoga and meditation. Those practices were her spring boards for self-healing. Inspired by those changes, Brandy became a Yoga Therapy and Meditation Teacher in 2000 and taught in corporations, schools, and assisted living facilities in Houston and the surrounding area.

Brandy has been fascinated by psychology and Metaphysics her teen years. NLP training, healing attunements, rebirthings, Theta Healing training, parenting, and meditations empowered Brandy to grow spiritually, developing her gifts of holographic healing and core belief intuitive mastery. Teacher, Healer, Mother, Life-learner, Peaceful Warrior, Love Goddess, Metaphysician, and Belief Intuitive, Brandy is the "Bringer of Light, Color, and Energy to our world."

Bridget Venables, Bachelor of Metaphysical Sciences, B.Msc.
Bridget Venables is an empathic tarot reader and motivational counselor. She has knowledge of all things metaphysical and refers to herself as a 'mysticsoup'. Currently studying for her masters with ums, her goal is to open a metaphysical teaching center and become an ordained minister under the ums umbrella.

C. Rivera Gonzalez, Bachelor of Metaphysical Sciences, B.Msc.
It has been a delight for C. Rivera to have an extreme determination to complete her Bachelor of Metaphysical Science, B.Msc. and she will continue on her Masters and Doctoral program with the University of Metaphysical Science.

Caitlin B. Karczewski, Bachelor of Divinity, B.Div.
Caity Karczewski earned her B.Div. from UMS at age 19. She lives in the U.S. with her wonderful husband and their dog. Caity is a musician and writer, a composer of over 30 songs, and the author of "And We Are Lit Again" (which she published at age 17, under her maiden name, C. B. Schneider). She is currently working on several writing projects in metaphysical nonfiction.

Candice K. Carbone, Bachelor of Metaphysics, B.M.
Candice Carbone is a lightworker based in the Los Angeles area who has overcome many personal challenges including the long lasting effects of trauma, loss, addiction, eating disorders, family dysfunction and emotional abuse. She endured a childhood that most would not have managed to survive with their spirits still intact and shining brightly, but she did and now she wants to assist others in addressing the issues that may keep them stuck in patterns and thought processes that no longer serve their highest purpose.

Candice is also a RYT200, registered yoga teacher, and believes that yoga can be a tool to discovering the stillness that lies within each of us. She loves guiding individuals and groups through a hypnotic yoga practice that stimulates the dormant parts of us deep within. It is the tool that helps peel away the layers of the self, both physically and emotionally so that we may discover the heart within us all. It is within that stillness that we reconnect to our true self. Connecting with the true self, especially after a lifetime of being disconnected from it, can be a challenging, scary and daunting task. It is not a path that anyone should try to travel alone. Candice wants to be the person that gently guides others along their journeys to the self. It is a beautiful and miraculous experience that is ready and available for all to be had.

Candice is a Certified Hypnotherapist who believes in the power of the subconscious mind. She is passionate about guiding others to understand their behaviors and belief systems in order to make positive changes in their lives.

Carla Kendrick, Bachelor of Metaphysical Sciences, B.Msc.
Still on my journey of awareness, excited and grateful for U. M.S for participating in my developement.

Carla M Van Walsum, Bachelor of Metaphysics, B.M.
Transformational Counseling, LLC
. Bridging Psychotherapy & Metaphysics in South Florida
. Individual, Couples & Family Counseling

Creator of Life’s Hidden-Truths™ Transformational Workshops
. Creator of Boost Your Power™ Tween & Teen Classes
. Creator of Happy Children, Happy Home™ for ALL Parents
. Chapter Leader of Holistic Mom
. Co-author: Thank God I..vol.3

Carla Van Walsum PhD, LSHC has created a thriving holistic psychotherapy practice in South Florida. She helps clients make quantum progress through her unique combination of psychological, spiritual and metaphysical approach. European, American and Eastern philosophies are the sources of inspiration.
Carla's approach is based on compassion, knowledge intuition, empowerment, respect. It is non-judgmental and free of labeling. These clinically-validated techniques and powerful alternative approaches are applied in a timely and sensitive manner. They have been successful in healing acute and life-long patterns of emotional pain, struggling relationships, family-burdens, stress, loss of loved-one or feeling that the individual or family has no purpose in life.
One of Carla's strengths is guiding people to uncover the core-essence of themselves. To heal blockages in their relationships and issues that may block an individual’s success on their path. Speak with Ms. Van Walsum once and you will understand that she gives these tools in a loving and safe manner. Her clients, attendees and audience feel that from her, and do the work needed to live a life of pure bliss.

Carol Faulkner Swim, Bachelor of Metaphysics, B.M.
As a Practitioner and Teacher of Shamanism, Usui, and Karuna Reiki Carol's work is to bridge, inspire and promote an environment of authenticity in human development and interaction, restoring the primal state of integrity and helping clients get from where they are to where they want to be.  While walking this path, Carol has found bliss and an ecstatic state of peace that for most of her life she had only hoped for in my wildest dreams!

Carol-Anne A Steringa, Bachelor of Metaphysics, B.M.
She is manager for a large corporate company here in Toronto Canada. Her goal is to complete her Doctorate of Holistic Life Coaching and open up a business in the holistic field after she has received her MBA.                    

Carole Ayerst, Bachelor of Metaphysical Sciences, B.Msc.
She works in the field of security as a Commissionaire in Canada. She is a mother of three children ranging in the ages of 15,9 and 11. She got married to a wonderful man in 2006 and he has been there for all three of my children and herself through trying times. She balanced work, family and this course as best she could and it has been rewarding to say the least. The course has been her sanctuary and the opportunity came to her at just the right moment in her life. She looks forward in continuing her studies here at the University of Metaphysical Sciences to pursue my Master's degree.

Caroline Emmanuelle Orlane Palier, Bachelor of Metaphysical Sciences, B.Msc.
Caroline has been involved in Spiritual knowledge for over two decades, she loves helping people, make them see who they truly are, questioning and challenging them on their Truth. Spirituality is her priority and passion in wanting to make others take the leap of Faith and believe that anything is possible in life. Love, Compassion, Truth and Integrity are her values.

Caroline F. Strong, Bachelor of Divinity, B.Div.
She just got through with her Bachelor's of Divinity Degree and she truly enjoyed every step of the way. Now is looking forward to getting her Masters. Wants to thank the entire staff for all their help and understanding is looking forward to future correspondence with them while working on her Masters and then her Doctorate.
Peace and Blessings to All

Caroline Straus Selden, Bachelor of Metaphysical Sciences, B.Msc.
Artist, designer, equestrian & canine trainer who thinks outside the box and enjoys living and working in progressive California.

Carolyn M. Cervantes, Bachelor of Divinity, B.Div.
UMS has changed her life toward a positive outlook on life, more so than she anticipated!!!  She is in a state of gratitude for the uplifting, life-changing courses UMS provides with inspiration and positive affirmations from the instructors!   

Cathie English, Bachelor of Metaphysical Sciences, B.Msc.
Cathie English is a Certified Usui Shiki Ryoho Reiki Master, a Karuna Reiki® practitioner/master teacher. She has trained with some of the world's greatest Reiki Masters, including William Rand and Arjava Petter, becoming certified in Jikiden, Karuna®, and Angel Reiki as well as being a certified hypnotherapist, Neuro-linguistic practitioner, Conscious Breath practitioner, and an ordained minister and spiritual counselor. She is dedicated to helping your body, mind and soul heal using every tool at her disposal. Namaste!

Cathy M. Miller, Bachelor of Metaphysical Sciences, B.Msc.
Cathy is dedicated to assisting others in reaching their higher spiritual potential.  Currently living in the Heartland of America, she has been on her quest for spiritual enlightenment and knowledge from a young age.   She is dedicated to helping others as an intuitive healer and Reiki practitioner.  As an ongoing student of The University of Metaphysical Sciences, Cathy is committed to being an example of the high standards set forth by this ultra fine university of higher learning.

Chani C. Demello, Bachelor of Metaphysical Sciences, B.Msc.
Hi my name is Chani. I started this program so that I could help others, but as I started the courses I found that it was myself that needed the healing and the help. Thank you UMS for guiding me on this journey of self discovery and growth. I hope that just by little ol' me being more aware and conscious that I have already started to help the world.

Charolette Dodge, Bachelor of Metaphysical Sciences, B.Msc.
Charolette Dodge, B.Msc is a certified Hypnotherapist, who has 25 years experience as a Psychic, Spiritual Counselor and Healer.

Chris Lyn Secrist, Bachelor of Metaphysical Sciences, B.Msc.
He searched for  6 months on all the schools that teach Metaphysics. UNS is the one he liked and chose because of the actual courses they offer. He completed the bachelors and now in the masters program. He is so happy he found this school and looks forward to a career in spiritual counseling. Peace and Love.

Christa Van Rensburg, Bachelor of Metaphysical Sciences, B.Msc.
Christa is based in South Africa and is currently specializing in various complementary therapies and naturology, and continuing her education at UMS towards her masters degree and P.HD.

Christopher Scott Miller , Bachelor of Metaphysical Sciences, B.Msc.
Chris  Miller  has spent his life trying to understand the nature of people and god how  we truly relate.  Chris is always seeking to improve himself and  to help those in need.  He is Working on his Masters and seeks to become a  Spiritual life coach so he may assist others on there journeys.

Cindy Rae Craddock, Bachelor of Divinity, B.Div.
Cindy Rae Craddock, born April 26, 1958, in Helena, Montana, and adopted on February 4, 1959, in Great Falls, Montana, at 3 PM. Cindy graduated from Billings Senior High School in 1976. Cindy received a B.A. in English/Education in 1984 from the University of Montana, in Missoula, Montana. Cindy has been a Shaman her entire life and continues to learn and teach others how to heal their body with the help of Spirit.

Connie Cason Hamsher , Bachelor of Divinity, B.Div.
Connie has worked as a Spiritual Director for more than 20 years.  She serves as Executive Director of West Virginia Mountain Retreats and facilitates Spiritual workshops, retreats and circles.   She appreciates this opportunity to expand her knowledge and awareness so that she might be of maximum service to some who might seek and to the Creator from whom much has been given.

Craig Louis Barrios, Bachelor of Metaphysics, B.M.
Craig Barrios was born in Huntington Park California on December 16, 1983.  He lived in Downey the majority of his life.  He attended Our Lady of Perpetual Help but graduated from East Middle School.  After graduating from Saint John Bosco High School, he lived in Bellflower, then Downey, and then in Long Beach, all the while attending Cerritos College. He received his AA in Philosophy from there a year after moving to Thousand Oaks/Newbury Park and attending a physical education class at Moorpark Community College. He moved to Huntington Park, took three online classes through Clinton Iowa's Ashford University, but decided not to go that route.  Instead, he chose to rebel against the traditional secular Academia and enrolled with the University of Metaphysical Sciences.  He is a security guard, working graveyard shift at a famous cemetery, where he can read, write, and commune with the dead.     

Crystal Angela Sada, Bachelor of Metaphysical Sciences, B.Msc.
Crystal is a Usui Reiki Master as well as Spiritual Counselor.  She specializes in bringing her clients back in balance and helping then listen to their Higher Self. She lives with her wonderful husband in Staten Island, NY. She has two daughters and THREE grandchildren who live in Boulder Colorado.  "The greater danger for most of us is not that our aim is too high and we miss it, but that it is too low and we hit it"  Michaelangelo.

Crystal D. Thomas, Bachelor of Divinity, B.Div.
Crystal is presently working on her Masters and PhD in Metaphysical Divinity.  She is founder of The Central Texas Metaphysical Center.  Crystal believes that the key to success and satisfaction in life is for each Soul to realize that everyone and everything in the entire Universe (manifested and un-manifested as of yet) is One. Crystal's Mission is to help begin and step up the Awakening process and she does this with Clients, one-on one in her Spiritual Counseling practice.  She is a Writer, Poet and Photographer and a further dream is to teach anyone who possesses the desire and will to learn.

Crystal Wooten, Bachelor of Divinity, B.Div.
Being Spiritually Intuitive since she was a little girl with the gift of a "Seer" has made her a seeker of all things metaphysical all her life.  She finally decided to develop her skills by obtaining her B Div, M Div, and DDS in Spiritual Counseling from the University of Metaphysical Sciences and her Minister's Certification from the Church of the Sacred Heart.  She also holds a Certification for Holistic Health Coaching and is offering private Life Coaching sessions for people who are drawn to her style of guidance.

Curtis Craig Cochran, Bachelor of Metaphysics, B.M.
I believe we each carry a dream of a life we were born to realize, which shows up through desire. And I believe that we all have the ability to realize our personal and professional dreams if we commit ourselves to not settling for anything less than what we really want. It is when we move toward our passions that we experience our own greatness, and it is then an incredible contribution to ourselves and to the world by being who we truly are. Freedom to dream is achievable.

Cyndi Boots, Bachelor of Metaphysical Sciences, B.Msc.
Cyndi Boots, B. Msc.., is a wellness attendant at a holistic wellness spa called Seeking Indigo located in Charleston, South Carolina.  She is also an intuitive and energy worker who specializes in medium work, crystals, dream analysis, clearing, and several forms of divination.  She is a distributor for Nature's Pearl as well.

Cynthia L. Bingham, Bachelor of Metaphysical Sciences, B.Msc.
Cynthia Bingham is a natural shaman, currently engaged as a holistic health care advisor, advising individuals on which holistic health avenue or avenues to pursue for optimal benefit for their specific needs, as well as a freelance writer, providing health care information documentation and helping metaphysician colleagues to document their own metaphysical thoughts, ideas, inspirations and findings.

Dalai Liu, Bachelor of Metaphysics, B.M.
Dalai Liu, 38 years old, has had a successful career in music and entertainment industry in the Southeast Asian community.  However, beginning this year 2009, he has shaved his head, taken refuge in Buddhism, and vowed to live in the meaningful life of an active Buddhist.
Dalai Liu's goal is to become a spiritual leader who would be able to channel and work directly with his Heaven Father to heal the world.

Danica Thompson, Bachelor of Metaphysical Sciences, B.Msc.
Danica Thompson is currently working towards her doctorate degree in Metaphysical Sciences. She will be taking her Kundalini Yoga Level One Teacher Training as she has a deep desire to teach and share the power of yoga with others. Her focus on Metaphysical Sciences is for self growth, healing and transformation and her biggest dream is to one day open up a center specifically focused on children and metaphysics.

Danielle N. Koreck, Bachelor of Metaphysical Sciences, B.Msc.
She recently earned her Bachelors of Metaphysical Sciences through UMS.  She's thrilled to be a Metaphysician and is working toward her Masters then Doctoral degrees to write, lecture and teach.  She truly enjoys all of the courses offered and look forward to her journey as a Metaphysician.  Thank you UMS! Your courses are wonderfully inspiring and your staff is the best!

