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A new picture of Jesus Christ:The Urantia Book
Jesus Christ in The Urantia Book. Questions + answers about God, Angels, life after death, eternal life, truth, love + beauty. Inspirational quotes.

Adonai - Living in the Light
Just for the joy of Spirit. Articles, prayers, invocations, channeling and meditation techniques. Life-time Tarot profile. Free Day Tarot Card. Art. Web design.

Adult moral-education
The site deals with a unique process of moral education and moral self-improvement as well as with the realization of man's purpose. The site also delves into the hidden wisdom of the Old Testament and provides guidance for people's ultimate spiritual functioning.

Bridge to
Spiritual and Psychic Self Development is what you will find at Bridge to

Candlesisters International LLC
Candlesisters - a place where Sisters of Light can join together and GLOW!
A Metaphysical & Holistic Healing Cyberministry offering tools for insight, healing and self-mastery: Life Purpose Readings, Oracle Readings, meditation counseling, articles, humor and more!

Create health, happiness and harmonious relationships:
With over 600 Free articles, Life-coach training, coaching tools, a free biweekly ezine, free email courses, teleclasses, audio lectures and also books and ebooks for your benefit.

Creating Power System
Discover Karim Hajee's Creating Power system - learn how to master your inner powers

Daphne Whitehouse - One Soul Workshops, Movies & Therapies
Self Development & Metaphysics

Divine Way of Spiritual Heart
Contemporary knowledge about God, Evolution, and the meaning of human life. Methodology of spiritual development.

Flower of Life Research, LLC
Flower of Life Research, LLC Merkaba Meditation, Drunvalo Melchizedek, Sacred Geometry, Egyptian Mystery School, Right Eye of Horus, Thoth, Star Tetrahedron, Ascension, Spirituality and Metaphysics - Goddess statues - Goddess gifts - Goddess Jewelry
Statues, replicas, jewelry and altar adornments retailer. Multicultural goddessware for ritual, display, or uniquely cherished gifts.

Golden Age University
AGNI Connections made it possible for the spiritual seeker to study the Divine Truths of Life for FREE and online! Come and visit Golden Age University for spiritual development at

Hayehwatha Institute: Your Observatory To The Universe - A Spiritual Destination
The Hayehwatha Institute provides an opportunity and proper environment for people to learn definitive programs to study the universe and experience its spiritual forces for peace on the earth. The programs bring about a profound and deep spiritual awakening and, over time, spiritual evolution.

Daily up-to-the-minute practical messages from God to reawaken our sense of Self and our connectedness to God and all of humanity.

Helping Your Karma Shine
Whether you are just beginning your spiritual journey, branching out into new travels, or simply continuing your journey on a familiar path, I congratulate you for finding this haven in cyberspace. I will use my gifts to help you work with the 4 elemental properties which of course is all important when working on the Spirit. I am a Rising Star Practitioner, Reiki I/Reiki II Practitioner, writer, poet,and provide readings, herbal baths, and candles.

I am: Christ: lord
This is about reclaiming the bible and its use as a Metaphysical tool as apposed to a religious one.

IDEA Seminars
NLP - Practical NLP. Seminars, Home Study Courses, Free Articles and more

Welcome to Heaven! If you have come for spiritual refreshments, you will find the Angel of Peace, the Angel of Love and the Angel of Wisdom waiting to greet you. You may bask in the sunshine of their presence, eat of their heavenly Words and drink of their divine Thoughts.

Inner Awakenings, LLC
We offer conscious living products: for your metaphysical, spiritual, holistic, religious, and/or self-growth journey.

Intuitive Vision Network
Intuitive Vision Network was founded nine years ago as a result of a passion for the metaphysical realm. Since that time, Intuitive Vision has organized and hosted Psychic & Spiritual Healing Cruises and retreats that attract a wide range of people who are looking to clarify their life's purpose.

Kabbalah Insights
Tools for personal transformation, self-guidance products according to the secrets of the Kabbalah, artistic amulets, King Solomon Cards, Kabbalistic art and more.

