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Mission Statement
The Definition Of Metaphysics
Why Metaphysical Sciences?
How Long Is The Program?
Are There Careers In Metaphysics?
What Are the Courses Like?
How Were The Courses Created?
What Will I Learn?
Roster Of Writers and Teachers
Why Get A Doctorate Degree?
Laws For Teaching & Counseling
Ministerial Ordination
How Your Ministerial Status Works
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Mission Statement

University of Metaphysical Sciences is a non-profit 501(c)3 organization dedicated to assisting people in becoming knowledgeable about metaphysical concepts and discovering the true self.

University of Metaphysical Sciences has made its program affordable for people of all walks of life, keeping tuition prices low, and creating payment plans for every budget.

University of Metaphysical Sciences is here to help the student answer his or her calling in assisting the human population in its spiritual evolution and awakening, giving the student knowledge, experiential practice, and legitimate credentials.

University of Metaphysical Sciences purposely designed courses for the distance learner so that relocation is not necessary and attendance in person is not required. The student can study on his or her own schedule rather than a schedule set by a university.

University of Metaphysical Sciences is dedicated to assisting spiritual teachers as they pursue their life purpose and life work, learn to live with integrity and grace, and teach others how to do the same.

University of Metaphysical Sciences is a facility for spiritual learning, whether the student seeks knowledge for personal growth or goes on to become a metaphysical teacher, writer, minister, workshop facilitator or other type of healer. University of Metaphysical Sciences believes that the healer must be whole before true efficiency in helping others is attained.

University of Metaphysical Sciences gives the student vast amounts of academic information so that the student is well versed in the wide variety of material and techniques many spiritual seekers are using in their efforts to heal themselves. The culmination of these studies is geared to assist the graduate in becoming a radiant, steady source of love and grace through self healing and introspection.

University of Metaphysical Sciences provides courses to fill in the gaps that might have been missed by the more advanced student who has studied on his or her own.

University of Metaphysical Sciences is a metaphysics university level school teaching new age concepts, including holistic theology, enlightenment, spiritual education, and meditation classes. Much research has gone into every course. Metaphysic classes are an excellent way to go for any spiritual seeker on the path to the truth of the self, leading to a metaphysical degree which can assist the graduate in his or her spiritual work after graduation from this metaphysical college.

Definition Of Metaphysics

The word metaphysics, or metaphysic, was coined by the ancient Greeks, “meta” meaning “beyond or after” and “physic” meaning “physical,” therefore metaphysics meant to the Greeks “beyond or after the physical.”

According to Webster’s Dictionary, Banner Press, NY, 1978, metaphysics is a branch of philosophy concerned with the origin and structure of the universe.

According to Funk & Wagnalls Standard College Dictionary, Funk & Wagnalls, NY, 1973 metaphysics is: The branch of philosophy that investigates principles of reality transcending those of any particular science, traditionally including cosmology, ontology, and speculative philosophy.

Ontology: The branch of metaphysics dealing with the philosophical theory of reality, including consideration of the universal and necessary characteristics of all existence, also, a particular theory of reality.

Cosmology: The general philosophy of the universe considered as a totality of parts and phenomena subject to laws.

Why Metaphysical Sciences?

The University of Metaphysical Sciences considers metaphysics a science, the most basic reason being that thought affects matter, as many scientists have proven with laboratory observations. Bewildered doctors have also observed this phenomena in their terminally ill patients who suddenly recover simply by adjusting attitudes or thoughtforms about the self, others, or the world in general.

What you will be learning at University of Metaphysical Sciences is what many have called alchemy, something that was long ago taught in spiritual mystery schools only to those who had proven themselves worthy through long term observation by a master teacher. Only once the student had proven unwavering dedication to exploring the mysteries of consciousness, and attained a certain level of skill, would he (usually a mystery school education was only available to males) be invited into the inner circle of teachings. In the present era, this is no longer the case. These teachings are now available to everyone.

Mystery schools are obsolete, for all knowledge about metaphysics, with related material about the nature of consciousness and its potentials, is presently available in every metaphysical bookstore and public library. Ancient Egyptian and Greek mystery schools took painstaking effort to get into. However, today, anyone who reads self help books, learns meditation techniques, attempts to dream lucidly or have astral projections, is already exploring what mystery schools once offered. Anyone who sets forth the intention to know, and takes the action necessary to attract this knowledge into one's life, is a receiver of the mysteries of the universe.