Dean A. Krob, Bachelor of Metaphysical Sciences, B.Msc.
I was born in Rehoboth New Mexico, and was raised in Cortez Colorado. I Graduated from MCHS high school in 1985. I grew up with two amazing parents. My father was in retail, he owned several trading posts in the area. I learned a lot about the native american culture, and there various arts and crafts. I raised two wonderful daughters. My hobbies are music, tennis, guitar, fishing, staying in shape, and leading a healthy life style. My passions are family, and all things spiritual. I currently reside in Cortez Colorado.

Deborah A. White, Bachelor of Metaphysical Sciences, B.Msc.
Eagerly building a compassionate world. Facilitator of self empowerment for others in realizing personal peace and recognizing one's divine individuality. Building community though accepting and holding the light for one another. Metaphysical discussion, gatherings, energy and spiritual direction, public speaking. Friendship.

Deborah J Sutton, Bachelor of Metaphysical Sciences, B.Msc.
Deborah Sutton B.Msc. has completed her Bachelors courses. She is expecting to continue her education and move in to a career that will enhance others lives. At this moment she is currently pursuing her Masters Degree and working as a Flight Attendant. She is open to all new experiences that are opening up to her through her current job and future.

Deborah L Ketner, Bachelor of Divinity, B.Div.
Author of "The Message: Your Secrets in the Cards" offering private coaching and consultations on and offline.

Deborah Wright Kerbow, Bachelor of Metaphysics, B.M.
Debora Kerbow does in-person and distant energy healing sessions for individuals as well as groups.  Also offers in-person and on-line classes and workshops in various healing modalities.

Debra Anne Poutsma, Bachelor of Metaphysical Sciences, B.Msc.
Debra Anne Poutsma (Bachelor of Metaphysical Sciences, B.Msc) Meditation Teacher

Dee Munsterman, Bachelor of Metaphysics, B.M.
Dee is a certified Laughter Yoga Leader. She spends her "free time" raising two boys with her husband, and soul partner, Dave. Dee is working on her first book.

Deepali Agarwal, Bachelor of Metaphysics, B.M.

Diane M. Carraher, Bachelor of Metaphysical Sciences, B.Msc.
As a Reiki Master / Teacher for over 15 years one of my greatest joys has been helping others in their quest of self discovery. Being a student at UMS has encouraged me on my own path of self discovery and I look forward to continuing my studies as I rejoice in being part of the UMS family!

Diana Jaritz, Bachelor of Metaphysical Sciences, B.Msc.
Diana is German and lives in London where she qualified as a Subtle Energy Medicines Specialist. Her aim is to continue with UMS to obtain the Masters and Doctoral Degree and is planning to open a metaphysical practice to help others on their spiritual path.

Donna Marino, Bachelor of Metaphysical Sciences, B.Msc.
Donna is a graduate of New York University and holds a Masters Degree in Social Work. She is a New York State Licensed Clinical Social Worker in private practice, and has received additional training in Past Life Regression Therapy.  

Donna Louise Lambdin, Bachelor of Metaphysical Sciences, B.Msc.
Donna is an exceptional Teacher in the field of energy healing and self-awareness. She combines her 40 years of teaching experience with the knowledge she has accumulated from a wide variety of Healers, Mentors, and Teachers, to present to you a pure, full, and broad scope of Spiritual based healing knowledge.

Doreen Hill, Bachelor of Metaphysical Sciences, B.Msc.
47 year old Doreen Ruth Hill B.Msc. is the florist owner/ operator of Doreen's  Desert Rose and the founder of Room for Ruth, a transitional home for young women. Doreen teaches floral design, and offers classes in meditation; she and her cave-exploring companion lovingly co-create with their five children and a grandchild on the way.

Douglas E. Knight, Bachelor of Metaphysical Sciences, B.Msc.
Douglas is a certified Reiki Master/Teacher, with a scientific background. His pursuits include meditation development, writing, healing practice, and life as a raw foodist.

Douglas K. Pinner, Bachelor of Metaphysical Sciences, B.Msc.
Douglas K. Pinner, B.S. Met Eng., M.B.A., cerified enneagram counselor and Reiki III master has received also the B.Msc.

Mr. Pinner is a retired executive and army officer currently teaching and leading spiritual groups.

Dr. Bonnie H. Howell, Bachelor of Divinity, B.Div.
Bonnie Howell was a medical center chief executive officer for over 20 years.  She took early retirement, completed her doctoral degree at the Medical University of South Carolina.  She has taught at Cornell and New York University and is a senior consultant for Foley, Proctor, Yoskowitz, a health care consulting firm.  Dr. Howell is a coach and counselor who plans to use her degree to further these endeavors as a spiritually oriented coach and counselor.

Dwight Nix, Bachelor of Metaphysics, B.M.
Dwight Nix of Barnardsville, North Carolina, completed his Bachelor of Metaphysics in November, 2013.

Edeltraud Voss, Bachelor of Metaphysical Sciences, B.Msc.
Edeltraud Voss returned to her home country and started a Career Self-Development Consulting Business. The study with UMS helped her in her spiritual growth. She continues her education with UMS.

Elvira Baez, Bachelor of Metaphysics, B.M.
Elvira R. Baez, Bachelor of Metaphysics, has been dedicated for years to motivate people to manifest the lives of their dreams by practically applying the Universal Divine Laws.

Eric Michael Schmidt, Bachelor of Divinity, B.Div.
Eric M. Schmidt, B.A., B.Div. is currently working toward becoming a clinician to serve wellbeing through spiritual and psychological health. Eric also spends his time working with population-based health services research at Stanford University.

Erin E. Bushere, Bachelor of Metaphysical Sciences, B.Msc.
Attending UMS has been a wonderful addition to my spiritual path. It has enabled me to heal and grow as she continue to help others to do the same. Blessings!

Esther Mitchell, Bachelor of Metaphysical Sciences, B.Msc.
Esther Mitchell is a trained Shaman and Healer, working with herbal, energy and gemstone therapies.

Felix Ndelemani Milanzi, Bachelor of Divinity, B.Div.
I am a young man of 44 in South Africa who has lived with a burning quest for spiritual mysteries. Is this quest that led me to UMS. When I started I knew nothing. Today I am so happy to have learned enough to attain my Bachelor's degree and experience a changing life. As I continue to pursue my Masters and Doctorate studies, I wish to convey my sincere gratitude to all the members of staff at UMS for their selfless dedication to my success as a student as well as that of other students at the school. May God continue to bless them abundantly. I am confident that the rest of my journey to my Masters and Doctorate degrees will continue to change my life in that inspiring way that I have already started to experience as I become of much better help to others in my community. Aluta Continua (The Journey Continues!).

Florence M. L. Salomon, Bachelor of Metaphysical Sciences, B.Msc.
She is a mother of two lovely boys living in Switzerland. Through her studies at the University of Metaphysical Science she's rediscovered her passion for Pranic healing never forgetting her old one, shamanism. She hopes to become therapist one day.

Frieda Marie Walls, Bachelor of Metaphysics, B.M.
Frieda's spiritual journey started with a "born-again" experience at the age of 19.  Her searching has taken her on many journeys.  Frieda has now completed her Bachelor's Degree at the University of Metaphysical Sciences.

Gail Maureen Amend , Bachelor of Metaphysics, B.M.

Galema Chothia, Bachelor of Metaphysical Sciences, B.Msc.
Founder of "The Center for Energy Healing" in Maputo Moz. since 2005. Director of same establishment. Retired Registered Nurse and Midwife now practicing as EthnoPsycholist and Ethno medine Practitioner also a Certified Hypnotherapist with AMDHA  and Translife graduate.
Reiki and Karuna Reiki Master registered with International Association of Reiki Masters USA. mother of three, grandma of 4 beautiful star kids.

Gayle L. Pierce, Bachelor of Divinity, B.Div.
She has been doing some one-on-one counseling and thoroughly enjoying this. She also conducts drum circles and workshops on vibrational & sound healing, building self-esteem, chakra balancing and crystal healing. She is enjoying the UMS classes and looks forward to continuing her Master Level courses.

Gereth Edwards, Bachelor of Metaphysics, B.M.
After he became a medical doctor Gereth continued to qualify as a Plastic Surgeon; working and teaching in South Africa. He and Dr C Benn started the Breast Health Foundation in 2001.  He is currently interested in Near Death Experiences and cultural viewpoints in African metaphysics.     

Gearil W. Leer, Bachelor of Metaphysics, B.M.
Born on a U.S. Navy ship off of Long Beach California
Live in Central Oregon, have most of my life.
Business Owner
Master Mechanic
Love all things outdoors
Amateur Naturalist
Sailing enthusiast
plan to sail San Francisco to Hawaii 2016
plan on building a place in Gaia Sagrada
Currently finishing final project for my Masters in Metaphysics
Meditate everyday
View the world thru a Metaphysical lens.     

Gowon Gayus Ogak, Bachelor of Metaphysical Sciences, B.Msc.
Gowon Gayus Ogak, a devoted dedicated Christian and interested in Spiritual studies.
 Lives and works in Nigeria.

Hannah Tangerine-White, Bachelor of Divinity, B.Div.
Hannah Tangerine holds a degree from the University of Metaphysical Sciences in Arcata, California and is currently based in Bellingham, Washington.  She enjoys all things ethereal and formless but is grounded in practicality. She lives life according to joy, love, and synchronicity and enjoys backcountry snowboarding, dancing wildly, laughing loudly, and spending time in the forests of the Pacific Northwest. Tangerine’s passion is coming to know herself (it’s a full-time job!), and tapping into the love that’s available to all through self-acceptance. She is here for you and offers intuitive and spiritual counseling, numerology, facilitated workshops, and life coaching to those in need of clarity.

Heather Alice Berthelette, Bachelor of Metaphysical Sciences, B.Msc.
Heather Berthelette has obtained her Bachelor's Degree in the Metaphysical Sciences, and is now aiming for a Master's Degree in Divinity. She also is working towards a degree in Fine Arts, with a focus in Drawing. Heather hopes to one day combine the two degrees and bring spirituality into her art.

Heather Jeanne Estey, Bachelor of Divinity, B.Div.
Currently residing in the Marshall Islands, I am developing Physical Education and English Language Arts high school curricula as well as teaching and volunteering. She possess a BA in Organizational Management and a MA in Sports Management. She endeavors to acquire a PhD from UMS.
She spent 18 years in Germany playing and coaching basketball professionally, teaching language acquisition, and volunteering at a Children's Home. She worked in a South African NGO in Cape Town teaching life skills in the townships, and has sailed over 5000 miles across the Pacific. She has an ambition creating options for every individual to live a fulfilling life, while embracing the earth as our home and a place to revere and cherish.

Henk Jordaan, Bachelor of Metaphysical Sciences, B.Msc.
Henk Jordaan B.Msc. is a Metaphysical and Spiritual counselor, helping people to free themselves of limiting personal experiences and to achieve their highest possible potential, finding the truth of themselves, accessing strengths that they never knew they had and their connectedness to the Higher Power, God as each knows Him.  

Henri Francois, Bachelor of Metaphysical Sciences, B.Msc.
Henri Francois has a bachelor degree in Metaphysical Sciences (B.msc). He is actually working on his master in the same field at UMS. He is also an actual professional herbalist student at East West School of Planetary Herbs. His goal is to be able to serve and contribute to the world's spiritual elevation.  

Isaura Natalia Arguello Santiago, Bachelor of Metaphysics, B.M.
Isa Arguello has been a student for 6 months recently completing her bachelor degree in Divinity. Isa is planning to join the U.S. Armed Forces as a Chaplain to give spiritual healing and counseling to the soldiers.

Jackie F. Frahm, Bachelor of Metaphysical Sciences, B. Msc..
Jackie has always been a student of metaphysics with the hope of someday being able to share the knowledge she has been blessed with. She sincerely wishes to thank UMS for their support in this most wonderful adventure.

Jacqueline L. Haughn, Bachelor of Metaphysics, B.M.
Jacqueline L. Haughn, B.M., is an Energy Healer, Psychic, Spiritual Counselor, Holistic Life Coach, Angel Therapy Practitioner, Reiki Master, and contributing Author to the "Thank God I" book series.

Jacqueline Moore, Bachelor of Metaphysical Sciences, B.Msc.
Relationships are at the heart of Jacqueline’s work.  Her mission is to be a healing force in the world, to serve as an instrument of peace, and to enliven, encourage and re-inspire joy in living. She serves her mission in various ways as an entrepreneur, human potential expert, consultant, speaker, facilitator and coach. 

Jacqueline Travis , Bachelor of Metaphysical Sciences, B.Msc.
Jacqueline is a reiki master, crystal healer and metaphysics teacher who has been facilitating workshops and courses since 2003. Jacqueline takes pride in teaching and guiding people, not only in metaphysical studies, but also encourages a philosophical approach to life to help people rise above mainstream thinking and reach their full potential to live a more compassionate and fulfilling life.

Jacquelyn H. Calderon, Bachelor of Metaphysical Sciences, B.Msc.
Jacquelyn Calderon has been an educator for 23 years.  She has attained her Bachelor degree in Metaphysical Sciences.  She is a Life and Financial Coach.

James S. Aremu-Cole, Bachelor of Divinity, B.Div.
James retired as a college teacher in Nigeria before moving to the USA 20 years ago and now lives in Texas. He is a Christian teacher/mentor and church administrator in one of the fastest growing churches in the world: Living Faith Church Worldwide a.k.a. Winners Chapel International, with churches in all the continents. He is near completing the Masters program and hopes to go on to the Doctorate degree.

Janet K. Ferris, Bachelor of Metaphysical Sciences, B.Msc.
Janet Ferris is a registered nurse furthering her education in Metaphysical Science. Presently working at a Hospital in Orange County as a Nursing Supervisor. Loves yoga and discovering the mysteries of self.

Jane Sickels, Bachelor of Metaphysical Sciences, B.Msc.
A life of positive attitude living & knowing we are more than what we do, brought me to metaphysics for a degree after several years in the "work force" of Sales, Manufacturing Management, Quality Control and Problem Solving. 
My metaphysics journey will continue, as I grow daily in my understanding and blending in connection with our source energy. We are ONE.

Janette S. A. Damsma, Bachelor of Metaphysical Sciences, B.Msc.
Janette is a healed healer, artist, light worker, residing in British Columbia Canada, offering light medicine to all those who she encounters on her path, focusing on the needs of the incredible animal kingdom, her horse, Padre, the raptors at the owl rescue center, assisted by the guidance of her Spirit Guide Alleci-a.  We are all one with the water.  We are all one with the light.

Jannecke Steenfeldt-Foss Oinaes, Bachelor of Metaphysics, B.M.
Jannecke Oinaes is a graduate of Ums' Bachelor program. She has recently started up her own web series called Wisdom From North
where she interviews people from all over the world who inspires her and whom she feels carry messages of wisdom. She is also studying to be a teacher alongside her career as an actress and singer. Her vision is to help raising consciousness as well as inspire people to believe in their own inner wisdom and power.

