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2012 predictions

2012 predictions

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Christine Breese

Christine Breese


Christine Breese


Christine Breese

How To Use Goodsearch
and help 501(c)3 charities like ours at the same time
without spending a dime!

What if you could help University of Metaphysical Sciences earn money just by searching the internet? You could by using GoodSearch (powered by Yahoo) and entering Wisdom Of The Heart Church, our parent 501(c)3 company, as your chosen charity for donations. Your search helps us raise money for our non-profit endeavors and it doesn't cost you a thing — the money comes from the advertisers! GoodSearch will make a donation to your favorite charity or school with every search.

The more people who use this site, the more money will go to those in need. So please spread the word to your friends and family. You can also read about GoodSearch in the NY Times, Oprah Magazine, CNN, the Wall Street Journal, and more.


Here's the web site — http://www.goodsearch.com.

1. Download the Goodsearch toolbar and it will appear in your Internet Explorer window underneath the url area. Or you can make it your homepage instead of Google or Yahoo or other search engines.

2. Click on "My Charity" and simply type in or copy and paste Wisdom Of The Heart Church, our 501(c)3 parent company, and click "verify" in the window. Then you're all set. Easy as that!

3. Type whatever word you are searching on the internet into the GoodSearch toolbar or homepage, and you will be helping us without having to do anything different than you already do—internet searches!

You could even get your friends and family involved. Thank you in advance for your efforts. You are appreciated and we thank you for helping us to help others.

The Real Low Down On UMS and Money
Do you really want to know UMS's
financial situation and financial philosophy?

UMS does NOT make a profit because we keep our prices low so that people of all financial backgrounds, even those in prisons, impoverished countries and low income brackets can receive what UMS has to offer. We could charge more becuase we offer a lot for what students pay. We do not receive much in donations and we only make ends meet while keeping our prices low and serving so many in the ways we do. UMS operates in the true sense of the word "non-profit" unlike some organizations that call themselves non-profits but have millions in savings and assets and make their directors wealthy.

People might think that UMS is making lots of money, but we are not because we believe in not taking advantage of others and we have taken a vow to help everyone, even those without large sums of income. We use whatever money we do have to help humanity to the best of our ability, but honestly, most of our money has to go to the operation of the business and there isn't much left over for the services we want to offer people in prisons and third world countries, and even the impoverished places right here in our own back yard, the United States.

UMS's Approach

The more money UMS has, the more we help others and try to make available the teachings that UMS gives to those in need. We believe in a constant flow coming through UMS and into the world rather than stopping the flow and hoarding what comes in. We do not believe in hoarding, and we have vowed that no one will ever get rich on UMS, not even the founder. We believe it is inappropriate in a world of suffering to live in luxury and excess while others are starving, at least for us. We judge no one, but we hope that by our example we can display how a corporation can be used as a benevolent entity in the world rather than one that gobbles up resources, money and energy.

We receive scholarship requests nearly every day, even though we have $0 in our scholarship fund because no one has donated to it. However, we give the scholarships anyway and take a financial loss because we are so compassionate toward those in need. We receive letters every day from people who hope we would someday offer a place where people could come and study in person, but try as we have, we have not been able to save the money for a down payment on land because it costs so much to operate a business with staff, bills, advertising expenses (so that people can find out about UMS), and so forth. The only way we will ever have a retreat center is if someone blesses us with it or the money to get it. UMS is not the kind of moneymaker that will be able to manifest it, and we have accepted that.

Therefore we have only been able to keep an in and out flow going, treading water. There are no savings for scholarship funds, prison programs, free materials for those in third world countries, translations into other languages, or other services we try to offer to the best of our financial ability. Presently we take the financial hit ourselves for all those efforts because we do not want to raise the prices for attending UMS, which would cause it to be out of financial reach for so many. We really do care about people.

For Christine Breese and the manifestation of UMS, it has never been about making money, and all money that comes in goes right back out in service to humanity wherever possible. We have no real savings and we do not believe in holding on to money when there is so much need in the world. People might think that UMS has a lot because we have many students, but it takes us many years to collect on $50 per month payment plans, the normal mode for our students, and many staff hours and expenses to process that, handle student questions, course uploads and mailing, printing, bills and other such factors. Basically, UMS was designed so that it simply "breaks even" and we do not make a profit. When people think UMS is "getting rich" we point them to how we really operate, and then it becomes clear to them.

The use of GoodSearch with our church name Wisdom Of The Heart Church will help us reach others so we really appreciate your help! Thank you for helping in this way so that we can alleviate some of the financial pressure we have taken upon ourselves to assist humanity with what little we have.

Founder, Christine Breese, D.D., Ph.D.
Founder lives on a small paycheck even though she could pay herself much more!