K.A.R.M.A Resources
Discover secrets of your life, acquire knowledge, awareness, learn about dynamics of your relationships, gain motivation and see action transform your life.

Meditation, Mind Body, Martial Arts, Zen, Metaphysics, Ayurveda, Feng Shui, Japanese Culture, Homeopathy, Reiki, Aroma Therapy, Alternative Health, I Ching and More!

Leicester Sacred Knowledge Book Study Circle
FREE KNOWLEDGE BOOK STUDY PROGRAMS: Reading, Writing and Studying Programs for 62 weeks to become a Solar Teacher.

Life is Bliss: Better Living is Self-Sustaining
Life is Bliss is a holistic healing provider site that is currently offering life coaching, reiki, chakra balancing, and spiritual counseling.
Offering spiritual texts, prayer, metaphysical & New Age courses.

Mind Power for Life Success
Unravel your hidden mind power and discover the success secrets in life with your inner mind.

Mountain Talk
Human rights abuse and terrorism begin with lies that maim, terrorise, impoverish and abuse. Men acting against the interests of people, animals, the environment destroy spirituality, and animal instincts.

Need A Miracle
The Power of Positive thinking and affirmations changed my life and it can change yours too.

New Ecopsychology or Spiritual Ecology
Thanks to meditations on places of power and love to beauty of the Creation and the Creator, we can increase the speed of own spiritual growth. Books, lectures, video films, photogallery, screensavers, slideshows, wallpapers

Oja International Temple
Oja International Temple is a spiritual temple that combines traditional, christian mysticism, esoteric and metaphysical practices in its operations for the spiritual advancement of its members.

Out-of-Body Experiences
Astral projection and out of body experiences ( OBE or OoBE ). If you've ever wondered what might lie beyond the reality we experience every day, this fascinating, practical guide is for you. William Buhlman Explains Astral Projection and Out-of-Body Experiences.

Pure Reason
The Expression of the Enlightenment Attained by the Prophets - Moses, Buddha, Christ, Gandhi, Mohammed, Zoroaster, and Mahaveera.

Realization Center
A center offering classes in non-dual meditation, Subtle Self Work, sacred dance and spiritual psychotherapy. Located in Woodstock, NY. Directors are Judith Blackstone and Zoran Josipovic.

Redwood Spirit Workers
A networking site for the spirit-led and spiritually-curious residents of the Redwood Coast communities of Northern California to actively pursue understanding, wisdom and personal growth through spiritual channels. It is dedicated to strengthening bonds and fostering goodwill within the local communities in order to maintain the unity of the larger Spiritual community as a whole.

Reincarnation Facts
Reincarnation, memory and between lives experience set author to research origin of language and religion. New book has irrefutable evidence to support her.
The Internet supersite for Self Improvement and Personal Growth

San Diego meditation and business success classes
We teach meditation, mindfulness, enlightenment and business success, since 1992. A leader in personal coaching and business mentoring

Sedona Creative Life Center
Dedicated to the spiritual part of every person, Sedona Creative Life Center is a non-religious, non-profit growth center. Foremost in its philosophy is the idea that every person is here to learn and to grow as much as possible. SCLC strives to put on programs that bring out the creative, fulfilling and growth producing aspects in people.
We provide resources and information ranging from Goal Setting and Stress Management to Natural Health and Alternative Medicine.

Shrine of Hope
A place to come for spiritual renewal -- the healing of grief and of the spirit. Reads, mediums, and psychics are available.

Spirit Circle Holistic Natural Wellness for Body, Mind, Spirit and Soul
Soulful, positive, spiritually nourishing products, workshops, and articles speak to your spirit and nurture your soul. Connect with your own inner wisdom on your journey of personal growth and peace.

We sell inspirational products for children to nurture and promote their spiritual well being. We also provide various wonderful guides and self care products for parents.

Spiritual Awakening and Communication (with animals, people, elements, masters, angels, flowers and all species)
Awaken into unconditional love, joy and peace by facing all that is. Communicate with all species in love.