Jasmina Telic, Bachelor of Metaphysical Sciences, B.Msc.
Architect by profession, started the spiritual journey in 2003. Since then becoming Reiki Master, Hatha Yoga teacher, Mindfulness teacher, Akashik meditation, Journey (Brandon Bays) and Guided Visualization facilitator.

Personal interests in: Sacred Dances, Sacred Geometry, Remote Viewing, Akashic Records, Lucid Dreaming and OB experiences.

Jasmine C. Wilson, Bachelor of Metaphysical Sciences, B.Msc.
Jasmine holds a B.S. in Middle Grades Education from Fort Valley State University, and has experience teaching in the DeKalb County and Atlanta Public School Systems. She is trained in the Vajra K.A.I.A. Reiki system and has dedicated her life to healing work and helping others. She enjoys reading, traveling, roller-skating, riding motorcycles, and spending time with loved ones.

Jason Troy Doherty, Bachelor of Metaphysics, B.M.
Jason Doherty B.M describes himself as a someone that does Spiritual Stand up. He is a Spiritual Coach who provides free information thru his website, personal coaching via email or in person. He currently resides with his wife and 2 wonderful children at his home in Toronto, Canada.

Jeanne M. Craner, Bachelor of Metaphysical Sciences, B.Msc.
I have been on this incredible journey for several decades. I learned and experienced so much as a health care professional and this is what actually led me to pursue the metaphysical sciences. Upon doing so, I truly began to understand healing.

Jeannie Lynn Strudas, Bachelor of Divinity, B.Div.
Jeannie Lynn Strudas is a Personal Spiritual Awareness Coach. She works one-on-one with individuals who are ready to heal and make a leap in consciousness. She is a Reiki Master Teacher and integrates Usui Reiki Ryoho with a new age flair into her coaching.

Jedfrey Kealoha DeLuz, Bachelor of Metaphysical Sciences, B.Msc.
Kealoha has been a practitioner in the Healing Arts for over 15 years.  He is a Certified Massage Therapist, a licensed and practicing Aesthetician, as well as a Yoga Instructor with the San Francisco Integral Yoga Institute.  Furthermore, in September of 2009 he received his BMS degree from the University of Metaphysical Sciences and is now a metaphysical teacher.  He has been a member of Unity Church of San Francisco for over ten years, and served for three years on its Board of Directors.

Jenean Kay Zunk, Bachelor of Divinity, B.Div.
Jenean Zunk B.Div. coaches people in a way that empowers you to break through your glass ceiling and own your awesomeness!

Jennifer R. Collier, Bachelor of Metaphysical Sciences, B.Msc.
Jennifer is 28 years, Nov.9,1981, recently Married and just had twins a boy and a girl, Destiny and Dominic. She has been reading Tarot and using other forms of channeling and divinity for over 10 years now. She plans on finishing my doctoral degree with UMS and she is interested in writing as well as spiritual counseling and advising.

Jennifer Stull, Bachelor of Metaphysical Sciences, B.Msc.
Jennifer is an expert in Transforming your Beliefs as well as Trauma and Anxiety Resolution.

Jessica Marie Armstrong, Bachelor of Metaphysical Sciences, B.Msc.
My name is Jessica Armstrong and I just completed the coursework for the bachelor's degree!!! If you are thinking about taking course with UMS I highly recommend that you do.These classes have changed my life in such a positive way I feel so blessed to be part of a great movement.These classes will teach you how to Improve the world,your concept of life and relationships with love and light.For those of you who are currently taking classes,I think of you everyday and send my love.Even if we may never meet we are together creating a better world.Please never feel discouraged and know you are love and light. Much love, Jess.

Jessica Schumpf, Bachelor of Divinity, B.Div.
Jessie Haynes is a songwriter, vocalist & guitarist. She is interested in all things metaphysical, and brings her Pagan influences into her music and poetry which she has been exploring since the age of 9. She has performed as primary songwriter & lead guitarist for the all female rock band, Sweet Little Sister, and was a member of Blackmore's Night for 3 years and her music has been used on shows such as "Friends," & Nickelodeon. She has lived in California and New York, and currently lives on Long Island, N.Y. with her husband, 2 children, 2 dogs & 2 cats.

Joan M. Learmann, Bachelor of Metaphysical Sciences, B.Msc.
Joan is what you would call a "senior" and is out to prove that it is never to late to learn.  She is a Reiki Master Teacher, Seichem Master and Certified Spiritual Healer and makes Reiki/Seichem healing jewelry. The last ten years she has worked with dementia and Alzheimers pts. in lockdown units.  When she has her masters in Divinity she would like to have a healing Ministry.  After that we will see where Spirit takes her.

Joanne Lisa Scheibe, Bachelor of Metaphysical Sciences, B.Msc.
Joanne Scheibe is a mother of six amazing children and considers being a mother as the most rewarding experience in life. Ever since being a small child, she has had a great love for animals and shares her life with her border collie, sphynx cat, teacup poodle and teacup pig.

Joanne graduated in 1994 with an RN degree and has a great deal of nursing experience in a variety of hospitals settings, as well as long-term care, private practice and clinics. She attained a Master’s degree in Health Systems in 2004 with past achievements to include working as a; Nurse Educator, Mental Health Director, Hospital Administrator, Legal Nurse Consultant and a Health Specialist in the Federal Government at CMS.

However, a turning point in Joanne’s life was when she began looking outside of conventional medicine and into the traditional and metaphysical aspect of health. Her exploration of alternative and holistic medicine is where she found her passion in the mind-body connection. Joanne has since obtained certifications in; reiki, nutrition, and blood analysis. She has been in business for herself since 1999 when she founded Physic Health. Physic Health focuses on balancing the body and offers; nutritional consulting, live blood analysis, and stress reduction counseling.

At present, Joanne continues to make a contribution as a nurse by working as a Consultant in Medical Case Management for the state of Maryland Workman’s Compensation. Her current position requires traveling to east coast states such as; Maryland, District of Columbia, Delaware, Virginia and Pennsylvania.

Above all, Joanne’s main focus is to obtain a PhD in Metaphysical Sciences and continue her journey for knowledge to help others to live a life of health and true happiness. .

Jocelyne M Kepler, Bachelor of Metaphysical Sciences, B.Msc.
Jocelyne is a cosmetologist and cosmetology instructor. She will be combining her interests in art, teaching, and spirituality when offering workshops and seminars in spiritually inspired creative art, as well as in the metaphysical aspects of learning. Jocelyne is currently pursuing her studies to complete the Master's Degree program with the University of Metaphysical Sciences. One of her hobbies is painting spiritually/heart inspired images. She is very grateful for the growth and inspiration this UMS program has brought her.

Jody Smith, Bachelor of Metaphysical Sciences, B.Msc.
Jody Smith is currently studying to become a Dr. of metaphysical science. With over 16 years of study in the field already he hopes that his credentials will allow him the opportunity to bring his unique insight to the world. It is his extreme hope to be a beacon of illumination and elevation of the human spirit. His immediate plans are to start a center for learning and healing through art and spiritual guidance.

Joe Camilleri, Bachelor of Metaphysics, B.M.
Joe Camilleri Bachelor of Metaphysics, B.M. From Sydney Australia owner of a direct marketing business for the passed 30 years.

Johnnie Cline, Bachelor of Metaphysical Sciences, B.Msc.
I have been studying and applying myself in the area of metaphysics since 2011. I grew up in Atlanta, Georgia; experiencing the highs and lows of a less than average existence, following it up with even tougher situations and circumstances that led me to the desire to be more of who I am and less of where I've been. Metaphysics and The University of Metaphysical Science, has help guide me along my way and keep me stay on track to being all that I truly am. Through metaphysics I am able to develop and utilize inherited strength and talents to serve others through counseling, coaching, and leading by example. I intend to continue serving others more and more as I develop and mature spiritually.

Josanne K. Pagel MPAS, PA-C, DFAAPA, KarunaRMT, Bachelor of Metaphysical Sciences, B.Msc.
Josanne is the Executive Director of Physician Assistant Services for the Cleveland Clinic Health System and a KarunaReiki Master and Teacher. She balances her analytical mind with her spiritual mind through meditations and healing energies.

Jose Manuel Vaz Moco, Bachelor of Metaphysical Sciences, B.Msc.
Based in Portugal. Walks a path of continual self-development in the learning and practice of Holistic Therapies. A toolbox of therapies and techniques are shared for assisting others in their life experiences towards a catalytic re-uniting of body, mind and spirit. We are all a continual work-in-progress…how wonderful the attainable art of discovery and self-renewal set in a kaleidoscope landscape of found, meaningful purpose within this carousel of LIVING'!

Joy Michelle Kochmer, Bachelor of Metaphysical Sciences, B.Msc.
Joy teaches Yoga and Meditation in South Florida, and facilitates 200 hour Yoga Alliance Teacher Trainings. She specializes in Classical Thai Yoga Bodywork and incorporates Reiki in each session.

Joyce Lynn Velez, Bachelor of Metaphysical Sciences, B.Msc.
Joyce Velez is a certified Reiki Master Teacher current member of the International Association of Reiki Professionals. Joyce is also a certified Doctor of Spiritual Development and End of Life Support Specialist offering Crystal Reiki Healing Treatments, Meditation Services and Spiritual Coaching. In addition, she is the founder of Spirit of Joy Ministry in Northern California providing Spiritual Transformation Services to the community.

Jude A. Winters, Bachelor of Metaphysical Sciences, B.Msc.
Jude's interest in metaphysics began as a child growing up in Canada in the 50's/60's. Jude plans to write about her metaphysical journey and share what she learned along the way.

Judith Anne O'Brien, Bachelor of Metaphysical Sciences, B.Msc.
Judith's Dream to come true is living and "BEING"  Evolved in an environment of Spiritual, Metaphysical, Energy Healers and all the amazing magical components that evolved metaphysics represents.
 Biodynamic Farming communities, villages, of like brothers and sisters {physical and otherwise} Making it happen!  Diversity is Wholeness.
 Where happiness is realized and Lived for all!
 We are family ! We are ONE!  Where we care and support each other .
 With the joy of realizing the gift of doing so. For the Highest good for ALL!
 It's Here! The time is Right! NOW!

Judy Jacobson, Bachelor of Metaphysical Sciences, B.Msc.
Judy Jacobson has been a psychotherapist for many years and has worked with couples, families, individuals, and groups as well as running treatment programs for people with addictions and mental illnesses. She is also a Reiki Master and does energy healing. Judy is working on her PHD in Metaphysical Counseling as well as her Doctorate in Divinity.

Judy Martin Raiburn, Bachelor of Divinity, B.Div.
Judy Martin Raiburn has been a student of UMS for the past 7 years. She has a deep passion for Native American Ways and Healing. Judy has been in the Medical Field for 40 years with the last 15 being dedicated to Holistic Medicine and Spiritual Health. She is Board Certified as a Holistic Health Counselor/Practitioner, Ordained Spiritual Minister and Reiki Master.

Julia Staff, Bachelor of Metaphysical Sciences, B.Msc.
Julia is continuing her studies with UMS currently writing her Masters Thesis on Archetypal Energies, she owns a website called The Spiritual Inspiration Shop and reads Tarot Cards from her home in Norfolk UK.

Julie M. Mitchell, Bachelor of Metaphysical Sciences, B.Msc.
Julie is a Certified Usui Reiki Master, Meditation Instructor and Polarity Therapist. She also does many forms of Energy and Crystal Healing, Aura Cleansing and Light Work.

Julie Loukus, Bachelor of Metaphysical Sciences, B.Msc.
I am a RN trained in cardiac, transplant and med/surg; who believes that alternative, holistic and natural approaches to caring for a patient is just as important for their overall health and healing as is the correct emergency and/or surgical interventions chosen by western medicine practitioners. This program has allowed me to begin naturally weaving the two philosophies of care appropriately together and advance wholesomely to identify, offer or triage the personal care that would BEST help and serve each individual need as one moves from disease to "ease" and better health and spiritual, mindful and physical living.

Julie L. Thompson, Bachelor of Metaphysical Sciences, B.Msc.
As a young child, I had many instances where I would see and experience things that others couldn't explain. I knew there was much more to what was around us than the majority of society had thought.

With this, I had been interested in learning more about the metaphysical, as well as being one with nature. As Mother earth is our provider, many lessons to be learned, if we just listen.

With that, I live simply. I do not have a lucrative job. I am a Reiki Master and enjoy being a channel to help others as well as animals and nature heal. I have taken an excursion workshop with amazing M.D.'s on Hemi-Sync. As well as being certified in Aura and Chakra cleansing. I plan on receiving my Doctorate in Metaphysical Science.

My goal is to help as many people, spirits, etc. find their way to oneness. To find that beautiful light within themselves, as well as everything around them. Because with that, there is better understanding and harmony on a deeper spiritual level. THIS is what matters the most on this journey we all live. As Robert Monroe has stated, "We are more than our physical bodies".

Kama J Frankling, Bachelor of Metaphysics, B.M.
Kama is an Author, Counselor & Workshop facilitator.
 Kama guides you through a process of discovering the magic within that you have buried during the years of raising children and working. Kama will guide you to feel inspired again, to enable your inner passions and to implement your dreams. Kama offers Awaken your inner magic sessions, bubble meetings & workshops using a combination of art therapy, creativity, & metaphysics as well as traditional therapy and coaching.

Kamran Sadeghi, Bachelor of Metaphysical Sciences, B.Msc.
"Man is the supreme Talisman. Lack of a proper education has, however, deprived him of that which he does inherently possess...Regard man as a mine rich in gems of inestimable value. Education can, alone, cause it to reveal its treasures, and enable mankind to benefit therefrom."

Karen Elaine Snow, Bachelor of Metaphysical Sciences, B.Msc.
Karen Elaine Snow Bachelor of Metaphysical Sciences, B.Msc. Reiki Master/Teacher.  Founder of Spiritual Connections Academy of Metaphysical Studies and Healing Arts.

Karin Kowlessar, Bachelor of Metaphysical Sciences, B.Msc.
Certified as a Hypnosis Practitioner, Past Life Regressionist, Reiki Master, Karuna Reiki Master, DNA Theta Practitioner, Abundance and Manifestation Practitioner, Quantum Touch Practitioner, Accupressure and Reflextologist.

She is the founder of Seheiki Integrated Wellness Center and Store(visit us on Facebook). She was born with the gift to see energy, which has made her an energy intuit that allows her to deeper connect with her brothers and sisters to bring about Wellness within their mind, body and spirit and to find their spiritual path. It's her job but also her favorite hobby an inward journey towards enlightenment.

Kara L. Cavanaugh, Bachelor of Metaphysical Sciences, B.Msc.
Kara is working on a pastoral degree and graduated from the State University of New York in Albany with a bachelor's in philosophy while studying with UMS. Currently Kara works in ophthalmology but she is an aspiring author, working now on a novel based in metaphysical concepts.

Karen S. Kraft, Bachelor of Divinity, B.Div.
Karen is a certified massage therapist, reiki master and owner of a full service wellness center, ACC Natural Healing & Wellness located in Lansing, MI. She spent 12 years running a nonprofit organization helping people with disabilities and has transferred the skills she learned there to the wellness center. She looks forward to her continuing education at UMS and using the knowledge she has gained in finding new ways to help others.

