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2012 predictions

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"I am so thoroughly enjoying the coursework at UMS, and I must compliment you on your fine curriculum! I have been a student of metaphysics for many years, and your curriculum is providing me a well-rounded yet quite in depth review of the entire field of metaphysical work. Again and again, I am surprised and pleased to discover new depth and nuance in subjects that I thought I had exhausted!" — H.F., UMS Student




Master's Degree Course Descriptions 90 credtis
If CDs are included with the course, it is noted in course descriptions. If there is no mention of audio meditations, the course contains only written material.
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UMS Master's Curriculum

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Consciousness II: 20 credits IS204 Unconditional Love
CS201 Children & Metaphysics IS205 Astral Projection
CS202 Relationships IS206 Lucid Dreaming
CS203 Trauma & Recovery IS207 Aura Viewing
CS204 Death & Dying IS208 Vibrational Healing
CS205 Metaphysical Technologies Career Skills: 15 credits
Metaphysical Health Studies II: 25 credits CA201 Finding Life Purpose/Life Work/Soul Agenda
HS201 Spiritual Nutrition, Eating & Cooking CA202 Awakening to True Self
HS202 Reiki CA203 Leading a Meditation
HS203 Physical Exercise for Spiritual Well-Being CA204 Attracting Clients
HS204 Hatha Yoga CA205 Practitioner Ethics
Intuitive Skills II: 25 credits CA206 Promoting Your Spiritual Business
IS201 Hypnosis II CA207 Unified Field Theory
IS202 Channeling Skills II 5 Electives: 5 credits
IS203 Predictions Master's Culminating Project
  Ordination/Practitioner's Certificate

UMS teaches courses in spiritual growth, spiritual healing and energy healing. You can live a spiritual life as your higher self. Personal Growth is necessary for all UMS students so that they will be the best teachers possible. You can become a life coach at UMS in metaphysical methods and techniques.

Consciousness II: 15 credits
The following headings and course descriptions define Consciousness II

Children & Metaphysics, CS201
This course gives the student basic understanding of how to work with children in a counseling or therapeutic environment as a metaphysical minister. Learn how to use guided imagery to help children, keep their attention during a meditation, and play metaphysical games that help them develop their abilities.

Relationships, CS202
There is a lot of written material on relationships and how they work, or don't work. Communication skills are discussed, problem solving skills are included, and other useful techniques are introduced as creative ways to keep relationships healthy. Relationships are sometimes complicated, yet there are some very simple techniques for preserving them.

Trauma & Recovery, CS203 (audio meditation)
Healing Trauma

This is a very important subject for future teachers. Many students or clients will come from dysfunctional or tragic backgrounds. Learn about psychological processes & symptoms that people who have been in very dark spaces may be experiencing.

Death & Dying, CS204
Learn how to assist those who are dying or experiencing the death of a loved one. Also explored is the subject of death and what really happens after death.

Metaphysical Technologies, CS205
This is an introduction to technologies inspired by the desire to become enlightened. Many technologies are covered and resources are listed. Sound & Light machines, devices for inducing particular brainwaves, and many other inventions.

Metaphysical Health Studies II: 20 credits
The following headings and course descriptions define Metaphysical Health Studies II

Spiritual Nutrition, Eating & Cooking, HS201
Guidelines are given for how to create live food without losing the life force of the food, and outlines are given for healthy eating and cooking for spiritual integrity and vitality. Also discussed are food combining, weight loss, and other topics, including arguments for or against some dietary concepts.

Reiki, HS202
Reiki has become a very popular type of hands-on spiritual healing practice. It has become a cornerstone in the toolbox for energy work sessions, and every metaphysics practitioner should have exposure to it. (This course does not give you the necessary Reiki attunements, these must be sought in your local area or from another online source that does distance Reiki attunements. This is an introductory course.)

Physical Exercise for Spiritual Well-Being, HS203
An overview of the benefits of exercise for the physical body, which also affects the emotional, mental, and spiritual aspects of the body. Exercise effects all levels. Different kinds of exercise are discussed along with spiritual perspectives on exercise.

Yoga, HS204
Yoga is discussed and common hatha yoga postures (asanas) are covered, along with the benefits of each. Also discussed are the Eight Limbs of yoga, for hatha yoga is not the only type of yoga that exists.

Intuitive Skills II: 20 credits
The following headings and course descriptions define Intuitive Skills II

Hypnosis II, IS201
Conduct an experiential journey with a willing friend who will allow you to practice on him or her. All that is required is that your friend write a brief description of his or her experience with you as the hypnotist. (This course does not license you to be a certified hypnotherapist, further study is needed.)

Channeling Skills II, IS202
Student must submit a written or spoken channeling session. This is done by yourself or with a friend using a tape recorder or written text. The purpose of this course is to assist the student with tapping into his or her deeper wisdom and experience finding wise answers from within the self.

Predictions, IS203
Discussed is the nature of predictions, why they don't always come true, and how predictions effect the mass consciousness. Predictions of the future from several different sources and cultures are examined and explored.

Unconditional Love, IS204 (audio meditation)
Unconditional Love

Learn the art of unconditional love, a product of divine consciousness and total acceptance of all people. It is a very important skill for a teacher and is a quality of highly evolved souls.

Astral Projection, IS205 (audio meditations)
Astral Projection Techniques are explored in Meditation Journeys

Learn techniques for achieving out-of-body experiences. Astral projection is a spiritual power, a siddhi, and it can add quite a bit of excitement to meditation or sleep time. This spiritual power is discussed and journeys are included for inducing out-of-body experiences.

