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World Peace Meditation

2012 predictions

2012 predictions

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Nostradamus 2012 Paradigm Shift
Prophecy, Prophecies and Predictions of the End of the World

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Will 2012 Shift Happen Later?

Nostradamus is the most famous for the 2012 Prophecies he made, predictions that showed disaster, doomsday and mayhem in 2012. Nostradamus was a seer using scrying techniques back in the mid 1500's. His book Les Propheties (The Prophecies) was published first in 1555. May people believe the Nostradamas predictions and prophecies are false, but many believe they are true, and will point to evidence of their fulfillment in times that have passed recently. Nostradamas made an estimated 6,338 prophecies and predictions.

Nostradamus Quatrains

Nostradamus was tormented by what he saw. It was not something he enjoyed seeing about the future. Many people believe he was seeing what is depicted in the 2012 Bible Code and that his quatrains are indicative of such. Quatrains are stanzas, or poems, and Nostradamus wrote many of his predictions in quatrains. He wrote approximately 1000 quatrains. Quatrains were an accepted form of writing back in the days Nostradamus released his book about his predictions about the future.

Nostradamus 2012 Predictions, Prophecies, Prophecy

Nostradamus went on to release a few more books concerning 2012 and other predictions. (Actually 2012 was never mentioned in his prophecy, his prophecies were not dated at all. They were only indicative of the future that no one knew the date). Nostradamus' end of the world prophecies were supposedly based on the bible code that he was studying. Not many people believed in his end of the world prophecies at that time because the end of the world didn't seem near at all. However, today Nostradamus' end of the world predictions have a larger audience than ever.

The bible code is supposedly a hidden message within the text of the bible. It is also known as the torah code. When messages and text are decoded in a specific way, the ELS method (Equidistant Letter Sequence), new messages emerge foretelling prophetic events that will come to pass. This is different than revelations, which is more basic and direct. The bible code is a form of encryption, supposedly. Many people criticize the ideas behind the bible code, but others believe that it is a gift that is encoded in the bible.


Nostradamus' Mabus is a project that has been launched to try to pinpoint who the antichrist will be. Some think it is Obama, some think it is someone from the royal family in London, some think it is the pope, and some people think that MABUS is the actual name of the antichrist. many believe that Mabus is who triggers world war three (world war 3, world war iii, ww3) and some believe that Mabus won't even emerge until world war three has already started. Most believe that Nostradamus predictions embody the event that world war three starts, since the destructions and mayhem are similar to what would happen if world war three starts. Some people thought that Saddam Hussein was the antichrist because when you hold his name up to a mirror and it appears backwards, it reads "mabbas" which had quite a few people twirling on the idea that Saddam Hussein was the antichrist. However, since he is not alive anymore, that dashes that idea!

Three Antichrist Figures According to Nostradamus

It is actually said that Nostradamus saw a total of three anti christ figures, and that the anti christ energy was not necessarily embodied in only one entity. Everyone wonders who the anti christ is but this throws a monkey wrench into the situation. It is possible that two have already come and gone already though. Some believe that his quatrains refer to Napoleon Bonaparte as the first of the anti christ figures, and Adolph Hitler as the second of the anti christ figures. It is yet to be seen who will be the third. Interestingly enough, it is said that the third anti christ will actually die in a war that he instigates, where three eastern kings will war against other nations, world war 3.

Nostradamus Lost Book, Hidden Prophecy, History Channel Documentary

Many people search for the Nostradamus Lost Book and the Hidden Prophecies. He is also called the Man Who Saw Tomorrow. He was featured in a History Channel documentary video where his predictions are explored to see if it is a hoax or if it is all true. The History Channel did a great job on showing what Nostradamus was all about and what his predictions are and how they have held up to the test of time.

Disclaimer, No One Really Knows!

All of this said, University of Metaphysical Sciences adheres to no predictions of the future, just to make sure that everyone knows that UMS doesn't support one view over another. The truth is, no one knows what is going to happen. One thing we do know, however, is that something big is going to change in the world. Everyone feels some sort of climax building up, even though they don't know why they feel some sort of pressure. Many people are for the first time suddenly interested in their spiritual growth and exploring the deepest aspects of self. This is a time of great awakening in many ways. University of Metaphysical Sciences simply offers up this information in your spiritual search.

Nostradamus wrote quatrains books about 2012 predictions, prophecies. Mabus prophecy future history end of the world on world war three (3), wwiii. History channel has documentary…

2012 is only the beginning, not the end.

Enjoy 2012 discussions at Starlight Journal and also at the University of Metaphysical Sciences discussion board

2012 Survival Basics

Also read the recent Christine Breese 2012 article about how you can be involved. There is more than just what is depicted in the 2012: We Were Warned movie. It is a spiritual tug of war in the realm of duality between darkness and light, fear and love. See what you can do to change the odds and step outside of duality and assist.

UMS Only Delivers Information

University of Metaphysical Sciences isn't saying whether drastic things will happen or not. It is simply our job to do research and present you with information that you can use as you wish. No one knows what is going to happen, but since many people have these questions, we present to you what our research has brought up.

2012 paradigm shift

2012 predictions

2012 predictions

2012 predictions


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