Katherine H. Bell, Bachelor of Metaphysical Sciences, B.Msc.
Katherine Bell, B.Msc., Bachelor of Metaphysical Sciences - An experienced holistic coach, enlightened entrepreneur, artist, and "Cosmic Explorer", Katherine Bell believes in living life to the fullest, and allowing divinity in all aspects of existence. She finds fulfillment in teaching others to overcome the challenges that can hinder the ability to embrace our highest potential.

Katherine Mary Siswick-Clark, Bachelor of Metaphysical Sciences, B.Msc.
Katherine is a mother of two, a Reiki Master/ Energy Healer and Professional Hypnotherapist and children's story-writer. Katherine is also the creator of a website for families called inspire-a-child which she hopes will help nurture and empower children to stay connected to who they really are.  Katherine's dream is to help children shine their light and love and transform the world.

Kathy Anne Law, Bachelor of Metaphysical Sciences, B.Msc.
Certified Specialized Bowen Practitioner. Certified Instructor of Kundalini Yoga as taught by Yogi Bhajan. Emotional Freedom Technique, Nutrition, Traditional Ayurvedic Medicine, Reiki Master

Kathy Perkins, Bachelor of Metaphysical Sciences, B.Msc.
My name is Kathy Perkins. I am a psychic medium and have my Reiki and Pranic Healing certificates. I organize fundraisers, psychic fairs, and I do voluntary church services and have grown and enjoyed this course and would recommend it for your own growth.

Kathy S. Thomas, Bachelor of Metaphysical Sciences, B.Msc.
Kathy S Thomas is currently an office manager for a state medical society and is working on furthering her career in the world of metaphysics.

Kelly M. Horn, Bachelor of Metaphysics, B.M.
With a constant love of learning and knowledge of more than the normal, UMS found its way to her and is very grateful for all its teachings. She is enjoying this journey of self-discovery and is ecstatic about the writing potential, for writing is one of the true loves in her life.

Kenzie A. Rhodes, Bachelor of Metaphysical Sciences, B.Msc.
Kenzie has been a teacher and mentor for many years in Western Mass. Her area of special interest is the Tarot and the symbolism of Archetypes.

Kerri Joy, Bachelor of Metaphysical Sciences, B.Msc.
Kerri Joy B.Msc Bachelor of Metaphysical Sciences, resides in Australia currently working full time with the view on retirement to pursue a career in Energy Healing, and one day to open a 'one stop spiritual shop'.

Kerri L. Vogel, Bachelor of Metaphysical Sciences, B.Msc.
Kerri Vogel lives in the Palm Springs area. She is an avid hiker, mountain biker, skydiver, rock climber, volleyball player/coach and disc golfer. She has completed her Bachelors degree and will continue on through her doctorate. She would like to work in the field of counseling and help people on their spiritual path.

Kerrilyn Bachler-Connor, Bachelor of Divinity, B.Div.
Kerrilyn Bachler-Connor is a pagan author and has been running The Gathering Grove, an eclectic spiritual group for over 10 years. She plans to obtain her Ph.D. in Divinity and work as a spiritual counselor.

Kevin Charles O'Dunn, Bachelor of Metaphysical Sciences, B.Msc.
2013 Appointed to the board of Directors of the Integral Church of Saint Petersburg, Florida
Chaplain of the Rockin'RoadShow "Chaplian Plato" helping people through Spiritual dilemmas responses can be listened to at rockinroadshow.com
Principal: The Florida Academy of Ayurveda (Fl license 4443)
Partner, (with wife Denise) in Balance & Bliss Ayurvedic Lifestyle Center at Lotus Pond in Tampa Florida (MM 17611)
Lindsey Hopkins School of Massage 1974, Bhakti Academy of Intuitive Massage and Healing 2007 (MA 49913)
Husband, Father, Grand Father; US Coast Guard '75-'83
Raised at Dunn's Exercise Shop, North Miami beach, Florida

Kimberlee Fenn, Bachelor of Metaphysical Sciences, B.Msc.
Kimberlee Fenn, B. Msc.. is also an RYT 500 Certified Yoga Teacher who uses yoga as a primary healing modality.  She specializes in pre & post natal yoga, natural birthing preparation and her own brand of restorative yoga that emphasizes healing from the inside out.  In addition, Kimberley is a student of Resonance Repatterning & a dedicated homeschooling mother of two.

Kimberley Inman Taylor, Bachelor of Metaphysical Sciences, B.Msc.
I am very honored to be among so many wonderful metaphysicians!

Kimberly Page, Bachelor of Metaphysical Sciences, B.Msc.
Kimberly Page is a Metaphysician, Psychic Intuitive, and Spiritual Teacher who provides a variety of services designed to effect extraordinary change in people’s lives.  Kim is due to release her first book in the Fall of 2009

Kyle Ryan McSmythe, Bachelor of Metaphysical Sciences, B.Msc.
Kyle McSmythe, B. Msc.. Is 21 and lives in Venice, Florida

Lance W Detrick, Bachelor of Metaphysics, B.M.
Lance believes we are here to learn, to grow and to evolve. We must learn to come together on a global scale if we are ever going to join our proper place in the universe. He is working to discover a way to unlock the full potential of the human mind and jump start the next stage of conscious evolution, for the betterment of all of humanity.

Laura Lee Cass, Bachelor of Divinity, B.Div.
Laura Cass received her B.Div at UMS and is continuing on with the Masters course work to receive her M.Div and eventually her D.Div. and Ph.D. in Holistic Life Coaching.  Laura intends on writing books for publish, publishing e-books, as well as providing holistic services.  She has already begun conducting workshops and hopes to add public speaking engagements in the near future.

Lauron L. Jones, Bachelor of Metaphysical Sciences, B.Msc.
Lauron Jones is a Certified Hypnotherapist. He hold's a Bachelors degree in Metaphysical Sciences he is currently working on his Master’s degree in the same area. Lauron is currently studying with the Universal Foundation for Better Living to become a licensed New Thought Christian spiritual practitioner and teacher. Lauron has studied intensively in the areas of neurolinguistic programming (NLP), clinical hypnotherapy, and relationship strategies. Also Lauron has certifications in handwriting analysis, hypnosis weight-loss management, and pain-management. Lauron has known that he was called to be of service for humanity from a very young age. Lauron's purpose in this life is to assist and help people realize how powerful, wonderful, and what precious beings they truly are. He desires to guide and show by demonstration that peace, love, joy, happiness, and self-mastery are free and open for all who believe in themselves.

Laurie D. Werner, Bachelor of Metaphysical Sciences, B.Msc.
Laurie is a Reiki practitioner and massage therapist since 2004 and owns The Healing Space, a massage therapy practice. Laurie's goal is to raise the vibration of her clients and help them find "their space" to heal. She teaches classes on essential oils and will be developing classes on meditation and intuition as she works toward her Ph.D. with UMS. Laurie has had a life-long fascination with metaphysics ever since her Mother told her that she spoke with Angels when she was 3 years old. She is a poet, a wife, a mother, and a Grandmother.

Lee M. Jensen, Bachelor of Divinity, B.Div.
Lee is just a person who wants to heal the sick and experience life to the fullest.

Liana Marie Ciaglo, Bachelor of Metaphysics, B.M.
Liana is currently pursuing her Master degree at UMS.  She has been a college educator, lecturer and theatre director for numerous years in the Performing Arts in the US and abroad.

Lisa Brown, Bachelor of Metaphysical Sciences, B.Msc.
With a focus on empowering others to connect to and trust higher self, Lisa is a technological and sensory intuitive. She works to help other seekers learn to heal and grow into their soul's purpose. She enjoys networking light workers, healers & those in-service to all. Lisa established Creative Intuition to provide inexpensive websites and training to others on this amazing journey too!

Lilli Makinson, Bachelor of Metaphysical Sciences, B.Msc.
I live now in Zurich , Switzerland starting up my third Healing Space called " LightHouse ". I started a Healing Space also in Shanghai and in Kobe,Japan called FranknSense for many years.
I am a Japanese Reiki Master Teacher , certified Spirit Release practitioner , Energy Co-ordinater and a Power Stone Jewellery Designer for over 15 years. I also work with Skype long distance with clients in Asia and elsewhere.
I am Eurasian with a Japanese mother and Swiss father and bridge both cultures having lived most of my life in Japan,Shanghai and Hong-Kong.

Linden Cheney, Bachelor of Divinity, B.Div.
Ms. Linden Cheney has 29 years of experience in the addiction field. She is a Certified Addictions Professional and a Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist. Her current studies with UMS have enhanced her profession as a Therapist in the addiction field.

Lisa-Ann Hodges, Bachelor of Metaphysical Sciences, B.Msc.
After becoming a certified crystal healer, Reiki Master and ACP graduate it only made sense to pursue additional certification in Metaphysics. The studies at UMS Online have brought years of reading and hands on courses together to fill the missing pieces of the puzzle. I look forward to the Master's and Doctorate portion of my studies in hopes that I can find my niche in this lifetime and begin a healing career for body, mind and spirit. Namaste. This has been a truly enlightening experience.

Lisa Kumaradjaja, Bachelor of Metaphysical Sciences, B.Msc.
Lisa K. is highly sought after spiritual teacher of every day spirituality.  Her fresh view of new age teachings brings a down to earth understanding of how to integrate spirituality into daily life.  As a spiritual teacher Lisa helps people learn how to expand their awareness of spirit, and connect to the divinity within them. Lisa K. has helped hundreds of people around the world through intuitive readings, workshops, online classes and her popular radio show, “Between Heaven and Earth” which presents a variety of topics on Every Day Spirituality.
Lisa K. is a certified Reiki Master Teacher, Angel Therapy Practitioner® and Crystal Resonance Therapist™.  She is also a certified Integrated Energy Therapist, is an ordained minister by the Sanctuary of the Beloved, Inc. church after the Order of Melchizedek.
Lisa K. holds degrees in Electrical Engineering from Columbia University, Psychobiology from the State University of New York and a Masters in Project Management from George Washington University.

Lisa L. Hillis, Bachelor of Divinity, B.Div.
Lisa Hillis lives in Jacksonville, FL and holds a Bachelor of Divinity degree and a Master of Science in Counseling Psychology.

Lisa Marie Gregor, Bachelor of Metaphysical Sciences, B.Msc.
Lisa Marie Gregor has earned her Bachelor of Metaphysical Sciences.  She is from Tucson, Arizona and is currently employed as a Licensed Funeral Director.  She successfully applies everything she has learned at UMS to her current position in helping bereaved families. Her plans for the future include earning her Masters Degree and Doctorate from UMS.

Lois E. White (Mann), Bachelor of Metaphysical Sciences, B.Msc.
Born Native American of the Lenne Lenape Ramapo Mountain Nation and a life long student of spiritual practices and beliefs, Lois E. White practices "holistic life coaching" for business and personal empowerment.  Her business, Follow Your Bliss, LLC is located in New Jersey.  She is currently in the Master's Program and is looking to teach and inspire her clients to enhance their lives by creating a "bridge" through the holistic process by applying spiritual principles to daily life in a practical, non-denominational way.

Loreen J. Lomax, Bachelor of Metaphysical Sciences, B.Msc.
Loreen J. Lomax- has earned a Bachelor of Metaphysical Science degree, B. Msc.., from the University of Metaphysical Science and intends to continue her study toward master and doctoral degrees.  Loreen is a natural Intuitive and Empath. Through her studies she is refining her skills in these areas to eventually teach others how to develop and use these distinct talents.  She is looking forward to working in the field of Metaphysical Science in cooperation to increase Divine Universal Energy.

Lori Chidori Phillips, Bachelor of Metaphysical Sciences, B.Msc.
Lori Chidori Phillips is an author and spiritual workshop facilitator specializing in soul growth, self development, and relationships. Her academic credits include a master in education (M.Ed.) and bachelor’s degrees in communications/journalism and metaphysical sciences. She is continuing her studies through the UMS Masters and Doctorate programs. Her master’s thesis is on “How Understanding the Yin Yang Principle can Improve Your Life.”

Her published titles in the spirituality genre include “The Spirituality of Disease and Healing,” “Spiritual Protection: For those who find themselves in dark places,” and numerous inspirational and humorous essays for the Chicken Soup for the Soul book publishers. Currently, she is working on two feng shui books as well as a series of dream symbol dictionaries.

She also enjoys studying the Yin Yang Principle, the Mandala, and the Sacred Power of Water. A lover of nature and appreciator of all, she lives joyfully and peacefully with her family on the West Coast of the United States.

Louise Gilbert, Bachelor of Metaphysical Sciences, B.Msc.
Louise Gilbert is a Life & Business Purpose Coach. In addition to her qualification with UMS, she holds a Bachelor of Science with Honours in IT, Diploma in Management and is a qualified Project Manager and Life Coach. Louise's vision for the future is to increase the number of inspired and spirited businesses across the globe, and in doing so bringing Heaven to Earth.

Louise Leroux, Bachelor of Metaphysical Sciences, B.Msc.
Spiritual Counseling, grief counseling

Loya L. Outten, Bachelor of Metaphysics, B.M.
Loya lives in Renton, Washington with her seven year old son, who has taught her to be silent and mindful. She currently works with individuals and small groups on reprogramming negative self-talk and changing old patterns that no longer have a purpose by using a variety of metaphysical techniques and daily spiritual exercises for the soul.        

Lynn Debenham, Bachelor of Metaphysics, B.M.
Aloha, Lynn lives in Hawaii where everyone knows her as Angelina. She is a qualified aromatherapist of over twenty years, having studied at the Institute of Traditional Herbal Medicine and Aromatherapy in London. She also practices Spiritual Healing as well as Reflexology.
Her work over the years includes working in cancer clinics, as well as in palliative care and care giving. She has facilitated and taken many groups to Brazil to meet Joao de Deus (John of God).

Here in Hawaii her big passion is swimming with wild dolphins. She also facilitates taking individuals and groups to swim with dolphins.

Lynn Karon Middleton, Bachelor of Divinity, B.Div.
Lynn is working towards a Ph.D. degree in Metaphysics.

Lynne D Butler, Bachelor of Metaphysical Sciences, B.Msc.
Lynne has had a life long interest in natural healing. Following a successful business career in corporate health, she has studied Reiki in London, UK and in Sedona, USA where she completed her masters in both Usui and Karuna Reiki. Completing a degree in Metaphysics complements her University qualifications (Bachelor of Pharmacy and MBA) and allows bridging between Western and more ancient healing practices. Lynne's passion lies in healing with crystals and Reiki and studying quantum physics.

Madeleine Adam, Bachelor of Metaphysics, B.M.
Madeleine Adam is a Prima Ballerina from Bucharest, Romania. She escaped the communism while on tour in Corfu, Greece. She gracefully stepped away from the stage spot light into the amazing wonders of metaphysical sciences. There is no doubt that her calling is to hold, guide and nurture the souls here on earth, as also in heaven. Amen.