Christine Breese's Beliefs and Philosophy About Her Income at UMS

Even the founder of UMS has only recently this year started receiving a small paycheck per month, having worked 12-16 hours per day, 7 days per week for the past 6 years without pay to bring UMS to you. She cares far more about people than money, and has lived a very spartan life for quite a lot of years in order to make UMS a reality. She does not own a home and lives in a rental, she drives a 10 year old car, she shops at thrift stores, and she conserves in every possible way because she believes that all people should have a decent lifestyle before she lives as a rich person. She has only enough to meet her needs, and no more than that. She balances carefully what little money she receives each month and sacrifices a lot just like most people in the world.

It is her chosen path to make a meager living even though she could pay herself more at UMS. However, she judges no one who is presently rich. She only hopes that by example she can encourage those with money to have compassion for those without it and be willing to share a little more and not be so afraid of scarcity. Scarcity causes hoarding, and in turn that causes destruction of the economic system.

Christine believes that a huge part of the economic problem in the world is because almost everyone is afraid of scarcity and harbors a lack of trust in the universe. Even very rich people have this fear and it is manifested in their hoarding of money and assets. Christine walks her talk and lives with trust that the powers that be will take care of her, as they always have. She believes in "endless abundance" and she lives in that state constantly even though she has no material possessions of great value. (...continued on next page)

Read more about Christine Breese's Beliefs and Philosophy About Her Income at UMS (...continued on next page)

How You Can Help

If you would like to help UMS and Christine Breese serve and assist humanity and provide more opportunities for those who are disadvantaged so they too can learn about metaphysical and spiritual teachings, you are welcome to donate money to Wisdom Of The Heart Church with the full knowledge that it will not go into someone's personal pocket and will be used in the true essence of what Non-profit corporations were created for. Please call our office and you can arrange it over the phone or visit our Donations Online Form.

If You Don't Have Money
You Can Still Help Simply With Your Internet Explorer Window!
Find Out About GoodSearch
Helping Charities Through Yahoo Search Engine Searches You Already Do !

If you do not have money, but would like to help UMS, then please help us out by using GoodSearch (powered by Yahoo) for all your internet searches. They donate one penny for every search done on their website, and if you think about all the searches you might do in a year, you can donate anywhere between $20 and $200 without ever spending a dime! You don't have to have expendable financial resources to help us out! Click here for details on GoodSearch and how it works! It's easy and only takes a few minutes. GoodSearch has been featured in Oprah Magazine, CNN and the Wall Street Journal and commended for its assistance to 501(c)3 Non-profit organizations like ours.

If You Need Help

At this time we are quite limited in the amount of free materials we can provide because up to this point we have not asked for donations or money for the most part because we thought it would just naturally be given. However, we have recently found out that most people think UMS has an endless supply of money and is "getting rich." Up to now we have shouldered the financial burden ourselves to assist others, but truly, UMS keeps its prices so low that we only have a "break even" financial status becuase we have purposely designed UMS to operate as a true non-profit organization. There isn't anything left over after business operation expenses.

We are working hard on raising money for scholarships, but at this time we have a $0 scholarship fund and have taken a financial loss ourselves in order to provide the small amounts that we can. Part of the reason we have released this article is to help raise awareness that UMS does so much to help others but has very little financial backing to do what it does. We have recently found out that many have thought that UMS is financially overflowing, but we now realize that we must let people know that we do indeed need donations and assistance to carry out our work and ask for what people will give to help us assist others. What we take in from the school does not even come close to helping us offer all that we wish we could give. We need the help of others to make it possible.

We encourage you to apply for our limited scholarships if you are in need. We apologize that we cannot offer UMS entirely for free, for there are a lot of expenses involved in carrying a student through to graduation. If you are requesting free textbooks and meditation CDs for your prison or your third world country library, we are limited on what we can offer at this time, but we hope to provide more as our request for financial assistance in these endeavors now reaches the public.

Please keep in touch with us and see if things change this year. We are now making it known that UMS needs financial backing for its charitable programs. We have been trying to do it all ourselves without outside financial assistance, but now we are asking others to help, and we hope this makes it possible for us to be able to do more for you. In the meantime, please enjoy all our free resources that we provide here at our website and also the free reading at www.ucmeta.org. We hope to be of greater assistance as time goes on and as others assist us with energy in the form of money to in turn assist you. In the meantime we offer you our love, prayers for the betterment of humanity's situation and compassion for all that you are facing.

Visit Starlight Journal for blogs, newsletter, and forums on spiritual subjects. Visit University of Metaphysical Sciences to see talks on spiritual subjects, go to Video Transcripts to get written versions of the videos. Read articles on Wisdom of the Heart Church. Visit Christine Breese Metaphysical Sciences youtube channel to view free video satsangs. Christine Breese also has 2012 discussions at Christine Breese 2012 on youtube.

2012 paradigm shift

2012 predictions

2012 predictions

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Christine Breese


christine breese


Christine Breese


Christine Breese


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