University of Metaphysical Sciences (UMS) would have been called a mystery school long ago because students are taught to have spiritual mastery over, transcend, and understand the physical world and how to affect it, even while living in it as a human being. This is a science, not a phenomenon. Natural laws of the universe exist, whether we are aware of them or not, and they are in operation all the time. Therefore, consciously learning how to use the law of cause and effect makes this practice not so magic or mysterious any more and it becomes quite available to anyone who takes the time to learn how to use this natural law of the universe by adjusting one’s consciousness and therefore affecting reality.

University of Metaphysical Sciences teaches the student how to work with universal laws of consciousness and the laws of nature, using the mind and emotions to effect change in the physical world.

How Long Is The Program?

Most students complete studies in approximately one year. It is required that the student finish within five years at the most. Each student moves through the program at an individual pace. The doctorate degree might take approximately two years to complete if the student cannot dedicate much time to studies, one year if the student is able to spend more time on studies. Some students find it very easy to complete in one year if he or she has knowledge of these subjects by previously studying on his or her own, has plenty of time to study, and has already done much self introspection and healing. Those who have not might want to take a little more time to move through the program.

Are There Careers In Metaphysics?

A degree from University of Metaphysical Sciences qualifies a graduate to perform official ceremonies such as ministerial work, weddings, spiritual counseling, teaching, lecturing on the international circuit, credentialed book writing, setting up a spiritual center, and a variety of other services.

More and more metaphysical teachers are seeking credentials, realizing the need for credentials if they want to market themselves in the field of metaphysics. It is increasingly difficult for an unknown without credentials to establish himself or herself in the metaphysical field. Credentials pave the way for opportunities that are simply not available for the person who has no credibility or training. For potential practitioners, writers, teachers, healers and leaders, this success is possible with a formal education in metaphysics.

More and more people are feeling the call to enter careers in metaphysics as the population looks to its spirituality and seeks guidance. This program is purposely designed to give qualifications and credentials to the future spiritual teachers who are serious about becoming a source of guidance and love to others, whether that is to be in the form of a spiritual teacher, or an ordinary person in daily life reflecting awakened self to others. For further information on the careers you might pursue with an education in metaphysics, please click:
Career Opportunities

What Are the Courses Like?

Lessons consist of reading material and meditation journeys. Most written lessons take about 2-3 hours to read and 1 hour to complete the exam questions. The reading material has easy-to-find answers to a few questions per lesson. The student returns the answered questions for credit. Lessons on tape are meditation journeys. The student briefly describes his or her experience of the meditation and returns the description for credit. All descriptions are accepted, for there is no wrong way to experience the meditations. Experiences of the meditations are unique to each person. Meditations vary from 15 to 30 minutes in length.

Courses are completed through the mail or over the internet. For those who do not easily have internet access, lessons are sent via postal mail with a minimal wholesale cost for materials, $385, payable in small payments with the short, medium or long term payment plans (walkman and headphones not included). For an extra charge (postage), hard copy lessons can be sent to foreign countries. Downloading lessons from the internet saves the student time and money, and the fee is only $155 and no postage or duty/import fees are required. Courses can be downloaded in PDF (written) and MP3 (audio) formats.

In brief, the Bachelor's program consists of written and audio lessons. To complete the Masters program, a 5,000 word essay (about one book chapter in length) must be written on a metaphysical subject in addition to the lessons. To complete the Doctorate program, a 10,000 word doctoral dissertation must be submitted (the equivalent of two book chapters) and there are no written or audio lessons.

Please note that University of Metaphysical Sciences reserves the right to add, change, remove or improve courses and course materials at its discretion.

How Were The Courses Created?

Written Material
The written material in the courses was heavily researched by a team of more than 40 writers working closely with the founder of University of Metaphysical Sciences. Hundreds of books have been used as references for the entire curriculum. Many points of view are mentioned in order to give the student a thorough presentation of common concepts in metaphysical subjects, even if they are differing or opposite parts of the spectrum. Quotes from these books are used in the courses to support statements and concepts conveyed in the written material.