Magdalena Maria Sutherland, Bachelor of Metaphysical Sciences, B.Msc.
Magdalena is on a mission to promote Love, Peace, Wisdom and Compassion as she continues working towards her Masters and Doctorate.

Being a former music teacher and classical pianist, I plan to incorporate the Arts into my metaphysical pursuits.

Marcey McClain , Bachelor of Metaphysics, B.M.
Marcey graduated with a Bachelors in Metaphysics. She co-founded Inharmony Journeys, an online company to help people follow their path to find their life purpose.

Margaret A Parrott, Bachelor of Metaphysical Sciences, B.Msc.
Hi, my name is Margaret and my residence is in Western Australia.
I am a Clinical Aromatherapist by trade and have been involved in the running of the "Spiritualist National Union Church of WA.Inc" firstly as the church group leader in Rockingham and Then as President. I have been involved since 1989 and have taught many Meditation classes and groups about the "Spirit Within", my Metaphysical Science Degree is now enhancing what i know and expanding my knowledge in many new fields to offer those willing and ready to tread the same path.

Maria Therese Baxter, Bachelor of Metaphysics, B.M.
A resident of Australia, Maria is a Tarot practitioner and teacher, and the eternal student of all things Metaphysical.

Marian E. Bird, Bachelor of Metaphysical Sciences, B.Msc.
Natural Health Educator, & Acupressurist

Marjorie Ann Mosher, Bachelor of Metaphysical Sciences, B.Msc.
Hello, my name is Marjorie Ann (Wilson) Mosher, I have been working with crystals since 1989. The various areas of metaphysical science have caught my attention my entire life. What I have learned through my courses with the University is amazing. It makes all the pieces of the puzzle fit together. I will use my new found knowledge in my store Fossil Rock Acres and share it with others as I continue through my life's journey.

Mark Rapp, Bachelor of Metaphysical Sciences, B.Msc.
Mark Rapp (aka Mystic Mark Amaranthine), Bachelor of Metaphysical Sciences, started his Journey with UMS in 2012. He plans to complete his studies at UMS as Philosopher of Metaphysical Life Coaching, Ph.D. Mark is a Certified Tarot reader (Tarot Professionals International), Energy worker (Quantum Touch, Reiki I), and a Certified Life Coach (Life Coach Institute of Orange County). He has written a book of Tarot Haiku Poetry and is planning on writing a second book to teach how to read the Tarot.

Along the way he has learned amazing life lessons, grown in epic proportions and added several new tools to his spiritual tool belt.

Mark A. Smith, Bachelor of Metaphysics, B.M.
Mark Smith is a visionary entrepreneur, metaphysical life coach and spiritual expressive arts educator that works with veterans and organizations that serve them. His awareness and experience of culture, leadership and metaphysical concepts help him to create dynamic and sustainable consulting solutions for individuals and organizations. He is also a nationally recognized artist, writer and Iraq war veteran where he served as a combat medic.

Marni Melrose, Bachelor of Metaphysical Sciences, B.Msc.
Marni has always been interested in spirituality and now that she is in a comfortable position in her life she has decided to pursue it further and become a conscious entrepreneur. She loves her life. She has a nice home in La Jolla, CA, a has a smart & fun 7 year old son and she owns a successful computer consulting company called MacAngel.
Many people have asked her how she juggles being a single parent, owning a company and studying towards her Ph.D. in Metaphysical Sciences at the same time. Someone asked her what Metaphysical sciences was the other day. It is the study of non-physical forces that affect our physical world. 

It's not easy, but she believes in balance. Lately she has found herself passing that knowledge of balance on to her clients, so she has ended up doing business and life-coaching in her work also.

Marquetta LaRae Newell, Bachelor of Metaphysical Sciences, B.Msc.
M.LaRae lives in Florence, Alabama.  She is currently working on completing her Master's studies at UMS.  She is a Certified Laughter Yoga Leader, and working toward becoming a certified Reiki healer. Her goal is to open a spiritual center here in the Shoals Area. A place where all cultures and spiritual paths are welcome and a place for others to come and learn of the universal energy.

Mary Ann Deutsch, Bachelor of Metaphysical Sciences, B.Msc.
Mary Ann has received her Bachelor of Metaphysical Sciences from UMS and is currently continuing her studies for a Master's Degree.

Mary Anne Skill, Bachelor of Metaphysical Sciences, B.Msc.
Mary Anne Skill, B.Msc, lives in Victoria, British Columbia, Canada. She spent 10 years in Qatar, in the Middle East, where she had the good fortune to learn more of the metaphysical beliefs that are laced throughout the religion and beliefs of the Middle East, and how similar they are to many of the Western religions and beliefs. Mary Anne's journey of discovery has encompassed most of her life and she's looking forward to furthering her knowledge and wisdom as she pursues her Masters degree in Metaphysics.

Mary Ceglarski-Sherwin, Bachelor of Metaphysical Sciences, B.Msc.
Mary Ceglarski-Sherwin has received her Bachelor of Metaphysical Sciences, B.MSC. degree. Mary works the field of healing animals and teaching people who have special needs. Her coursework will greatly benefit her and the animals and people she works with.

Mary Elizabeth Diehl, Bachelor of Divinity, B.Div.
Mary Elizabeth Diehl(B.Div.) is an extremely gifted spiritual counselor who has the uncanny ability to sense the best path for your future and just how to manifest your destiny. She is a Grand Water Trine and is able to connect with you and show you deeply compassionate energy.

Mary Elizabeth Jacques, Bachelor of Metaphysical Sciences, B.Msc.
Continuing the journey...

Mary Jean B. Manching, Bachelor of Divinity, B.Div.
Mary Jean’s love and interest for ancient esoteric teaching inspired her to pursue a study in Metaphysical Sciences. She and her husband founded the Center for Natural Health Remedies, where they practice and integrate body, mind, and spirit connection in helping their clients who are experiencing imbalances, pains, and emotional turmoil. At the Center, we do several natural health services, including, but not limited to, wholistic Assessment, education and consultation, proper diet and nutrition, detoxification, remedies and healing utilizing herbs, homeopathy, back flower, acupressure, body work or energy balancing, aromatherapy, emotional healing and spiritual orientation, and deeper connection through hypnosis and meditation.

Mary Kathleen Stevens, Bachelor of Divinity, B.Div.
Mary is an Ordained Interfaith Minister and holds a Bachelor of Divinity degree from the University of Metaphysical Sciences.   She is a healing facilitator and practices many healing modalities, including Reiki, Integrated Energy Therapy, and massage.
Mary is a Reiki Master teacher.  She received her Reiki Master training from William Lee Rand, at the International Center for Reiki Training.  Mary has been practicing Reiki since 1998.  Mary is also an Integrated Energy Therapy Master-Instructor.
Mary graduated from the New Hampshire Institute of Therapeutic Arts in 2002.  She is licensed by the state of New Hampshire and is a member of the American Bodywork & Massage Professionals Association.  Mary specializes in Neuromuscular Massage, Swedish massage and Deep Tissue Massage. 

Mary L. Benedict, Bachelor of Metaphysical Sciences, B.Msc.
Metaphysics teacher, energy healer and Reiki Master.  Specializing in cellular regeneration and disease removal for individual clients.  Ordained through the Church of Infinite Spirit, Denver, CO.

Mary Morgan, Bachelor of Divinity, B.Div.
Mary helps Domestic Violence survivors through Le Chrysalis and Tailored Life Coaching.  As a survivor and life coach Mary provides a holistic and spiritual ministry for DV survivors, encouraging self empowerment to continue to survive today, tomorrow and beyond.

Maryna Swart, Bachelor of Metaphysical Sciences, B.Msc.
Maryna Swart lives in Pretoria, South Africa on a small holding called Neverland. Receiving her degree opens the doors to help people see the light in things that has the potential to raise and become more. It gives her the opportunity to help those in need. Her aim is to create a safe place for people to feel free to explore and to learn the knowledge in all of creation.
 Love and Light to all!

Megan Potter, Bachelor of Metaphysical Sciences, B.Msc.
Megan is a Life Coach, Speaker, and Workshop leader; she founded Limitless Living to help people learn how to apply spiritual truths in our modern world.  Her passion is to help other people make the Spiritual practical so that they, too, can live their passions!

Melinda Riki Frahmann, Bachelor of Metaphysical Sciences, B.Msc.
Riki is an Indigo Soul, an internationally known spiritual intuitive, healer, and a book reviewer for an online e-zine. She has a New Age internet radio station and her mission is to awaken and awaken the world.

Melissa A. Maranda, Bachelor of Divinity, B.Div.
Melissa Maranda just achieved her Bachelor of Divinity from UMS and passionately plans to continue through the Ph.D. program in Holistic Counseling. She has earned the previous degrees:  Bachelor's Degree in Human Development from University of Iowa, Master's Degree in Mental Health Counseling from University of Central Florida.  She is certified in Substance Abuse Counseling and Nuero-Linguistic Programming.  Currently working as a Holistic Life Coach/Counselor out of her home and also assisting with online programming of TIARA, a world-wide women's empowerment program.  Melissa is the recently divorced mother of a really cool 8 year old girl and in the process of adopting a newborn boy who came home with them at birth right after Thanksgiving.  Melissa lives with her family in Iowa, maintains a Life Coaching Facebook page and does therapy/coaching locally or long-distance, thinks of herself as a "crunchy mama" and hopes to begin work on a book  in the near future. 

Melissa Kim Corter, Bachelor of Metaphysics, B.M.
Melissa is a licensed massage therapist and certified hypnotherapist with a AOS in Holistic Health care from the Southwest Institute of Healing Arts. Melissa is currently pursuing her bachelors in science then moving on to the Southwest College of Naturopathic Medicine to pursue her dream of becoming a Naturopathic physician. Melissa has a lifelong passion for helping others to heal themselves through use of her intuition and "alternative" medicine.

Merri Sydney Knowles, Bachelor of Metaphysical Sciences, B.Msc.
Merri Sydney Knowles has a bachelors degree in Metaphysical Science. She  also is a certified Kundalini Yoga Instructor. She teaches workshops on yoga, conscious communication, awareness and creating the life you want. 

Michael DeAngelis, Bachelor of Metaphysics, B.M.
Physical therapist by day and artist by night.  He writes books, songs, poems and paints as an expression of the energetic realm.  His goal is to communicate to others and ignite the creative spark we are all born with.  May the process of creative flow be found to all who those who seek and realize one's energetic potential.

Michael L.R. Detrick, Bachelor of Metaphysical Sciences, B.Msc.
Michael Detrick, B.Msc., is a Lifestyle and Nutrition Coach for a holistic clinic run by a medical doctor in Lehi, Utah.  He also consults with and trains healthcare practitioners in the use of the IQS, which is one of the computerized Meridian Stress Assessment tools that are on the market.  He is now publishing his first book entitled, "Think, Think, Think - The Law of Attraction for Kids, soon to be available online through Amazon and Barnes & Noble.
 More than anything else, he loves people and honors both the diversity and the unity of humanity.  Michael intends to spend his life using the divine gifts he has been given to bless others by assisting them to see the divinity within all of us.
 Blessing to you all !!!

Michal Yahalomi Noah, Bachelor of Metaphysical Sciences, B.Msc.
Michal is a certified: Hypnotist, NLP, Past life regressionist, Reiki Master/Teacher, life coach... she learned and is still learning all that she can so that she will have the understanding tools and techniques to be able to help people make a positive change in their own lives. Her goal is to inspire empower and motivate people to realizing their full potential.

Michele A. Selinger, Bachelor of Metaphysical Sciences, B.Msc.
Passionate about empowerment I believe everyone can choose to change their lives. Born an empathic intuitive with a great sense of humor, deep compassion and insight into human nature I am able to zero in on what is really going on and show you how to accept, let go of, or change the situation. Understanding everyone is different, I combine my education, experience, intuitive and communication skills to deliver the information the client needs in a “keep it real” manner. I can only lead you to the door, it is your job to walk through it.

Michele Phillipa Maurer, Bachelor of Metaphysical Sciences, B.Msc.
Michele has  a passion for understanding the human condition and particularly seeks to understand how our thoughts, experiences and behaviors influence and are expressed in our lives. This passion has lead her to dual careers  as a Clinical & Soul Regression Hypnotherapist and as a Musician. Michele has chosen to continue her studies with UMS undertaking her Master's Degree and, in time, her Doctorate.  

Michele "Stella" Stockton, Bachelor of Divinity, B.Div.
Stella is an experienced wellness professional offering private and small group lessons in Tai Chi, personal fitness training, meditation, and empowerment coaching.

Stella’s studies include a six year traditional apprenticeship under the tutelage of Grand Master Cheng Tsang Lu, of the Chung Shing Kung Fu Institute, in Salt Lake City, UT. She became a certified Tai Chi instructor in 2003 and has shared her passion for the art ever since. In early 2007 Stella earned her Personal Fitness Trainer certification through the American Council on Exercise (A.C.E). In 2014 Stella completed her Bachelor of Divinity through the University of Metaphysical Sciences in Arcata, California.

Her teaching style is down to earth, fun, and focused on client empowerment and education. Her unique emphasis highlights the importance of mental, emotional, and spiritual balance- as well as physical fitness-a true 'bridger of worlds'. This philosophy inspired her to also teach a weekly, (no-cost), all-levels meditation class at the Wood River YMCA. She is also a contributing journalist featured in the "To Your Health" column at the Weekly Sun newspaper.

Stella resides in the majestic mountain town of Ketchum, Idaho.

Millicent E. Rodriguez, Bachelor of Metaphysics, B.M.
I am certified in Pranic Healing and Divine Intervention. I am continuining my studies at UMS.  

Ms. Susan M.G. Fenlon, Bachelor of Metaphysical Sciences, B.Msc.
Although, Ms. Susan M.G. Fenlon is currently teaching in the elementary public school system in Chapleau, ON Canada, the study of Metaphysical Sciences has been her greatest passion (apart from teaching) for the past 25 years.  She has vast personal knowledge and experience in the field of Metaphysical Sciences on an unofficial basis as a result of her intense interest, extensive research and personal practice in various areas within this very broad field of study.  She has recently successfully completed a Bachelor of Metaphysical Sciences Degree with UMS and is presently working on her Masters component of the program.  It is her intention to become an expert in the field of Metaphysical Sciences and to become a full-time, totally dedicated and highly effective  practitoner in this most exciting field of study as soon as possible.

Maryam Mohammady, Bachelor of Metaphysical Sciences, B.Msc.
My name is Maryam Mohammady. I was born in iran and I live in South Africa for the past 15 years. I work as a clairvoyant and medium in Cape Town.

Nadine Evert, Bachelor of Metaphysical Sciences, B.Msc.
As an integrative health practitioner (8 years), working and teaching in the field of alternative medicine, I feel better equipped having completed this course with UMS. I have a passion for healing with a keen interest specifically in energy healing and the spiritual aspects of the healing process.

