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Student Center
Download Information And Student Questions

When you first enroll, we will send you an email and ask for a response as a test to make sure that the email data we have for you is correct. When we receive your email verification, you will be sent your first courses. Save the course downloads to your hard drive (My Documents) and print them on your printer. Please back up your courses on CDs or DVDs, for it is time consuming for staff to replace lost files on your downloads page and keep track of it if you should need them in the future. Please do not choose the option to download your courses through the internet if you are a beginner, unless you have someone who can help you or you can afford to pay someone. UMS cannot function as a computer consultant or teach students how to use their computers or handle files.

You will be emailed links and passwords to your own personal download page where you will be able to download each month's courses. Courses are posted for a month, unless you notify us that you need them to stay there longer, and then your next month's courses will be posted for you to download. Written material in the courses is delivered as PDF files and audio portions of courses are delivered as MP3 files. (MP3 files are very large files, dial-up connection is not recommended for downloads.) Your exams will be delivered as a .doc Microsoft Word document so that you will be able to type in your answers and email the exam back to a specified email address that you will receive upon enrollment. If your email changes, you must notify UMS immediately so we can change your information in our database. Otherwise, you will not be able to access your personal download page without a current email on file.

Your first email for your courses will look like this:

Please follow the link below to the place where you can download your audio and written files for the this month's Courses:
(This month's courses would be listed here...)


These files will be available during the month of __________ only, so download them this month! Next month they will be replaced by new courses. To log in to get your files, simply type in your email address and you will find all your files to download. We hope you find it easy and quick! You may return here anytime you wish if you would like to download your files again later during the month. We highly recommend storing your audio meditations on a CD, DVD or on your hard drive, for the internet is always a changing entity and your downloads may not always be available if there is a lot of traffic or the server is down for some reason. It is always good to back up your courses so you have them whenever you would like to access them.

PDF Files and .doc files:
The written material in your courses will be delivered as PDF files so that all margins and such remain constant no matter what kind of computer or word you are using. Your exams will be included in the PDF files, but they will also be sent as a secondary .doc file in Microsoft Word format so that you will be able to type your answers to the exam questions into the document and email it back to a specified email address that you will receive upon enrollment. Please download BOTH the PDF and the .doc documents for each course.

The Difference Between FM Quality and CD Quality MP3s:
You will notice that there are two different files for each meditation, one is CD Quality and the other is FM Quality. The difference between them is file size, and a little bit of quality is lost on FM Quality versions. If you have difficulty downloading the CD Quality MP3s, try the FM Quality files which are half the size. This will only be an issue if you are on dial up service instead of high speed internet. These are large files. If you do not have high speed access, we recommend that you find a place where you can access dsl or cable, at a friend’s house or an internet café, download your courses there, and put them on your hard drive or a CD or DVD.

Turning MP3s into Wave files for CD players:
If you would like to play your audio meditations on your home CD player, you must change MP3 files into wave files (.wav). Your computer should be able to do this with your own operating system software, but if not, there are software applications that you can find on the internet which will do it. We are not able to help you with tech support on turning MP3 files into wave files, but you probably have a friend who can help you with this. If you have an MP3 player, however, you will be able to simply place your files into your mp3 player and play them! Some of the newer home stereos will play MP3 files on a CD as well. MP3 players are very inexpensive now, so we recommend that you buy one if possible. They are a convenient way to store large amounts of audio material in a small space.

Downloading through Dial Up Access:
If you have trouble downloading, and you are on dial up access to the internet, there is not much you will be able to do except find a high speed access point. Audio files are usually too big for dial up access to download before there is a time out or a break in the connection. If you do decide to try it with dial up access, though, we recommend doing it during the night when you go to bed, and check to see if the file completed downloading in the morning. You will have to do this for each audio meditation. Some courses have as many as 12 meditations, so high speed access would be much better for this or it might take you half a month to get all the audio material through dial up!

If you are having trouble accessing files, please contact UMS and we will assist you, or email you courses directly as downloadable attachments.
800-521-META (6382) or info@umsonline.org
or fill out the Student Questions boxes below.

Student Questions Online
(Students Only Please, all others use Contact Us page)
Please allow 48 hours (2 business days, Mon-Fri) for us to respond with your answer.

Your Full Name

Your email address where we can send a response to your question.
(example: you@domain.com)

In the box below, please type your question, request, or update your student information like address, phone and email changes. (Please allow 48 hours for our response)



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