Our research team was meticulous and diligent in collecting information from various sources. All this research was done in order to condense the material into notebook form for the student. This eliminates the need to buy textbooks at retail prices, which can be quite costly for the student. The pertinent information has already been drawn out of the books and only the essential information is included for the student. The courses are streamlined to get right to the point on every subject. The written material will serve as a reference section in the graduate's library long after the desired degrees have been attained. Internet downloads of written materials are delivered as PDF files.

Audio Material
The audio portions of the courses were created for the experiential aspects of what the student learns in the written material. The meditations are facilitated by the founder of University of Metaphysical Sciences. Breese has a soft, trancelike voice and beautiful meditative music is used in the background. A few meditations use no music at all in order to create greater depth of stillness and concentration with no distractions whatsoever.

The student will find the vast array and large collection of meditation CDs quite useful in continued meditation practices long after graduation. (For those with hearing aids and difficulty with music during meditations, journeys that typically have music are available with only the spoken voice and no music.)

Audio lessons come on 25 CDs, 25 hours worth of meditations. On the internet, the student will download MP3 files for audio portions of the lessons.

If you would like to read about the Internet Downloads and see what your sign in page would look like that takes you to your personal authorized downloads page, Click Here on Student Center.

Roster Of Our Teachers & Writers

Visit this page if you would like to meet our writers and teachers who put the courses together for University of Metaphysical Sciences. Our writers and teachers are what makes University of Metaphysical Sciences so wonderful. Many minds have come together to create the curriculum of University of Metaphysical Sciences. Our teachers are varied in background and training, each bringing their area of expertise to the courses they write. They have gathered much knowledge in their own studies and training, and have also collectively gathered vast amounts of real world experience as practicing counselors, teachers, and healers in their communities. Click here to visit our Research Team, Writers & Teachers

What Will I Learn?

The courses are designed to give the graduate a broad understanding of metaphysical subjects. The material spans several religions and belief systems so that the graduate will be well versed in the ideas many parts of the population hold. It is important for the student to be exposed to all areas of spirituality for a broader understanding of human nature.

Some of the courses are meant simply for the student's self-introspection and self-inquiry, which is a necessary and ongoing practice for any teacher, healer, or leader. Audio meditations will serve the student for many years. The student is highly encouraged to investigate more deeply the subjects that interest him or her. Recommended reading is given on every subject in the curriculum for further study, although it is not required, and a complete bibliography of reference material is given.

The graduate will have a resource of lists, diagrams, exercises and information which can be referred to anytime the need comes up in his or her professional practice. For instance, many of the courses have easy to use reference lists like the properties of herbs, sacred symbols, dream symbol indexes, and other quick access reference lists that the student will find useful.

Why Get A Doctorate Degree?

This gives your ministerial status even greater professionalism, and sets you apart from others who have not taken the time to get a degree. It also establishes you as a true professional in the field of metaphysics. This is becoming increasingly important. Very few teachers of metaphysics have more than ministerial status, if even that. Some people doubt their legitimacy as a teacher or healer, for anyone can send $5 somewhere and become a reverend or minister. However, you will have prestigious letters behind your name from a university that offers a true education, depicting that you have taken the time to get your degree. This takes commitment to your path as a spiritual aspirant or teacher. You will be perceived as a “doctor” of your subject, not just a reverend or minister because you have studied and learned about metaphysics specifically, which is a specialized area of religion.

You can obtain your ministerial status in the Master's Degree program. Ministerial Ordination is all you need to legally practice as a minister or religious counselor. The primary reason to acquire a doctoral degree is to establish a professional image of yourself as a person well educated in your chosen area of experitise, which is metaphysics. Obtaining a doctorate shows a deeper level of commitment, education, and professionalism. Most people seek out a “doctor” when looking for a counselor, not necessarily a reverend or minister, even though a reverend or minister can legally counsel people. With Doctorate credentials behind your name, you establish yourself as a “doctor” and can list yourself as such in the phone directory with other counselors, rather than as a minister or reverend only.

Your title of doctorate level in metaphysics gives you legitimacy in your counseling practice. People tend to think of a counselor as their “doctor.” Your Doctoral Degree in Metaphysics is completely legal in every way, though it is not considered an academic, secular degree in psychology or any field other than metaphysics. It is a doctoral degree in a specialized area of religion. This specified area of religion (metaphysics) is often what many seekers want in their counselor, so becoming a doctor in the metaphysical field can serve you in this way.