Natividad Leano Saliling Barnett, Bachelor of Divinity, B.Div.
As of this date, Sept. 9, 2011, she has 7 courses remaining to complete the  requirements for the Master's and hopes to finish up to the Ph.D. degree.  Although she now holds secular degrees in Accounting (B.S.), Economics (M.A.), and Nursing (Certificate), and lives a fairly comfortable life, she strongly believes that her real purpose in life is to counsel and motivate the young generation, especially those with problems resulting from having been raised in dysfunctional settings.  By teaching self-awareness in a metaphysical approach, she hopes to  influence a shift in individual belief system from negativism to positivism ultimately attaining individual inner peace; planting the seed of peace in the young to produce a peace-loving future generation.

Nicole P. Mariani, Bachelor of Metaphysical Sciences, B.Msc.
Nicole’s personal experience healing herself with metaphysical practices and juice cleansing after cancer delivers a visceral understanding and blueprint guiding you to creating healthier habits now. Get practical everyday advice on better digestion, easier elimination, getting to your ideal weight, a stronger immune system and more mental balance, all while feeling more energetic. With over 20 years juicing experience and learning how juice affects the body, a Bachelor of Metaphysical Sciences in Holistic Life coaching from The University of Metaphysical Sciences and as a certified Therapeutic Touch Energy Healer Nicole is your compassionate yet motivating guide to your next level of increased vitality.

Nicole Ruggieri Lehourites, Bachelor of Metaphysical Sciences, B.Msc.
ScB. in Psychology and Math, ScB. in Metaphysical Sciences, Reiki Master in 4 modalities, Crystal Therapy Healer, Angel Healing Therapist, Empath.

Oleksandr Semenyuk, Bachelor of Metaphysical Sciences, B.Msc.

Oscar L. Arredondo, Bachelor of Metaphysical Sciences, B.Msc.
Oscar L. Arredondo resides with his family in Fayetteville, North Carolina and holds a Marriage & Family Counseling M.A. degree from Webster University (2006) and a Political Science B.S. degree from Campbell University (2004).
His spiritual and professional goals is to complete a Master degree in Divinity M. Div. and a Philosopher of Transpersonal Counseling Ph.D. from the UMS of Minnesota and a Doctorate degree in Spiritual Science D. Div. from the CA Branch of University of Metaphysical Sciences. Oscar is pursuing to obtain the credentials for a License Professional Counselor Associate and a National Certified Counselor. 

Oscar speaks English, Spanish and Portuguese fluently, born in the Amazon region of South America and became a US Citizen during the Gulf War in 1991. Finally, Oscar served our nation in the United States Army Special Forces Group and retired honorably after 22 years of service.  Currently, he is located in Afghanistan working with indigenous Afghani Soldiers mentoring and training them to defend their country.

Pabalu Wijegoonawardane, Bachelor of Metaphysical Sciences, B.Msc.
Pabalu is a musician and a teacher from Sri Lanka.
 A traveler on the spiritual path.
 An Old wise Owl :)

Pamela Chen, Bachelor of Metaphysics, B.M.
Pamela Chen is an intuitive coach that loves to help others find their inner divine energy and wisdom. She is a best selling author on Kindle, spreading the joy of connecting with magical creatures as guides. Pamela packs her passion for teaching into manifesting classes and programs for her clients. Her energy is described as magical and childlike but with age old wisdom. She will help you uncover your love for life and find out what your soul purpose is!

Pamela L Copple, Bachelor of Metaphysical Sciences, B.Msc.
Pamela has been psychic/intuitive since birth and an energy/light worker for 11 plus years. She has many interests and owned Indigo Sage Metaphysical Book and Gifts in Reno, Nevada. She owns an aura camera and is a published artist. Her current goals are to be a gallery hung artist, life coach, write books and travel the world speaking about metaphysics, art and self-help topics and sharing Xocai healthy chocolate.

Patricia L Perry, Bachelor of Metaphysical Sciences, B.Msc.

Patricia Thompson, Bachelor of Metaphysical Sciences, B.Msc.
Patricia Thompson, B.Msc. is a registered nurse of 23 years who also holds a Masters in Natural Health from Clayton College. She is currently a level 3 student of Healing Touch with Healing Touch International.

Paul DiGrazia, Bachelor of Metaphysical Sciences, B.Msc.
Paul has been a certified massage therapist since 2001 and loves the art of massage and healing. He spends his time reading about astrology and studying tarot.

Paul Johann Linke, Bachelor of Metaphysical Sciences, B.Msc.
The "Pulsating Heart of the Cosmos"  (Light of Consciousness is within us). Consciousness, and divine life in matter is the essence of the human body.
Divine Consciousness is our world, we possess the power to affirm our very existence at each moment of every day.
We have not only the gift of life, but also Consciousness.
The realization in the study of quantum physics that has ultimate philosophical consequences.
Our -DNA- is made from "Light" and not only absorbs light, but also emits light.
Therefore, we have such a psyche-shifting ability, and awesome Earth shaping responsibility.
Lots of Love from Paul

Paula Connor, Bachelor of Metaphysical Sciences, B.Msc.
Paula recently opened her own business and operates under Insight Out Quantum Energy Healing.  Her services offer a proactive approach to wellness for the Body, Mind and Spirit using multiple tools like Biofeedback, Coaching, Energy healing and her self developed intuitive gifts.

Paula Schermerhorn, Bachelor of Metaphysical Sciences, B.Msc.
With over 30 years experience in the parapsychology field, Paula is blessed to have been given the ability to provide others with guidance, insight and direction. As a medium, she is able to connect clients with others that have crossed over.  Paula is a spiritual teacher, researcher, lecturer and writer in parapsychology. Paula has had psychic skill from as early as she can remember and has shared her gift with family and friends over the years, including assisting in missing person cases with Police and Sheriff Departments. Paula has first-hand knowledge and experience with ghosts and other paranormal activity in her private sessions as well as in resident, hotel, and historic buildings throughout the United States.  Paula Schermerhorn is a gifted Christian Medium, Oneness Blessing Facilitator, Certified Paranormal Investigator (University of Nevada), a Certified Parapsychologist (Flamel College) Bachelor of Metaphysical Sciences (University of Metaphysical Sciences), and UFO Investigator.

Pauline Joy Gibson, Bachelor of Metaphysical Sciences, B.Msc.
Pauline Gibson received her Bachelor of Metaphysical Sciences in August of 2012. She will be using her degree to continue counseling the many women and men that pass through her company's four transitional living homes for recovering addicts.

Paulette A. Harper, Bachelor of Metaphysical Sciences, B.Msc.
The courses provided by UMS have been instrumental in rounding out my outlook on myself, others, and the world around me. I have learned so much and am grateful for all of the help the staff has provided. I can now go on to empower others, and that is the greatest gift.

Peggy Lynn Dollar, Bachelor of Metaphysical Sciences, B.Msc.
Born in Yakima, Washington. Spent the early adult years in Oregon, moved to California in 1985. Have 20+years in retail management. Most happy when curled up with a good book in the sun and my cat on my lap. I love doing creative projects in the form of scrapbooking greeting cards and bookmarks. I enjoy mentoring and counseling people who are on their spiritual path. I have been happily married for 17 years.

Peter J. Serrano, Bachelor of Metaphysics, B.M.
Peter J. Serrano, host of the online hit “The Awareness show” and Creator of http://Abundantwe.com, the social network of abundant living is a Spiritual Life Coach and Board Certified Hypnotist.

Peter Phu Ho, Bachelor of Divinity, B.Div.
I am a true seeker, I went through a long journey of a mystical spiritual experience of Asian Shamanism and Buddhism through the help of the teachers and friends. I also experienced too many spiritual experiences suchs as astral projection, magical healing, manifestation, seeing spirit with open eyes, battle with bad spirit ect... I felt it was not enough and also it is impossible to go public teaching without a degree or official recognition or legitimate credential. So I signed up UMS, it was a great decision. I learned so much and now whatever spiritual subject out there I can understand it. UMS is a great university I encourage you go for. Self searching is time consuming, costly and more likely to get lost or confusing. Enlightment path requires broad knowledge!

Phillip M. Grierson, Bachelor of Metaphysics, B.M.
Phillip M. Grierson is retired U.S. Navy currently living in Tarpon Springs, FL.

Phyllis Jean Nix, Bachelor of Metaphysical Sciences, B.Msc.
P.J. is a metaphysician with a successful private practice in Amsterdam, Netherlands. P.J. coaches individuals and groups on the practical and personal application of the Law of Attraction and helps people discover their own personal happiness and exercise more control over their own life.  She also teaches Creative Flow Workshops, which help you understand, open and consciously direct your creativity. 

Ms. Porsche Koenze, Bachelor of Metaphysical Sciences, B.Msc.
Porsche, from South Africa, started her studies with UMS in 2007, whilst living in the USA.
Moving back to SA in 2008, it became challenging to keep up with the demands of a fulltime job, travel and other studies/commitments.

Nevertheless, with dedication and the selfless support, encouragement and motivation from the UMS staff, progressed to Bachelors level.

Porsche is a Trainer and Life Coach and is branching out to Spiritual Life Coaching, especially coaching victims of narcissist abuse.

Honoured and Blessed to be in this space & to be walking this journey with UMS, Porsche is commited to make a difference in people's lives, by guiding them to connect with source, and live authentic lives. Namaste.

Rachel M. Stewart, Bachelor of Metaphysics, B.M.
Rachel M. Stewart, M.S.Ed.., M.A., B.M. is an intuitive and holistic practitioner. Rachel has been dedicated to gaining a deeper understanding of the healing power of compassion.  With a strong educational and clinical background, Rachel has experience in counseling, coaching, education and training, consulting, designing and evaluating programs, and conducting research.  She believes in working with people’s strengths to help them access and enhance their natural gifts so that they can enjoy living in a higher state of mind and create the life they are proud to live. 

Rachelle Leigh Berry , Bachelor of Metaphysical Sciences, B.Msc.
Rachelle Berry carries a Diploma of Highest Honors in Relaxation Therapy, as well as certification as a Reiki healer, but now finds herself thriving in the exciting realm of Metaphysical Sciences. With aspirations which include Life Coaching, Rachelle sees a future in utilizing her education to help others. After battling chronic illness diagnoses herself, she found a desire to help others achieve a lasting peace, happiness, and good health.

Raven Summer Burnes, Bachelor of Metaphysical Sciences, B.Msc.
She is a Reiki Master and Life Coach. She is currently studying for her degree in Traditional Oriental Medicine.  Her specialty is health and wellness and the mind/body connection.

Rebecca Sipes Babcock, Bachelor of Metaphysics, B.M.
She does energy healing work. She is an Ectectic Wiccan. She has had the honor of caring for dying hospice clients. She has an Associates Degree from Pima College and advanced certificates as a Psychiatric and Patient Care Technician. She is currently working toward her Master's Degree at UMS. She looks forward to her future as a Clergy.

Recha G. Peay, Bachelor of Divinity, B.Div.
Recha G. Peay is a four times published author, motivational speaker, fitness trainer, Holistic Healthcare advocate and enthusiast.  With over twenty years of experience as a healthcare professional her boundaries have expanded to heal the mind, body and soul. 

Regina White, Bachelor of Metaphysical Sciences, B.Msc.
Regina White is a gifted individual with a love of helping others. Her practice will include study of beyond and will include a structured learning environment to empower other women.

Renee A. McAbee, Bachelor of Metaphysics, B.M.
Renee is an herbalist and spiritual counselor. She also write columns for newsletters on herbal medicine, lectures and teaches in herbalism and metaphysical sciences.

Renee Adcock, Bachelor of Divinity, B.Div.
Renee has just completed her Bachelor of Divinity, B.Div. and plans to go on to complete the Masters.  She wants to use her degree to explore more of her spirituality and perhaps do spiritual counseling.  Right now works part time with a local Intuitive Medium and is strengthening her own intuitive skills. 

Rev. Bruce C. Donaldson, Bachelor of Metaphysical Sciences, B.Msc.
Rev. Bruce is a Spiritualist Minister residing in rural Canisteo, NY with his wife Linda, two dogs, two cats and all sorts of wildlife. Together they publish a metaphysical magazine, The Psychic Observer. It can be viewed at thepsychicobserver.com . Bruce does psychic readings from home and at fairs throughout New York and Pennsylvania. Bruce also practices Qi Gong and Spiritual healing and does Past Life Regressions.

Rev. Gary C. Herron, Bachelor of Metaphysics, B.M.
Rev. Gary C. Herron is a Wicca High Priest and Shaman of over 28 years experience. He is a Spiritual Counselor, Metaphysical Lecturer, Tarot Card Reader and Artist, currently living in New Straitsville, Ohio.

Rev. Martha A. Snee, MBA, M.Sc., Bachelor of Divinity, B.Div.
Rev. Martha A. Snee, MBA, M.Sc., B.Div., is an Ordained Interfaith Minister, a Spiritual Counselor, Intuitive Medium and Channeler, DNA Activation Facilitator, Human Design and Life By Design Practitioner, Dowser & Transpersonal Energy Healer. She is a Reiki Master and Hypno-Regressionist and Master Practitioner of NLP.
Martha is President of Transcending Limits Consulting, LLC and is currently completing a book on the Addiction to Perfectionism.

Rev. Patricia Johnston, Bachelor of Metaphysical Sciences, B.Msc.
Pastor of a Spiritualist Church since 2001.
Certified Medical/Lab Technician-Medical Office Manager, Emergency Response Technician.
Certified Medium, Healer, Teacher and Intuitive Counselor.
 Certified Past Life Regressionist w/ Dolores Cannon.
 Christ Unity Church Chaplain.
 Remote Viewer with David Morehouse.
 Psychic/Medium with Linda Schiller-Hanna: A.R.E.
 Reiki Practitioner with Rev. Beth Gray.
 Life long supporter of the "White Eagle Lodge" and "Teachings" U.K.
 Life long student of Metaphysical Research.

Rev. Sheila A. Seppi, Bachelor of Metaphysics, B.M.
Sheila A. Seppi,  Bachelor of Metaphysics, B.M.  Sheila is the founder of SpiritWay Ministries, DBA, SpiritWay Wellness Center with two offices in Leadville and Edwards, Colorado.  She works both nationally and internationally.  Sheila is a Spiritual and Metaphysical Teacher, Minister and Holistic Healing Practitioner; Shamanic Practitioner and Ceremonialist; Reiki Master/Teacher and Karuna Master/Teacher;  and a Total Body Modification and Natural Healing Practitioner.  The main focus of Sheila's work is to balance the  body, mind and spirit to allow vibrate health and peace to flourish.   Sheila offers private and group sessions and conducts a variety of seminars.