Lucid Dreaming, IS206
Lucid dreaming is also a spiritual power, or siddhi. Learn techniques for achieving lucid dream abilities, learn what uses lucid dreaming has, and use charts for triggering and tracking your progress.

Aura Viewing, IS207
Seeing auras is another spiritual power, or siddhi. Learn techniques for achieving the ability to see auras, learn what the meaning of different layers of the aura are, and view examples of auras.

Vibrational Healing, IS208
Learn the art of intuitive and extrasensory healing. Learn how to shift others at the energy level with hands on techniques. Learn how to diagnose the aura and chakras, even if you can't see them yet. Work with vibrations, colors, prayer, imagery, reiki, and psychic skills.

Career Skills: 20 credits
The following headings and course descriptions define Career Skills

Finding Your Life Purpose/Life Work & Soul Agenda, CA201 (audio meditation)
Your Soul Agenda
Learn how to find your purpose and find out what work you are meant to do on the Earth plane. You are awakening in the dream for a reason. Travel into your future and find out how your life will look as a fully awakened being.

Awakening to Your True Self, CA202 (audio meditations)
Exploring Consciousness, Who Are You?
Find out who you really are and let go of the human condition. Each person has been under hypnosis since birth, believing you are the body, the mind, a name, or the experiences in this human lifetime. This is not who you are.

Leading a Meditation, CA203
In this lesson the student learns how to lead a meditation without effort or memorization. Learn how to let the meditation do you, thus "reading" the meditation to others as you experience it. The student's assignment is to tape record a ten minute meditation and send it in for credit. All meditations are accepted for there is no wrong way to lead one. The student is encouraged to lead a meditation without a script, but if it is absolutely necessary, a scripted meditation is acceptable.

Attracting Clients, CA204 (audio meditations)
Adjusting Your Energy, Becoming Magnetic, Calling Souls To You, Choosing Your Brightest Reality, Transmission Skills, Becoming A Visible Light Bearer
Learn energy techniques for drawing people to you at the soul level who will benefit from what you have to teach or your healing practice. Journeys include different techniques for making your metaphysical practice magnetic to those who can be assisted by what you have to offer.

Practitioner Ethics, CA205
Ethics are discussed for spiritual teachers, healers and leaders. Learn about teacher/student, healer/client relationships and how to stay in integrity. Also outlined is how to handle different kinds of students and clients gracefully, even problem students.

Promoting Your Spiritual Business, CA206
Learn the basics of promoting and running a spiritual business using spiritual tools and morals. This is an introduction to a very large and complicated subject, but here you will get some ideas on where to start. Some business basics are offered, including how to start a church and apply for tax exempt status.

Unified Field Theory, CA207
The Unified Field is all around us, permeating everything and everyone. This is the oneness that we all are, the connection we all have to each other and every thing in the world. Learn what the Unified Field is all about, how you fit into it, and how to apply this knowledge to your life and all your endeavors.

5 Electives: 5 credits

Master's Culminating Project
The purpose of this project is to encourage our students to find their strengths in the metaphysical arena and bring them to life.  It gives students an opportunity to present their knowledge in a way that best supports their individual spiritual journey. For this final project students will choose to do one of the following:

  • Write an exploratory essay.
  • Design and facilitate a workshop.
  • Write a story with a metaphysical theme.
  • Write an instructional essay.
  • Submit a proposal for an idea of their own.
  • Write a Master's Thesis.

Upon successful completion of the master's level of our curriculum, this license gives you the title of Reverend or Minister. Included are outlines for ceremonies like weddings, funerals, etc.

Practitioner Certificate
This certification is required in some states. It allows you to do hands-on healing, blessings, energy work, and other such modalities legally. This is given upon successful completion of the master's degree.

Masters Degree Credit Chart

Courses Credits
Consciousness II 20
Health Studies II 25
Intuitive Skills II 25
Career Skills 15
5 Electives 5
Master's Culminating Project  
Total Credits

You can experience spiritual growth, spiritual healing energy and personal growth at UMS. Teach others too. Spiritual, Life, Spiritual Growth, Spiritual energy healing, meet your spiritual higher self

Spiritual Growth, Spiritual Healing, Spiritual Life, Spiritual, Growth, Healing

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2012 predictions

2012 predictions

"UMS has come along just at the right time, and it is an affordable price that even a person of minimal finances can afford! Thank you for making this education available to people like me and for bringing legitimacy to the field of metaphysics!" H.R., UMS Student

"I wish this kind of university was around in my younger days when I was first exploring the concepts and teachings in metaphysics. I have attended multitudes of workshops, read hundreds of self help books, and spent thousands of dollars on spiritual teachers, but nothing compares to the knowledge I have gained at the University of Metaphysical Sciences so far, and I am not even finished with the program yet! It is presented in a very organized and easy to follow format, and I am truly enjoying my studies here at UMS." Y.P., UMS Student

"Please pay my compliments to the lady who is the 'voice' on the meditation tapes, and to the person who put the meditation lessons together [Christine Breese, D.D., Ph.D.]. The lessons and the beautiful voice of this lady are top-class. Your meditation lessons are far beyond some of the mass-marketed CDs by very famous authors and spiritual teachers. Maybe you should consider marketing your own meditation series, as they are so good !!!" — J.W., UMS Student

"I have never been so happy to be associated with a university as I have with UMS. The staff is caring, compassionate, and ready to assist in any way possible." J.O., UMS Student

"It is amazing how things change as you go through these courses. Thank you from the bottom of my heart." — B.F., UMS Student

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