Laws For Teaching & Counseling

Anyone teaching or counseling with credentials in metaphysics is doing so in the field of religion as a legal minister, not as a psychologist. Your right to teach and counsel is not based on your doctoral degree. It is based on your ministerial status. This is perfectly legal and acceptable in almost every part of the world.

The limitation of religious degrees is that job positions in secular colleges, like state universities and community colleges, would be difficult to obtain without a secular degree. If you would like to be a teacher or professor at a traditional university or college, you must obtain a secular degree. University of Metaphysical Sciences does not offer secular degrees. Religious degrees may or may not be acceptable at some of these institutions for teaching positions. Also please note, religious degrees are non-transferable to secular colleges, so if you are wanting to pursue a higher degree at a secular college, your Bachelor's degree, for instance will not be acceptable there because we do not teach English, Math, and other secular courses that are required for higher degree levels at secular colleges.)

Ministerial Ordination

Upon completion of the Master’s Degree, the student becomes a registered reverend or minister. The student is ordained with all the rights, powers and privileges of an ordained reverend or minister through the parent non-profit organization of the university, Wisdom Of The Heart Church 501(c)3.

Many churches supplying ministerial status for only a few dollars are unstable and they are not a genuine 501(c)3 organization listed with the proper federal agencies. You could find yourself in legal trouble for practicing counseling without proper credentials. Someone may challenge you about your ministerial license, especially when you get into counseling or assuming tax advantages that are available as a minister. You will need to be backed by a church that has staying power and will not have disappeared when you need proof of your status as a minister or reverend. Wisdom Of The Heart Church is a bonafide church listed with the proper federal agencies, and will be there if you should ever need proof of your ministerial legitimacy.

Who is The Founder?

The founder of University of Metaphysical Sciences (UMS) is Christine Breese, D.D., Ph.D. She is 40 years old and has walked many spiritual paths, including Eastern philosophies, Native American traditions, Nature Religions and modernized meditation techniques free of philosophic or dogmatic systems. She studied religions, self help books, and learned how to heal and find harmony. Breese then pursued formal studies in metaphysics in order to open University of Metaphysical Sciences. She holds her Doctor Of Divinity Degree in Metaphysical Sciences, as well as her Ph.D. in Metaphysical Counseling. Breese also holds an Associates Degree in Film And Video Production, and another in Audio Engineering. She outlined and designed many of the courses and much the research. She directed and co-ordinated a team of more than 40 writers and teachers who specialize in various metaphysical subjects. Breese also edited all material in the curriculum. She is a respected author and teacher, and has done much to help her community.

Breese worked in the film and television industry for many years as she pursued her spiritual path. She worked on commercials, TV shows, music videos, conventions, and independent films. She is the producer and director of a metaphysical talk show called Spirit Talk featuring a panel of guests discussing spiritual topics in a beautiful garden. This show can be seen on various public access stations in the United States.Christine Breese began to teach metaphysical classes in 1990. She has been an author, meditation facilitator, and counselor since then. The following is an excerpt from one of her meetings and gives a glimpse into her philosophy:“There is nothing one must do except be awake in the moment, and everything else takes care of itself. It takes trust and surrender to live this way, letting life unfold for you rather than directing it yourself with the human mind. Realize that the self is eternal consciousness which never changes, can never be harmed, and never dies. It doesn't need to be fixed or healed, it doesn't have to evolve. The real you is already whole... it's not a process. Realizing this frees you from the human condition. You have found what you are looking for right here in this moment, in the very fact that you are aware intelligence, with or without the body. Once direct experience of who you really are has taken place and it is brought into daily life, wholeness and peace become your natural way. This results in living your enlightenment in this lifetime, which automatically creates the beautiful life you always wanted. As you radiate this grace to others around you it may seem like a brand new way of being in life—and it is. It is lucid living. The first challenge is to become lucid, rather than operating on automatic pilot through life. The next challenge is to maintain that lucidity without falling back to sleep into the human condition. Stopping the mind is the first step. This is where it begins. It only deepens from there.”“Now, forget everything you've just learned and be still. Know yourself as wise, loving, intelligent, eternal consciousness that never needed to change or fix anything in the first place. Then see what happens... It will be a pleasant surprise!”