Reverend Deborah A. Mueller, Bachelor of Divinity, B.Div.
Reverend Mueller is a Reiki Master Practitioner/Teacher having been attuned in multiple modalities including Usui, Lightarian, Star of Magdalene and Mari-El to name a few. 
Deb was ordained into the Order of Melchizedek through the Sanctuary of the Beloved in May of 2009.  This brought her full circle so that she might use her Reiki to assist others. 
Children are a passion for Reverend Mueller and her hope is that her Reiki and the education that she has received through UMS will help her with her goal of opening a Center/Store and assist in bringing Metaphysics and Spirituality to children and their parents.

Richard Popp, Bachelor of Divinity, B.Div.
Richard Popp specializes in CranioSacral Therapy and Teaching Energy & Self Healing Classes.  He is Upledger Certified in CranioSacral Therapy, Nationally Certified in Therapeutic Massage and Bodywork and a Certified Energy Healing Instructor. Richard is available at several locations in the Chicago area and is licensed in both Illinois and Wisconsin. He has been doing healing work for over 15 years and is experienced with all age groups including babies and senior adults.

Robin A. Ford, Bachelor of Metaphysical Sciences, B.Msc.
Robin works in sales and marketing and thought the course at UMS would help her be more creative in her current job, with hopes of working in a metaphysical setting in the near future.  She is also a second degree Reiki practitioner which she enjoys to the fullest.

Roberta Cheryl Gallop, Bachelor of Metaphysical Sciences B.Msc.
Roberta Cheryl Gallop, M.Msc (also known as Riki Frahmann) has been a teacher, healer, spiritual adviser, and worker of the light for around 40 years. Her life's mission is "To Awaken & Awaken the World".

Ronald M. Wissler Jr., Bachelor of Metaphysical Sciences, B.Msc.
Ron is a Wireless Radio Engineer who has worked for several large telecommunications companies and has a degree in Electronics and Computer Science.  He's always possessed an intimate curiosity with energy and resonance.  Initially, he began studies in metaphysics at UMS for personal interest but now feels compelled to share the truth of subtle energies and healing to the world.  Ron is a certified crystal healer and has also studied Aromatherapy, Divination systems, Reiki and Reflexology.  He intends to write books and possibly open a spiritual center in the future after completing the Ph.D. program.

Rondi Faye McClure, Bachelor of Metaphysical Sciences, B.Msc.
She is currently sharing any spiritual guidance for anyone looking toward solutions of our hectic lifestyles and many commitments.

Rose Semenas, Bachelor of Metaphysical Sciences, B.Msc.
She became interested in Metaphysics after 16 months of intense chemotherapy for the treatment of Ovarian Cancer.  Every course offered by UMS is fascinating to her. She plans on continuing up to the PhD level and wish there were more.

Ryan Moak, Bachelor of Metaphysics, B.M.
Ryan Moak  Bachelor of Metaphysics , lives in the mountains of Lake Tahoe, where he has a acupressure practice and continues his studies at UMS.

Sabrina Denning, Bachelor of Metaphysical Sciences, B.Msc.
Sabrina was born in Germany and moved to Texas, USA in her early 20th. She is continuing her education with UMS to finish her Masters degree and eventually her doctoral degree. She is looking forward to helping people finding their way in life as a holistic life coach.

Sabrina J Miller, Bachelor of Metaphysical Sciences, B.Msc.
The realm of metaphysical study is her passion and who she is. She has found her calling and what thrills her spirit! Now that she has her B.Msc. She is off and running towards her Master's program and then her Ph.D. here at UMS. She is also working towards her certification as a Shaman.

Samantha Jayne Halls, Bachelor of Metaphysical Sciences, B.Msc.
Sam lives in beautiful tropical Townsville in Northern Australia with her husband and two young boys. She is a practicing Kinesiologist and Energy Healer and is continuing her studies with UMS doing her Masters degree.

Sandra L. Scott, Bachelor of Metaphysical Sciences, B.Msc.
She is in the process of taking exams to become a Licentiate Minister in the Spiritualist Church.  She will then begin the process to become an ordained Minister, National Spiritualist Teacher and NSAC Certified Medium.  At the time, she will be pursuing her Master's and Doctorate with UMS.  Pursuing this coursework in Metaphysical Sciences has been a lifelong dream.  She is a retired Professor from the University of Maine.

Sandra M. Chambers, Bachelor of Metaphysical Sciences, B.Msc.
Sandra M. Chambers has been a student of Metaphysics for 38 years, is a certified reflexoloist and a Reiki Master for the past twelve years.

Sandra S. Nelson, Bachelor of Metaphysical Sciences, B.Msc.
Sandra Nelson is an ITEC Certified Reflexologist, Reiki Master, writer, and SoulCollage Facilitator with an innate connection to nature. A gifted intuitive, Sandra believes the power of Spirit is best shown through peaceful wisdom and acceptance of others.

Sangita Patel, Bachelor of Metaphysical Sciences, B.Msc.
Sangita Patel is a spiritual facilitator, author, speaker,radio show host and energy healer who awakened her natural ability to heal after surviving a car accident and losing her only brother. Today, she is committed to helping those who are willing to heal themselves. She is an Integrated Energy Therapy® Master Instructor, Spring Forest Qigong Practitioner, EFT practitioner, and Teacher of Seraphic Wisdom, and specializes in coaching and healing women entrepreneurs.Currently she is pursuing Ph.D in Metaphysical Sciences with UMS.

Sarah Lynn Wilson, Bachelor of Metaphysics, B.M.
Sarah connects with Love to provide the healing that is most beneficial in the present moment.  She joyfully offers Tea Leaf Reading and Energy Healing in her work as a Clairvoyant & Spiritual Counselor.   Sarah resides on Vancouver Island, BC, Canada.

Sarah Rebecca Poole, Bachelor of Divinity, B.Div.
Career, communication and personal development coach, Sarah has over twenty years' experience in corporate, education and community-based environments.

Now based in England, having lived and worked across Europe and North America, she offers face-to-face, telephone and online support, with specialisms in communication and personal/spiritual development coaching, training and consultancy, helping those needing support at a crossroads in their life or career, seeking life purpose coaching, or looking to communicate more effectively at work and in personal relationships.

With additional training and experience in healing modalities, personality profiling (Striving Styles), meditation practices and youth support; Usui Reiki Master, Crystal Reiki Energyworker, ITEC Holistic/Swedish Massage Therapist, ICF Personal Development Coach.

Saundra R. Rose, Bachelor of Metaphysical Sciences, B.Msc.
My studies here have been wonderful and have helped me to live at a much greater potential. I am beyond excited to go on to my masters and then my doctorate here at the University Of Metaphysical Sciences! I look forward to becoming a spiritual life coach after my studies are complete. Blessed be! Love, Saundra Rose

Scott A. Tucker, Bachelor of Metaphysical Sciences, B.Msc.
Scott is a Medical Massage Therapist/Holistic Health Practitioner/Martial Arts Instructor. He has taught seminars at several local colleges on Chi-Kung, Self-Defense, and seeks to offer all his students/clients a wholistic approach to life.

Scott Darrell Starnes, Bachelor of Divinity, B.Div.
Scott Darrel Starnes , B. Div. , practices spiritual counseling with a focus on Buddhism , and continues to research the depths of consciousness.

Shae Blayre Cummings, Bachelor of Metaphysical Sciences, B.Msc.
Spiritual Consultant / Teacher / Artist / Writer
Developing Divinity Cards based upon Sacred Symbols of the Ancients, Numerology, Color & Astrology.
Intention is to complete the Master's Project to earn a Masters in Metaphysical Sciences & eventually, a Doctorate.

Shahn Galen Redding, Bachelor of Metaphysical Sciences, B.Msc.
Shahn Galen Redding has now completed the Bachelor of Metaphysical Sciences & will continue study on the masters with UMS. Shahn is using the Bachelor in his healing practice which will be expanded throughout 2010 to include new modalities and techniques for a larger client base.

Shari Clarke, Bachelor of Metaphysical Sciences, B.Msc.
Shari Clarke born March 12th 1958
Happy Married I've been blessed to work in the fine Art business
I strive to be one who enters into the beauty of all life
I find a deeper relationship to the "One" and I know a greater fulfillment of myself through surrender to the Oneness of Life
The inner spirit of all Truth, Love and Wisdom.

Sharlene Arnold, Bachelor of Metaphysical Sciences, B.Msc.
Sharlene has studied with the Academy of Consciousness for three years and is also a Reike practitoner working on her Master's level. She also does T-Touch for animals and is a member of a development of psychic skills class.

Sharlene J Davis Wall, Bachelor of Divinity, B.Div.
Sharlene J Davis Wall has had a successful prison ministry for over 10 years, in the states of PA, NJ, SC and NC.  She has also been involved in all aspects of inspirational music ministry.

Sharon Tregoning, Bachelor of Divinity, B.Div.
I'm am blissfully blessed to be married to the bestest hubby on earth & live in paradise known as the Sunshine Coast in Queensland, Australia.

I have an adult daughter am the wicked step-Mum of 3 adult kids as well.

Professionally, I have been called to create Spiritual Palliative Care to assist the dying address any spiritual and/or emotional issues & to assist them to die knowing as much peace & unconditional love as possible.

Absolutely loving this course & particularly that it is as experiential as it is theoretical.

Shayla Ritchwood Williams, Bachelor of Metaphysical Sciences, B.Msc.
Shayla is an Intuitive & Transformational Life Coach.  Shayla is also working on her professional coaching certification degree from the International Coach Academy (ICA).

Shawna Mefford, Bachelor of Metaphysical Sciences, B.Msc.
I am a Metaphysical Life Coach & Spiritual Counselor ......

Shelly Blomker, Bachelor of Metaphysics, B.M.
I have enjoyed all my studies from the school and hope to do good things with it. I'm 50 years old and I know that I can still learn more things in my life.

Sherry Matsen, Bachelor of Divinity, B.Div.
Sherry is a freelance writer and researcher focusing on metaphysics. Her deep connection with the earth, the water, and spirit, keep her grounded. The power of "now" and gratitude are part of her core being. She spends a great deal of time exploring and enjoying the sheer beauty and power Mother Nature with her daughter and her four dogs.

Shirley Ann Wells, Bachelor of Metaphysical Sciences, B.Msc.
I have a Bachelor of Nursing, and in my latter years discovered metaphysics.
I have throughout the last 15 attended many motivational courses and I'm a Reiki practitioner. I love Inspirational quotes which motivate me every day.
I feel empowered and have loved every minute of this bachelor degree and I'm going on now to do my Masters with great enthusiasm..
Thanking everyone from the UMS.

Sonia E. Galindo, Bachelor of Divinity, B.Div.
Sonia also has a BS Microbiology. She works in the environmental field, is a writer, a public speaker and peace activist. She looks forward to furthering her studies in order to make her peace work a full time career.

Sopha Wishashan, Bachelor of Metaphysics, B.M.
Sopha Wishashan was born in Thailand, and had done massage since she was 7-years-old, shadowing under the care of her grandmother. She has degrees on massage therapy, hydro-colonic therapy, reflexology, raw foods, craniosacral therapy, reiki master, Traditional Thai massage, massage for cancer patients, ear coning practitioner, and many more. She plans on finishing her doctorate degree in medical science.

Sophia N. Rosenthal, Bachelor of Metaphysical Sciences, B.Msc.
Sophia N. Rosenthal has a Bachelors degree in Metaphysical Sciences from UMS and is joyfully continuing towards receiving her PhD in Metaphysical Life Coaching also from UMS. Sophia is an Abundance Architect (TM). She combines her Transformational Coaching with being a Law of Attraction Synergist to facilitate ambitious, heart-centered women entrepreneurs design and create a life they love.

Sophie E. Motley, Bachelor of Divinity, B.Div.
Sophie is proud to announce that she has received a Bachelor's Degree in Divinity studies at the University of Metaphysical Sciences. She is currently enrolled in the Master's Program and aspires to achieve her PhD. in Metaphysics.

Stacy L Thompson, Bachelor of Metaphysical Sciences, B.Msc.
I am so happy to have given myself the gift of UMS and the value and peace I have gained is priceless!

Stacy Leann Hofius, Bachelor of Metaphysical Sciences, B.Msc.
Stacy plans to extend her education by attaining a Masters Degree and Ph.D. in Metaphysical Sciences.  Her goal is to work in parapsychology, own her own metaphysical bookstore and work in energy healing.

Staysea Sumner , Bachelor of Metaphysics, B.M.
Staysea is a primary care physician who truly takes a holistic approach to helping patients achieve their optimum health. Knowing how important it is to work with people where they are makes it easier to help them find the keys to unlock the doors they want to open on this path of self discovery.

Stefan Walter, Bachelor of Divinity, B.Div.
He works as a integral guide in Europe.

Stefanie J. Butler, Bachelor of Divinity, B.Div.
He is continuing on in the D.Div.. program.

Summer B. Oliver, Bachelor of Metaphysical Sciences, B.Msc.
Summer Oliver is so excited to have found UMS and earn her Bachelor of Metaphysical Sciences. She is looking forward to continuing her education and work as a Reiki healer and currently mentors adults with disabilities and brain injuries.

Susan L. Houle, Bachelor of Metaphysical Sciences, B.Msc.
Susan has a BBA in Business Management and spent 25 years as a Computer Programmer. Although she has a scientific and analytical mind, she has also lived with psychic abilities since she was 12. She is a Clairvoyant, Clairsentient, Empath, Precognitive, and has practiced astral projection, automatic writing, and has spoken with dead people. Trying to reconcile the 2 different sides of herself finally lead her to UMS. She discovered a whole new world of people who were like her. It totally changed her life. She will continue her education with UMS until she earns a Ph.D.. She has also become a Usui Reiki Master and hopes to open her own Healing Practice in the future.

Susan Mary Palmer, Bachelor of Metaphysical Sciences, B.Msc.
She is a reiki master . She also works with crystals to make healing elixirs. She reads tarot cards, angel cards, and some tea leaves and also work with the runes.

Susan Twiggs, Bachelor of Metaphysical Sciences, B.Msc.
Susan is at present a Colon Hydrotherapist and Stone Massage Therapist working with life style changes with her clients originally in London now in Melbourne has directed many clients to your amazing website and hope to further her Hypnotherapy. Looking forward to completing her Masters, and Doctorate has loved every aspect of this degree and amazing experience, thanks for your wonderful support. Love and light.

Svetlana Braunt, Bachelor of Metaphysical Sciences, B.Msc.
I hold a Masters Degree of Holistic Health from the American Institute of Holistic Theology at Alabama with a focus in balance and harmony of mind, body and spirit. Also a graduate of the East West College of the Healing Arts of Portland Oregon.

Tanja Seagraves, Bachelor of Metaphysical Sciences, B.Msc.
Tanja Seagraves, B.Msc., has combined her Bachelor’s curriculum with continuous study of Energy Medicine, and recently enrolled in a leading Therapeutic Massage and Body Work certificate program. Part-time, she provides hands-on energy healings, and volunteers on a Crisis Hotline for domestic violence involving men, women and children. She is currently working on her Master‘s Thesis with UMS. After completion, she will work on her Doctoral Dissertation on Holistic Life Coaching and Healing.

