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Metaphysic School, Metaphysic College, Advaita Vedanta, Metaphysic Free Resource

Studies at University of Metaphysical Sciences are deeply transformative in nature and at the core of the curriculum is an introduction to advaita vedanta non duality concepts. Students are required to embrace the master within themselves, and also to face their shadow sides and heal them. Some students may find themselves breezing right through the curriculum if they have done transformative work prior to enrollment. Others may find themselves digging up old hurts for re-examination or processing. Sometimes the work in the curriculum may cause emotional releases, deep healing, or the need to talk to someone about the process.

When a student enrolls in University of Metaphysical Sciences, he or she is held in loving energy on the inner planes throughout his or her studies by staff members. This is to assist the student in successfully reaching his or her full potential. These are personal and direct transmissions for each student at various periods throughout the enrollment period.

University of Metaphysical Sciences maintains a prayer circle for specific requests. This costs no extra money. University of Metaphysical Sciences is sensitive to difficult transformative processes, and wants to help students in every way possible. This is why the prayer circle and healing space transmissions have been set up. If the student finds himself or herself having a difficult emotional process, he or she is encouraged to write about what is going on in a letter to University of Metaphysical Sciences. All letters are read as long as they are not longer than a page or so, but University of Metaphysical Sciences does not address prayer requests with a personal response to the letter. Rather, this student is held in a healing space for the specific issue in the letter during times when staff members meet for the sole purpose of working with prayer requests or during special meetings at Wisdom Of The Heart Church.

Staff is only available to handle questions about the course materials, admissions, website downloads, student services, and other pertinent issues for the university. Unfortunately, University of Metaphysical Sciences cannot counsel students on the phone or deal with psychological crisis. Staff is simply not available for walking students through difficult transitions in healing at the clinical level, nor is staff licensed as a psychological type of counselor or therapist. Students are encouraged to find a counselor in his or her local area if counseling is needed.

Dialogue through email, exam processes and occasional telephone needs are helpful and useful to the student in many ways. Extensive spiritual assistance is given throughout the exam process. There is also interaction through the online discussion boards with fellow students, and the course audio meditations directly assist in spiritual enhancement. Many students report great steps in their healing processes simply by doing the mediations and by dialoguing with staff in the exams.

If students have no particular issues or requests, this is fine too. The student still receives individual transmissions of deep peace and joy, with a vision for the student's success and completion of whatever level of the curriculum the student aspires to. This is part of the tuition and costs no extra money.

University of Metaphysical Sciences is a metaphysic school, metaphysic college that teaches some advaita vedanta concepts concerning non duality and nonduality. UMS also maintains a free resource at our sample courses section, Starlight Journal articles, and our affirmations page. Please feel free to visit and enjoy these free resources. An advaita vedanta introduction is in many of our meditations and is a core concept in UMS Curriculum. Learn about non duality and methods to attain a still mind at UMS in our meditations and in our courses.


Visit Starlight Journal for blogs, newsletter, and forums on spiritual subjects. Visit the Metaphysical Sciences youtube channel to view free video satsangs with Christine Breese. Visit Metaphysical Articles to read about consciousness and awakening. Read more articles at Wisdom of the Heart Church. Wisdom of the Heart Church also sponsors Gaia Sagrada Retreat Center. Learn more about Ayahuasca Retreats.

University of Metaphysical Sciences is a Metaphysic School, Metaphysic College, teaching some courses with Advaita Vedanta Non-Duality concepts. Also Free Metaphysic Resource, Resources, Experience.

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2012 predictions

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