Christine Breese created the University of Metaphysical Sciences for everyone who is interested in awakening or helping others in their awakening. The experiential parts of the courses trigger direct experiences of deep stillness and trance states in which timelessness and peace are experienced. The curriculum is designed to assist the student in attaining the ability to live in the ever-unfolding now, the magic zone. The curriculum is also specifically geared to informing the student on how to help others on the path to enlightenment and awakening.

Accreditation And Associations

What Is Accreditation?

The U.S. Department of Education does not accredit educational institutions and/or programs. The United States has no Federal Ministry of Education or other centralized authority exercising single national control over post secondary educational institutions in the country. In general, institutions of higher education are permitted to operate with considerable independence and autonomy. American educational institutions can vary widely in the character and quality of their programs. The reputation of a university truly depends on the content of curriculum material, reputation and the quality of its graduates.

Accreditation is optional for all colleges and universities. The goal of accreditation is to ensure that education provided by institutions of higher learning meets acceptable levels of quality. Accrediting agencies, which are private educational associations of regional or national scope, develop evaluation criteria, conduct peer evaluations, and assess whether or not those criteria are met. Institutions and programs that request an agency's evaluation and meet that agency’s criteria are “accredited” by that association.

In order to insure a basic level of quality, the practice of accreditation arose in the United States as a means of conducting non-governmental peer evaluation of educational institutions and programs. Private educational associations have adopted criteria and procedures for evaluating institutions or programs to determine whether or not they are operating at basic levels of quality. This has created a level of stability and similarity between all schools. For the most part, this only includes secular colleges and religious schools centered around Christian and Biblical teachings. Because Metaphysical Sciences is considered a “new emerging field of study” by federal and educational agencies, UMS does not qualify for traditional accreditation that universities like private and state universities, community colleges, and other secular institutions qualify for. The traditional accrediting agencies, of which there are nine, have made it known to UMS that they do not have any other colleges like this one to compare UMS to, therefore they cannot do an evaluation of us by “comparing us to our peers.” Perhaps at a later date in time they can.

The AADP and AAMA were established to meet this need on the part of those who practice and teach metaphysics. It consists of many practitioners and schools. The University of Metaphysical Sciences has met all criteria of the AADP and the AAMA. Upon evaluation, University of Metaphysical Sciences was granted accreditation by both agencies.

NOTE: Education at UMS is not a substitute for education at traditional or secular colleges because UMS does not teach typical math, english, or other required courses for credit at other colleges. Your degree and education at UMS is not transferable for credit at secular universities and is strictly religious in nature. For instance, if you desire to pursue a secular degree such as engineering, you cannot use a Bachelor's degree from UMS to substitute for your lower level classes. You cannot attend UMS for the purpose of transferring credits among traditional secular colleges or for the purpose of getting federal grants or loans. UMS is a religious degree granting institution, and the degrees can only be applicable to such a field. UMS is a religious exempt school and does not attain these types of accreditations because it is not preparing students for careers in secular fields.

UMS Accreditors
The AADP and the AAMA are the most prominent and related organizations at this time in the United States for accrediting a metaphysical institution. These are the only agencies in existence at this time that are "a grouping of our peers." UMS is accredited by the AADP, American Association of Drugless Practitioners ( and the AAMA, American Alternative Medical Association ( Please feel free to visit their sites and check our school listing with them. Students and graduates of UMS are eligible to apply for membership within these and other organizations upon attainment of the degree that makes them eligible for acceptance by the respective agency.

AADP, American Association Of Drugless Practitioners

AAMA, American Alternative Medical Association

University of Metaphysical Sciences is an online metaphysics university offering college degree study. A degree from University of Metaphysical Sciences is a religious degree, not a secular degree, and cannot replace a secular education.

Course Books & Languages

At this time, all course materials are in English. We do eventually hope to offer UMS courses in other languages and we are presently in negotiations with various translation companies for this purpose.

Courses are supplied by University of Metaphysical Sciences. We do not require you to buy a lot of books. Rather, we have done the research for you and put it all in one place. You will receive approximately 10 large notebooks of materials and approximately 65-70 meditations on 17 CDs, which take the place of what you would experience in live classes if you were to attend UMS in person. You can also download your courses rather than receive them in the postal mail if you are internet saavy and know how to handle mp3 and pdf files. To see our list of courses, please click here.

