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Find Out If University of Metaphysical Sciences Is Right For You


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Visit Starlight Journal for blogs, newsletter, and forums on spiritual subjects. Visit the Metaphysical Sciences youtube channel to view free video satsangs with Christine Breese. Visit Metaphysical Articles to read about consciousness and awakening. Read more articles at Wisdom of the Heart Church. Wisdom of the Heart Church also sponsors Gaia Sagrada Retreat Center.
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Find Out If University of Metaphysical Sciences Is Right For You
Metaphysical College Degree, Distance Learning Degree/Metaphysical Online Degree

Practical Inquiry: What Do You Really Want To Do With Your Degree?

First and foremost, you must decide whether or not University of Metaphysical Sciences offers the courses of study you need for what it is you would like to do. Ask yourself what it is you plan on doing with your degree in the future. For instance, if you want to become a certified yoga instructor, a massage therapist, or a doctor, University of Metaphysical Sciences will not be the right school for the credentials you need. Although courses touch on these subjects, they are not specialized. There are schools specifically created for yoga, massage and medical certification. Of course, your studies at University of Metaphysical Sciences will supplement any education you receive at other institutions, making all specialized professions more effective with broader knowledge and understanding. However, University of Metaphysical Sciences is focused on equipping spiritual teachers, ministers and counselors with knowledge and practice in metaphysical traditions. This is the kind of education offered to the student.

If you are looking for a broad spectrum of study about all areas of metaphysics, including ancient and modern beliefs, concepts, techniques, and class materials you can use in your own teaching endeavors, then University of Metaphysical Sciences is the perfect institution for you. University of Metaphysical Sciences specializes in helping the student attain broad knowledge, with a plethora of reference material and first hand experiences of the deep states achieved in meditation. This gives the graduate a wider range of avenues to pursue when creating his or her career in metaphysics and more divine presence in whatever he or she does in life.

Emotional and Spiritual Inquiry: Take A Moment To Reflect

We at University of Metaphysical Sciences honor any choice that you make, and understand this can be a difficult decision. After all, attaining a degree in any subject matter is an undertaking that requires commitment and focus. You are facing an important decision in your life when you enroll in a university. Sometimes the emotional body response to the new path is the truest way to know what is really right for you when you simply cannot make up your mind. Let's do a short exercise and find out what your emotional intelligence tells you.

Do the following meditation for a moment to see if this is the highest path for your future.

First, breathe deeply, let go of all thoughts and relax on all levels. Sit quietly for a moment. Next, feel in your intuitive senses what you can perceive about this decision right now. Use the steps below to take a walk into your future to see if you can envision yourself earning your degree with University of Metaphysical Sciences, successfully completing the level of the curriculum you desire to reach.

college degree distance learning metaphysical online

When you think about enrolling in University of Metaphysical Sciences, does it make you feel happy, excited, hopeful, relieved... or does it make you feel depressed, unhappy or otherwise negative? Use your emotional body to guide you, and see if you get a yes or no answer through your emotional response. Postive feelings would be a yes answer, and vice versa.

Imagine that you are halfway through your studies with University of Metaphysical Sciences in the future, wherever that may be, about 6 months or a year from now... and see what you feel about this. What sort of emotions are present? What kind of personal growth has happened up to this point? Has your life gotten better? Has your professional metaphysical practice started, or has it improved if you had a practice before enrolling? If you are enrolled for personal growth or healing reasons, have you experienced an acceleration in your healing and awakening?

Now imagine that you have finished your studies entirely at University of Metaphysical Sciences. What does it feel like to receive your degree? How have you been enriched by your studies? Are you the same person you were before you began? Who are you now?

Finally, imagine you are in your future, practicing metaphysics on a professional level as a counselor, teacher, writer, healer, or leader of other sorts. Whatever it is that you would do with your degree, see yourself there.

What type of career have you created for yourself?

Would you still be doing the same thing without the degree, or has the degree assisted you in some way or another?

Do you find yourself glad that you attained your degree?

Are you using what you learned in your professional practice?

Do you find yourself using your University of Metaphysical Sciences course material as a reference library?

Does your education at University of Metaphysical Sciences enable you to understand and communicate with your students and clients in a more knowledgeable way?

What do the letters D.D. or Ph.D. look like behind your name?

Live Your Dream

We hope that this exercise has helped you make your decision if you were still undecided. Only you know if this is the right path for you.

We Honor The God In You.

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University of Metaphysical Sciences offers a metaphysical degree, metaphysics degree, college degree in a distance learning online format. UMS is a metaphysical online college.

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