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2012 predictions

2012 predictions

The Trance Induction
of Human Being
Eli Jaxon-Bear

The possibility is to discover that who you are is Immortal Being, that you are Present before and after the life of the body.

I believe that most people are already in trance and the possibility is to wake up from the trance. The trance induction starts with the physical material universe, believing that it is solid, concrete and real. Yet we already know from science, from Heisenberg and Quantum physics, that the physical universe is an illusion. It is not the way it appears.

It appears that there are separate, discrete objects in space, but scientists say that if you look at it closely enough you will find the "atom," and when you look at an atom closely enough, you find that it is mainly empty space, In that space, smaller than the atom, one finds, "protons," "neutrons," and "electrons." But when you again look closely enough, you find either a particle or a wave, depending upon your point of view. And it is blinking on and off!

So with just a slight shift in the spectral field of your eye, what we are calling discrete, separate objects in the material universe can be seen as a standing wave form, blinking on and off. It is a trance induction. It is in illusion, a magic trick. It doesn't really exist.

Within this universal trance, there is a trance induction of the human being. In the word itself, "human being" implies that that is where being is. What about when the body disappears? Does that mean being disappears? The possibility is to discover that who you are is Immortal Being. That you are present before and after the life of the body. But this can't be discovered as long as you believe you are a [personality] number or a type. The possibility is to wake up from the trance induction of the fixation.

The Enneagram is the western gift to the enlightenment process. In the past, maybe one soul every-who-knows-how-many years woke up. Now, the potential is here for every-one. The Enneagram gives you the owner's manual [to the personality] so you can discover you are not the machinery.

The western myth, as far as I see, starts with Adam and Eve. When Adam and Eve are in the garden, they are happy, they are at one, there is no self consciousness, there is a flowing with things. But they are not Self Realized. Then the devil shows up. What does the devil do? He says, "O.K., eat from the fruit of the tree of knowledge of good and evil." What is this? This is the mind. The mind is the duality of good and evil, right and wrong, on and off.

In eating the fruit of the tree of knowledge there is suddenly self-consciousness. There is shame. In this moment of shame, they are out of the garden. And in being out of the garden, their seed populates the earth and destroys it. The mind, which has rebelled against God, is running wild as the ruler. With the mind running wild as the ruler, we have ignorance, poverty, mayhem, greed, selfishness, ecological devastation. Finally the mind has to come back to its rightful place. It has to give up this seat as the ruler, to God.

It is like sitting in the movies. As long as you are watching the screen, watching the colored lights flickering on and off, you can have the experience of feeling sad and crying, or feeling afraid or angry. In the fascination with the movie, there is never a turning away to see the light. If you are willing to turn away from the movie, you find out that it is just light.

What I have discovered is that most people don't want the movie to disappear and therefore are not really interested in turning towards the light. Unless the light appears as another object in the movie. But since it is impossible to be both watching the movie and turning towards the light, "the light" becomes another object in the movie to be captured by mind. Once captured it becomes, "my light, my truth."

Ultimately, finally, you find out that the objects of pleasure do not leave you satisfied. They leave bitterness. They leave an aftertaste of suffering. It may be pleasurable in the moment. But finally, they are not satisfying. At that point, you are willing to turn away from the movie and turn towards the source, turn towards the light.

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2012 predictions

2012 predictions

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