Transfer Of Credits Or Degrees

No credits, including Bachelors or Masters degrees from other colleges, count toward University of Metaphysical Sciences curriculum requirements. All students must begin at the Bachelors level in order to preserve continuity of the course material throughout the program. University of Metaphysical Sciences recognizes that life, prior education, and other growth inducing factors are great teachers. However, in order to stand behind a graduate if he or she chooses to be in a professional light and hold University of Metaphysical Sciences credentials, we must be sure that the graduate has been exposed to all information in the Bachelors and Masters programs as it is presented by our courses, because our curriculum is very unique in nature.

Tuition And Payment Plans

Tuition for University of Metaphysical Sciences is as low as $1,995.00 when paid in full at the time of enrollment. However, payment plans are available. University of Metaphysical Sciences finances these loans itself in order to help the student who cannot pay for tuition all at once. Payment options are approximately $50/month for the long term loan, $100/month for the medium length term loan, or $200/month for the short term loan. For more detailed information, visit out Payment Plans page.

If the student is able to download PDFs and MP3s from the website, our course materials fee for the entire curriculum is only $155.00. You will recieve a link to your own personal authorized page you can sign in to recieve each month's assignments. If course material and tapes/CDs are sent via postal mail within the United States, the cost of materials is $385.00, which can be paid in small amounts with the short, medium or long term payment plans. If materials are mailed outside the USA, the course materials and postage fees both apply. Duties may also be due, depending on your country. Click here on Payment Plans for more detailed information.

Tuition Credit For Work/Life Experience

University of Metaphysical Sciences is not in a position to determine monetary value for work or life experience in the field of metaphysics. While University of Metaphysical Sciences has great respect for prior work experience and realizes its importance, monetary value for this cannot be determined fairly. Students of every level, from beginner to advanced, come to University of Metaphysical Sciences for their degrees. Many have been working in the field of metaphysics for quite some time, yet are now interested in getting credentials because they have run into the limitations resulting from not having a degree.

It would be too subjective, confusing and time consuming to examine the work experience of every individual who enrolls. Besides, the tuition reduction would not be very much because University of Metaphysical Sciences has tried to keep its tuition prices as low as possible to begin with.

University of Metaphysical Sciences can stand behind its graduates only if the university can be certain the student has been exposed to all material in the curriculum pertaining to each degree program. Therefore, no prior work experience can be considered for tuition reduction. The advantage the student has who possesses prior work experience is that he or she can move through the courses quite quickly.

Scholarships & Financial Aid


University of Metaphysical Sciences offers partial scholarships by waiving the $195 downpayment on the long term four year payment plan for students who can make the $50 per month payments, but cannot come up with the first $195. All scholarship awards are only given for the long term plan. No scholarships are awarded on the pre-payment, short or medium term plans. Please be honest if you are not in extreme poverty without a possibility of meeting our low monthly payment plan. Most low income people in the USA and other affluent countries can still meet our $50 per month payment plan. We have kept our tuition low and designed the long term payment plan for these purposes, yet the education offered by University of Metaphysical Sciences is worth far more than the tuition being charged. Those who are on disability or SSI, who receive a government check every month, are not eligible for scholarship awards based on that alone. Please submit by postal mail to the University of Metaphysical Sciences /California branch all rent receipts, a balance sheet of your expenses versus your income, and copies of your W2 forms or payment amounts. A committee will review your request and make a decision within 2 weeks.

For Information on Scholarship Guidelines, click here.

Financial Aid
University of Metaphysical Sciences offers financial aid by financing educational loans itself that might otherwise be unavailable to students. This is offered in place of federal student loans, and serves in exactly the same way, with extremely low interest rates on the loan, comparable to the low interest rates available through government agencies. University of Metaphysical Sciences short, medium and long term payment plans are opportunities for those of lesser financial means to enroll in the curriculum without needing to obtain and qualify for a federal student loan. University of Metaphysical Sciences will finance student tuition loans itself.

For more information on the payment plans for University of Metaphysical Sciences loans, please visit our Payment Plans page.

Tuition Reductions For Spouses & Family Members
If a student's husband/wife (same sex marriages are also welcome) or immediate family member (mother, father, daughter, brother) would like to enroll in the program, a 5% reduction in tuition is available for the student who refers his or her immediate family member or spouse. This is not applicable to roommates or friends.