Tara Ivanova, Bachelor of Metaphysical Sciences, B.Msc.
Tara comes from Bulgaria, a land rich in spiritual traditions and history. She has been following the teachings of the Master Beinsa Douno for the past 26 years. She is currently pursuing her PhD.

Tatiana Anna Kuzyk, Bachelor of Metaphysics, B.M.
Tatiana has started on her path of spiritual growth at age seventeen. Currently she is an intuitive self-taught artist, spiritual teacher and an entrepreneur. She's a contributing writer at Creativity Portal where her articles' series 'Artist's Musings on Creative Process,' are regularly published. Tatiana also presents workshops that teach participants how to consciously engage one's creativity, such as through the creation of a personal Mandala. She lives in Chicago suburbs.

Tawnie Carlsen, Bachelor of Metaphysical Sciences, B.Msc.
Tawnie lives in a small country town in Queensland, Australia. She has been interested in all things metaphysical from an early age and has spent many years researching, reading and studying metaphysical subjects. She enrolled in UMS in order to fill gaps in her knowledge and for personal and spiritual development. She continues to study with UMS, working towards her Masters and PhD.

Teresa Brownrigg, Bachelor of Metaphysical Sciences, B.Msc.
Teresa has had an interest in Metaphysics since she was very young, so it was only natural that she pursue a degree in Metaphysical Sciences.  Teresa is currently writing articles and blogs regarding this subject, and plans to follow her writing passion and natural ability to counsel those in need of spiritual and metaphysical support.

Terry Clifford Thomas, Bachelor of Metaphysics, B.M.
Born at the foot of Mt. Baker, one of the youngest volcanoes in the Cascade Range, Terry has had the challenge of growing through traditional Augustinian/Lutheran worm piety into the consciousness of spiritual awareness. Along the way he earned an accredited PhD in Theology, has written two books, and is launching his third which he's designed to impact many, particularly those from the Christian background who want more in life, called Religion to Reality/An Unconventional Path to Spiritual Awareneess.

Thomas Edward Waldron, Bachelor of Metaphysical Sciences, B.Msc.
Thomas Waldron is very excited to have attained his bachelors degree in Metaphysical Sciences from UMS and has begun work on the masters courses. From a young age Thomas was very interested in topics of a metaphysical nature therefore he is looking forward to the journey ahead of him in this field. He is currently working towards another degree in Sociology and is also the drummer of two local bands in his home town.

Thomas L. Gleason, Bachelor of Metaphysical Sciences, B.Msc.
Tommy has fully dedicated his life to the pursuit of knowledge in all things metaphysical.  Balancing scientific logic and intuition, this aspiring jack-of-all-trades is specialized in dreams and parapsychology.

Tracy S. Woodland-Howell, Bachelor of Metaphysics, B.M.
Non-judgmental and supportive counseling on all spiritual matters, Works with energy, meditation, vision journeys, intention theories, and inner development.

Travis J. Olsen, Bachelor of Metaphysical Sciences, B.Msc.
Looking back to the time I first began studying at UMS I was an entirely different person, now walking upon the earth having shed incredible amounts of ignorance makes life so much more fulfilling. Having knowledge of the earth, herbs and remedies, ancient practices we should have been taught as children, and much more that could never be summed up within a day. The structured delivery of knowledge has been the most amazing blessing I've ever imagined in my life thus far. Now I have the abilities to help so many people and fulfill my dreams in those areas. As I didn't come to this planet to do what everyone else is doing. I've awakened to an awareness of myself and existence that I once thought was just a dream world but no more. I've never felt better in my life than I do now. Just goes to show, "the more you know."

Veronica M De Ferrari, Bachelor of Metaphysics, B.M.
Veronica is a qualified Teacher with postgraduate studies as an Adult Educator. After 15 years in Frontline Management, she decided to devote her working life to her life passions: Yoga Philosophy and Metaphysics. She completed Metaphysical Counselling Studies, which she has now consolidated with the Bachelor's Degree from the University of Metaphysical Sciences. Veronica is the author of "Divine You" and its version in Spanish. She currently works in the design of a Quality System for Alternative Industry practitioners, and works in Sydney, Australia as a Counsellor.

Vickie Lynn Bricksaw, Bachelor of Metaphysical Sciences, B.Msc.
I have unveiled the fundamental gifts of creative discovery and learning that UMS has gifted with each class taken within the Bachelor's program. I have been lifted to heights academically with ease and great interest. UMS has held my hand throughout with gentle guidance. I wear great pride and strongly look forward to completion of my Masters. This was life changing for me! Blessings to all of you who have supported me on my re-awakening quest.

Vickie Phillips, Bachelor of Metaphysical Sciences, B.Msc.
Vickie Phillips began her spiritual journey 10 years ago with one prayer to the Divine, “Don’t let me rush and please lead the way.” After being led to many books on metaphysics she was finally guided to UMS where she found cohesion in her thirst for knowledge. Vickie has recently earned her 1st and 2nd degree Usui Reiki Certification at the Omega Institute for Holistic Studies in Rhinebeck, NY and eagerly anticipates returning to complete the Masters Certification Program in the near future. She is currently enjoying her continued studies through the UMS Master Degree program and hopes to facilitate workshops on various metaphysical topics in addition to furthering her own knowledge of energy healing. The Divine is leading the way and she is enjoying the ride.

Viktoria Santo, Bachelor of Metaphysical Sciences, B.Msc.
Viktoria, an evidential medium, is passionate about connecting people with their passed loved ones which can be a tremendous source of comfort and healing. She also offers spiritual guidance and counseling.

Vitor Manuel Pereira Monteiro, Bachelor of Metaphysical Sciences, B.Msc.
Since 1987 has worked as a Physical Therapy Technician. Continuing with his studies, Vitor took courses in Natural Medicine Homeopathy and osteopathy. Starting in 2000 he began his studies in the fields of Energy Medicine, currently working with systems Bioresonance and Biofeedback. Vitor did his Masters in Electromedicine and Biofeedback in the year 2011. Alongside his technical scientific studies, Vitor has always been very interested in spiritual healing studying energy transfers in Spiritual Human Yoga, Classical Radionics, Reiki and yoga.

Wendy J. Jakob, Bachelor of Metaphysical Sciences, B.Msc.
I began studying metaphysics when I was 16 shortly after my mother died. From that day forward I have been reading and researching anything and everything I could find on the subject of spirituality. I have gone through many trials and tribulations that have brought me to where I am today. Along the way I have done much in the way of self healing and getting the healing I needed to move forward in life. I have indeed walked the wounded healer path. I now hope to help others using my experience and my newly gained knowledge from UMS. I couldn't be more excited about my new path and the journey ahead.

Werner Rocker, Bachelor of Metaphysical Sciences, B.Msc.
Werner studied engineering in Germany  and has an University degree. Later he turned to spiritual studies mostly Gurdjieff. Via different experiences  he became a heathen and lives now by the old pre-Christian values and virtues. Werner works as a healer and trained with The Four Winds, a shaman group founded by A. Villoldo, PhD.
Werner lived for 20 years in California but is now on the move to Sibiria.

Whitney Gordon-Mead, Bachelor of Metaphysical Sciences, B.Msc.
I am married to the love of my life and we have one daughter. In a prior chapter of this life I was a Certified Financial Planner. Currently I am working on my Masters and PhD in Metaphysics, as well as obtaining training as a Certified Life Coach. My life purpose is to provide spiritual counseling and coaching for women. I work with professional women who are overworked, overwhelmed, and heading for burnout. I show them how to dramatically increase their happiness level.

Yvonne LaBelle, Bachelor of Metaphysical Sciences, B.Msc.
Yvonne LaBelle is a dental assistant and massage therapist looking to devote her later years in assisting others in seeing their true potential.

Zora Meri Harvie, Bachelor of Metaphysical Sciences, B.Msc.
Zora is a Spiritual Counselor and Hypnotherapist she has worked in the area of Women's Health for over 10 years now with a special interest in women's hormonal health.                 

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2012 predictions

"I am astonished at how happy I am with the whole UMS program. I feel like a sponge and I am thirsty for more information... The meditations are not only enjoyable, they are helpful in so many ways and sometimes life altering. Christine defintely has a gift. I enjoy the meditations every evening when I lay down to sleep." — B.W., UMS Student

"Thanks so much! I am thoroughly enjoying my experience with UMS! I am learning much and really feel like I am coming into my own!" — R.B., UMS Student

"Thanks for sending me the course materials, they are very informative. I loved the course "Pranayama" and wonder how I lived my life without the knowledge of these breathing techniques. Now I am doing the "Nadi Shodhnam" and "Kapalbhatti" every day and enjoying it. I am enjoying each and every course from your university and enhancing my knowledge. Thanks!" — B.S., UMS Student

"I am so excited about the wealth of information that is made available through UMS, it has made learning so much easier, unlike before, trying to find the appropriate book that explains what I am experiencing at the time. Unlike most people, who look for a book to learn from, I was trying to find the book to answer questions on what I was going through at the time. And UMS has answered so many questions left unanswered through the years, plus so much more that I never even thought to ask about. I am so glad that I was directed to the UMS website last year, it has made a word of difference for me. Thank you!" — T.R., UMS Student

metaphysical school

“UMS is the most spiritually enriching program I have ever come upon… I am honored to say that I attend your University. A University built on integrity, generosity, and love… Your program is highly affordable for what we receive as students… I have learned so much about myself through the courses, meditations, and lessons. I enjoy this university immensely; from the course material, to the fact that it is not a 'one size fits all approach.' I can't tell you how much it means to me to be praised for thinking outside the box, since that's what metaphysics is supposed to be all about.” — A.D., UMS Student

metaphysical schools

"I have been VERY IMPRESSED with each course I have taken so far. They have been interesting, well researched and well written. I am proud to be associated with UMS!!" — J.S., UMS Student

"I find your coursework and meditations to be very useful in my personal journey in this life. I have already seen a different even more beautiful person walking and talking because of my choice of study with UMS and I would personally recommend UMS to anyone that wishes to improve their lives and hopefully others also. I will pay more only because I won't cheat myself or others, not that I have much monetary funds but because if anyone wants to help others I believe you must get as much knowledge and wisdom as possible." — R.P., UMS Student

"I am really enjoying this program so far, and found it accidentally on the internet while searching for 'inspirational messages about marriage!' I had never heard of UMS and was bit unsure, until I checked out the 501 (c) 3 designation... I know they are hard to get. And I talked to Devon one day...she seemed very nice and intelligent! I guess some accidents happen by design, right?" — B.P., UMS Student

bachelors degree

"I am honored to receive this degree, the process of working toward it has changed my life.  Through my studies with UMS I have experienced wonderful and profound spiritual growth and been introduced to so many fascinating fields.  Many of these fields I would have otherwise been unable to explore.  THANK YOU to everyone at UMS, and I am looking forward to continuing my studies with UMS." F.M., UMS Student

breitenbush hotsprings

"The UMS curriculum has far surpassed my expectations and is head and shoulders above all the other Metaphysical schools/university's that I have investigated. Many of the other schools are also significantly more expensive, with only an 1/8th of the information given by UMS. I have been studying the field of Metaphysics for more than 15 years, and I find that I have learned so much more than I ever thought possible. The texts, exercises and meditations are truly amazing sources of concise, accurate and wonderful information. I know I will be using these texts years into the future for the wealth of knowledge and reference. I am so grateful that I have found such a beautiful school with such supportive and caring staff as well. Thank You!" V.F., UMS Student


"I can't tell you how excited I am and how grateful I feel to be able to take these courses. I am also very grateful for the time you all take to comment on my responses and make this experience a personal one. Perhaps by the time I graduate I will have made some 'new' friends and multiplied my enjoyment in this illusory experience of time where we all believe we are separate! Thank you, love and light always." S.E., UMS student


"You are very kind in your responses...just workin on making my way through and lovin' it all! UMS support and the courses brighten up my days and the sharing with others is fun too. A few people have asked what I'm doing these days. When I tell them they are so excited and want to hear more. They cannot believe there are Degrees in Metaphysics. I knew there would be some day, so I just kept looking and finally there you were! In perfect Divine timing for me. Blessings to you and yours and Blessings to all the incrediblely devoted and sincere assistance from UMS." N.P., UMS Student


"This program has literally changed my life. I was in search of answers that no one person has ever answered. But the course material in its entirety has answered everything. The meditations and spiritual exercise have helped expose the true essence of who I am. I would not change one thing.  I see everyone as Divinity. I also treat them in this manner as well. These exercises are excellent!"  B.G., UMS Student


"This is more than just a Metaphysical Course, it's also a life expanding experience... I am so very grateful to have found University of Metaphysical Sciecnes and be able to take these life enhancing inspirational courses... another Happy UMS Student..."N.P., UMS Student


"Just wanted to say I am enjoying these classes so much and my family is learning along with me on some things.  My 14 yr old daughter is trying some of the material and learning to see auras along with discussing her Spiritual beliefs with me. My husband is amazed at some of the things I have learned and even asks me how this knowledge can help others.  When I tell him my goals and how I plan to go about it, he is very supportive and wants to know more. This course of study has benefited my home and I look forward to sharing even more with others. Thank you." C.D., UMS Student


"I wanted to tell all of you how great this school is. After only 6 courses I have learned so much about the world and about myself. I have experienced things that I never could have imagined. These courses are POWERFUL. I am truly proud to be part of this University." — TW, UMS Student


"You all have given me and other students one of the greatest gifts in this world of the 21st century: the opportunity to share our gifts with the world instead of holding them back out of fear. You all have also helped me attend the school of my dreams (UMS) so I can help other people achieve their dreams in the near future. Ever since I have attended the UMS since August of 2008, you all have taught me that there is no fear in the balance of giving and receiving, only unconditional love." R.B., UMS Student


"I'm approaching to the end of the curriculum for my bachelor's,  and I'm impressed by all the knowledge I've gained during this time. UMS really changed my life and you specifically have helped me tremendously with your advice and guidance. I'm really glad I met you!" GP, UMS Student


"Yes, almost everyday I listen to the meditations and my favorite ones are CDs from the course on Manifestation Skills.  My belief system has been reprogrammed and I am a much happier and better person than I was.  I can forgive much easier now and have been kinder  to myself.   It was others first and I was always last, but now I realized that I cannot give unconditional love unless I do it to myself first, and I could honestly say that I have found my long lost self.  Thank you University of Metaphysical Sciences! "   N.B., UMS Student


"I have been meaning to write to you to thank you profusely for your kind and encouraging words on my exam questions.  Not knowing what to expect from this course, I thought it would be mostly about increasing knowledge.  That is definitely a part of it, with each class more fascinating than the next.  These are materials I will refer to again many times.  The big surprise for me is that I had no idea how healing and uplifting it would be.  There are endless tools you can use to transform your life in positive ways.  The iPod has become an appendage for me because I listen to the class meditations over and over.  It's like I'm gliding up that "Stairway To Heaven" with Angels singing all around me.  I am completely in awe of this opportunity.  Thank you so much for this amazing gift." CW, UMS Student











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