Spiritual Consultations
Serenity Expressions, (Eileen) specializes in transforming people's lives as a healer and spiritual coach moving one from a 5-sensory paradigm of limitation and fear to a 6-sensory paradigm.

Spiritual Focus
Spiritually-based resources to help you live a more satisfying personal life and achieve wealth and success in your business. Spiritual books, articles, music, and resources to sharpen your spiritual focus.

Spiritual Guidance
Spiritual Guidance is dedicated to the enlightenment of mankind.  We welcome you with all our hearts. Martin Kelman What's New Newsletter Archives

Spiritual Insights Counseling Services
We offer Spiritual and Psychic Counseling. Spiritual Insights Counseling Services is dedicated to assisting those of all faiths and walks of life to obtain a spiritual solution to any area of their lives where they may need assistance. We approach every client in an ethical, confidential and loving manner. We will strive to help people find these solutions encompassing the whole person, mind, body, and spirit.

Spiritual-one Blog
Spiritual-one is a blog on spiritual growth & development.

Spiritual Sisters of the Internet Cafe. Personal growth, contemplate perspectives of Spirituality, spiritual healing, and more.

Spiritual, Holistic and Environmental Website promoting Expanding Consciousness and awakening Self Knowledge. Many Paths; One Destination.

Starfields Magic
Inspiration, Information & Real Energy Magic with Silvia Hartmann & Friends. Lots and LOTS of free demos, downloads, ebooks & hypnosis mp3s - come over!

Subconscious Mind Power Training
Complete Personal Development, Self Improvement and Self Growth Program: Learn how to achieve your goals by working with the power of your mind and subconscious mind.

Success Consciousness
Success consciousness website provides ebooks, articles, guidance, quotes, ezine, forums and blog about positive thinking, creative visualization, mind power, success, self-improvement, spiritual growth, nonduality, and meditation.

The Alchemie Shoppe
We offer services, contracts, and potential employment to educated members of the pagan community who would like to make a return on their education through providing professional services to the global community.

The Four Precepts Web Portal & Spiritual Search Page
This site is devoted mysticism, interfaith spirituality, and the perennial philosophy. The Four Precepts are presented as one possible on-ramp to the universal Way of truth and life. We feature a collection of articles and a directory of links to other websites pertaining to religion and spirituality.

The Great Shift
This website presents a positive view of the future and invites visitors to consciously commit themselves to the coming dimensional shift in human consciousness. This transformation, this Great Shift to a New Age, will lead us to health and wholeness as individuals, create global peace, and sustain an ecologically healthy planet.

Six Steps That Will Change Your World. How to Reverse Global Warming. How to Create the New-Corporate-World. TLC-Life-Center is a meta-religion, inside-of-God, spiritually focused

The Universal Light
It's formation was inspired by God in the early 70's and the Only Church I know that is specifically designed, started, functions for the protection of Healers and those in Metaphysics

Visioform supports you through books, articles, life coaching, workshops and distance courses to live a self-empowered, creative and fulfilled life.

Visions of Heaven
Visions of Heaven is a world which offers you solace when you seek peace, delights the child within when you seek play, and gives you materials with which to expand your spirit. Whether you are an experienced mystic, a beginner on your spiritual path, or simply a soul seeking a reminder of your own brilliance, I offer you these pages as a gift.

Welcome to Ken Page and Heart & Soul Healing
Heart & Soul Healing (Multidimensional Cellular Healing) identifies energetic patterns on the physical body. By using these patterns to access the subconscious mind, we can release physical, emotional, mental and spiritual patterns from our past.

Will Parfitt Website
Kabbalah, Psychosynthesis, Qabalah, Parfitt, distance education learning, transpersonal, psychospiritual, training, and self-development.

Women of the World
This site is dedicated to the upliftment and empowerment of women everywhere.

Ye Olde Consciousness Shoppe
Ye Olde Consciousness Shoppe presents ideas and images about transforming consciousness and reaching a higher level of reality. These ideas include alchemy, paradoxical thinking, and meditation.

Website dedicated to meditation, self-growth and attraction of wealth

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