Withdrawal And Refunds

If within the first 30 days of enrollment the student decides to withdraw, for whatever reason, all monies will be refunded minus a $150 processing fee for the first packet of course materials and administration expenses. If the student withdraws between 30-60 days after enrollment, all monies except $300 will be refunded. After 60 days, no refund will be given. Course materials and monies already paid are non-transferable to other incoming students.

Lack Of Aptitude Policy
If a student does not have the aptitude or commitment to succeed in completing studies at University of Metaphysical Sciences, first, the student will be contacted and the situation will be discussed. The student will be given a chance to remedy the situation, clarify that personal time is needed before resuming studies or talk to a curriculum representative if assistance with a particular course is needed. If the student cannot complete necessary assignments, after dialogue with the student, dismissal might be determined by the curriculum committee. University of Metaphysical Sciences will determine the refund amount depending on the time passed since enrollment and what materials have already been shipped. An additional administrative fee of $185 will be levied against the refund amount for administrative expenses. If the student is unreachable by phone, email or postal mail for six months, withdrawal from studies will be assumed and dismissal will be enacted. Any of the afore mentioned students may resume studies within 3 years from dismissal date if the student would like to study again later.

Shipping Overseas

Postage to overseas countries is not included in tuition for shipment of books and tapes. Postal fees vary and are worked out on an individual basis. International students are responsible for all shipping costs. Students should also be aware that they might be required to pay “duties” to their own governments, depending on which country they live in. Some countries might not allow products from the United States to enter, and if this is the case, downloading lessons from the internet is encouraged. This is why UMS is committed to putting all courses online so overseas students can avoid these costs and obstacles, including time delays or loss of materials in the mail. Students who wish to take advantage of this will receive courses by email and no extra charges will be assessed beyond the price of internet downloads. This system is highly encouraged for overseas students.

Admissions Requirements

High School Diploma or GED is required.
University of Metaphysical Sciences is a non-discriminatory educational facility. Students of any race, gender, sexual orientation, color and national or ethnic origin are admitted. Admission is not based on grades from high school or college. All that is required is graduation. To qualify for enrollment send your enrollment application form, a copy of your high school diploma/GED or your sworn statement that you have completed the equivalent of high school in your country, and your down-payment or payment in full. If you would like to see the enrollment form now, please visit our enrollment form page.

Confidentiality of Student Records

Student information is protected in complete confidentiality. No student information is shared with any agency, including mailing list agents, email lists, survey businesses and other such companies who buy mailing lists. No information is shared with outside parties unless the student wishes it to be so. This can be done only at the student's signed written request by postal mail.

Internet Contact & Online Services

Students may contact University of Metaphysical Sciences by email for various comments, questions and other concerns. The University of Metaphysical Sciences website is All catalog information, admission forms, and other pertinent information are posted at this website.

Students receive online support in their studies. A special email address is given upon enrollment for asking questions about the courses, which are answered within 48 hours by staff and faculty. Students may also visit our Student Center page and ask questions there. Students are able to download all courses over the internet, written (PDF) and audio meditations (MP3) from their own personal page in the download area specifically for students.

Online contact info for University of Metaphysical Sciences staff is the following:

To ask questions about the university, admissions, finances, or enrollment:
ums /at /umsonline/ org

To ask questions, make comments about the website or downloading assistance:
webmaster /at /umsonline/ org

To ask questions about coursework
and materials: ...given upon enrollment

Please feel free to visit our Discussion Board, even as a guest, and discuss metaphysical subjects. Many of our students visit our Discussion Board and make comments about their courses and expereinces on the spiritual path.

Personal Contact

Studies at University of Metaphysical Sciences are deeply transformative in nature and at the core of the curriculum is an introduction to advaita vedanta non duality concepts. Students are required to embrace the master within themselves, and also to face their shadow sides and heal them. Some students may find themselves breezing right through the curriculum if they have done transformative work prior to enrollment. Others may find themselves digging up old hurts for re-examination or processing. Sometimes the work in the curriculum may cause emotional releases, deep healing, or the need to talk to someone about the process.

