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World Peace Meditation

2012 predictions

2012 predictions

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Sun Polar Shift, Solar Pole Shift 2012
Solar Pole Shift 2012 Sun Polar Flip Reversal, Flares Storms & Wind Sun Cycle 24

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Will 2012 Shift Happen Later?

NASA Science Predicts 2012 Sun Pole Shift, Pole Reversal

Yes, it's true. NASA predicts a solar pole shift, a polar reversal that will happen in 2012 on the sun. However, this is not unusual for the sun's poles to flip. This happens every 11 years. The last time the sun had a pole reversal was in 2001. The fact that the sun will have a polar shift where the poles literally reverse is a natural occurrence and is nothing to be amazed about. This happens constantly in the sun's cycles. This is not unusual science from NASA.

Solar Flares, Solar Wind, Solar Storms, and Sun Spots

What is unusual are the predictions from NASA about the solar flares, sun storms, solar wind and the solar activity concerning sun spots in 2012. Solar Cycle 24 is a level of maximum solar activity on the sun in 2012. What has scientists concerned are the effects of solar wind, solar storms, and solar flares on our planet.

Effects of Solar Flares, Solar Wind, Solar Storms and Sunspots

The effects of solar flares, solar wind, solar storms and sunspots can be devastating on the Earth, and it is being particularly examined concerning 2012. High solar activity and the Earth don't mix well. What has alarmed NASA scientists is that the magnetic field of the Earth is decreasing, and that is the only component that protects the Earth from the sun's harmful rays. Besides the solar effects on the Earth, all communication and technology would be rendered useless as well if the magnetic field were decreased or the poles flip. Even if solar flares, solar wind, solar storms and sunspots aren't an issue, just the mere rays of the sun and the radiation that would enter the Earth's atmosphere would be enough to kill all plant life and therefore animal and human life in turn if the magnetic field were gone or severely reduced.

With the pole flip and pole reversal of the Earth being possible, and anomalies in the magnetic field of the Earth are already present, there is some concern about the magnetic field decreasing and what effect that would have on Earth life. Those who are in the deep underground bunkers might survive since those have been being set up for over 30 years for maintaining human, animal and plant life in case of an emergency. However, anyone on the surface would die just from the loss of plant life and climate on the Earth. That would happen anyway even if a solar plasma cloud, solar storm, solar wind or solar flare never reached the Earth. The effects would be dire just by the sun's radiation alone.

Sun Cycles, Solar Cycle 24

Sun cycles are natural and happen every 11 years, as we have stated. The poles reverse and shift back and forth every cycle. Solar Cycle 24 is getting a lot of attention though from NASA science these days concerning the 2012 upcoming cycle of the pole shift on the sun. Solar Cycle 24 is predicted to be 50% more solar activity than normal, for some reason. It could be because there are other celestial influences this time compared to the other sun cycles that have happened in the past. If Niburu, Planet X is for real, that could have some influence. The passing of the Earth and this entire solar system through the galactic equator could have some influence, and there may be influences from within the sun itself that no one really knows much about. There are various reasons that NASA scientists are putting out as to why there might be more violence in the sun's cycles with the upcoming Sun Cycle 24 in 2012.

Will The Earth Be Destroyed By the Sun's Fire?

Scientists don't know for sure what will happen, of course, since humanity has never been through one of these cycles before in its known history. Many people have speculated that this is what is meant when God told Noah in the Bible that he would destroy the Earth by fire instead of flooding the next time he destroys everything, and other speculate that the world being destroyed by fire means nuclear wars will do in humanity. Either way, there is no scientific proof that what the Bible says will come to pass. However, the sun's recent activity and its natural cycles have scientists concerned for good reason.

Movies like Knowing explore the idea of what it would be like if a solar flare, solar storm, solar wind or solar plasma cloud were to cause the end of the world. There are many ways that have been explored in mass consciousness through movies as to all the different ways life on Earth could be destroyed, from asteroids hitting, climate changes, tsunamis and earthquakes, volcanoes, and nuclear war. Of course there had to be a movie about the scientific speculation that a solar storm, solar flare or solar wind could harm the Earth. In light of these movies and scientific explorations of how life on Earth could end in this world, we should realize that life on Earth is truly fragile and it is a miracle that we are here at all! After all the universe is a violent place when celestial events occur.

No matter what, it has yet to be seen what will happen. This is uncharted territory for humanity and we are all on this ride for the first time that we know of in recorded history. Do not be afraid though. That is no way to live your life, even if it is shortened by a celestial event in the long run. Who knows? All of this could take generations to unfold and maybe the solar pole reversal that will happen in 2012 will just be business as usual in the universe like it has been every 11 years before this. Pole shifts on the sun are not out of the ordinary at all.

NASA science predicts Pole Shift, Polar Shift on Sun in 2012. Solar storms, flares, spots & wind result. Pole reversal, Pole flips every 11 years on Sun. Sunspots Cycle 24=high activity 2012 Cycle 24

2012 is only the beginning, not the end.

Enjoy 2012 discussions at Starlight Journal and also at the University of Metaphysical Sciences discussion board

2012 Survival Basics

Also read the recent Christine Breese 2012 article about how you can be involved. There is more than just what is depicted in the 2012: We Were Warned movie. It is also a spiritual tug of war in the realm of duality between darkness and light, fear and love. See what you can do to change the odds and step outside of duality and assist.

UMS Only Delivers Information

University of Metaphysical Sciences isn't saying whether drastic things will happen or not. It is simply our job to do research and present you with information that you can use as you wish. No one knows what is going to happen, but since many people have these questions, we present to you what our research has brought up.

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2012 predictions

2012 predictions






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