A very large amount of counseling can be gotten through the online exam process. Students are able to dialogue through the exam system with UMS faculty on every and any course they have questions, need some feedback, or further guidance on any issue. UMS is committed to assisting students through the processes that the courses bring up for healing. Unfortunately, University of Metaphysical Sciences cannot do counseling sessions for students on the phone or help with crisis intervention needs. Staff is simply not qualified for walking students through extremely difficult transitions in healing. It may be necessary to work with a professional psycotherapist if the situation is severe. Students are encouraged to find a counselor in his or her local area if intensive counseling is needed. We can be part of the process, though, through the dialogue students can have with faculty through the exams and assisting with understanding and processing the methods of self introspection and healing that students learn.

When a student enrolls in University of Metaphysical Sciences, he or she is held in loving energy on the inner planes throughout his or her studies by staff members. This is to assist the student in successfully reaching his or her full potential. These are personal and direct transmissions for each student at various periods throughout the enrollment period.

Wisdom Of The Heart Church maintains a prayer circle for specific requests. This costs no extra money. University of Metaphysical Sciences is sensitive to difficult transformative processes and wants to help students in every way possible. This is why the prayer circle and healing space transmissions have been set up. If the student finds him or herself having a difficult emotional process, he or she is encouraged to write about what is going on in a letter to University of Metaphysical Sciences. All letters are read as long as they are not longer than a page or so.

If students have no particular issues or requests, this is fine too. The student still receives individual transmissions of deep peace and joy, with a vision for the student's success and completion of whatever level of the curriculum the student aspires to. This is part of the tuition and costs no extra money.

University of Metaphysical Sciences In California And Minnesota

Students pursue their undergraduate studies at UMS California, and graduate students pursue the Ph.D. doctorate degrees at UMS Minnesota. Students will earn their Bachelors, Masters and Doctor of Divinity degrees in California. Those who wish to obtain a Ph.D. study at University of Metaphysical Sciences /Minnesota to finish their studies.

In each state, our corporate non-profit holding company is The Wisdom Of The Heart Church. Please visit the respective Secretary of State websites or call them if you would like to verify our non-profit status under Wisdom Of The Heart Church 501(c)3. If you would like to check on verification of the
university's religious exempt status, which means that UMS is exempt from registration and licensing, contact the Department Of Postsecondary Education in each state, California and Minnesota.

University of Metaphysical Sciences /California
P.O. Box 4505
Arcata, CA 95518

University of Metaphysical Sciences /Minnesota (mailing address)
P.O. Box 3022
Mankato, MN 56002

Degrees/Certificates/Credentials Awarded

If you would like to see detailed information on which credentials (letters behind your name) each degree earns, Click here on DEGREES / CERTIFICATES / CREDENTIALS

Undecided? Find Out If UMS Is Right For You

Practical Inquiry: What Do You Really Want To Do With Your Degree?

First and foremost, you must decide whether or not UMS offers the courses of study you need for what it is you would like to do. Ask yourself what it is you plan on doing with your degree in the future. For instance, if you want to become a certified yoga instructor, a massage therapist, or a doctor, UMS will not be the right school for the credentials you need. Although courses touch on these subjects, they are not specialized. There are schools specifically created for yoga, massage and medical certification. Of course, your studies at UMS will supplement any education you receive at other institutions, making all specialized professions more effective with broader knowledge and understanding. However, UMS is focused on equipping spiritual teachers, ministers and counselors with knowledge and practice in metaphysical traditions. This is the kind of education offered to the student.

If you are looking for a broad spectrum of study about all areas of metaphysics, including ancient and modern beliefs, concepts, techniques, and class materials you can use in your own teaching endeavors, then UMS is the perfect institution for you. UMS specializes in helping the student attain broad knowledge, with a plethora of reference material and first hand experiences of the deep states achieved in meditation. This gives the graduate a wider range of avenues to pursue when creating his or her career in metaphysics and more divine presence in whatever he or she does in life.

Emotional and Spiritual Inquiry: Take A Moment To Reflect

We at University of Metaphysical Sciences honor any choice that you make, and understand this can be a difficult decision. After all, attaining a degree in any subject matter is an undertaking that requires commitment and focus. You are facing an important decision in your life when you enroll in a university. Sometimes the emotional body response to the new path is the truest way to know what is really right for you when you simply cannot make up your mind. Let's do a short exercise and find out what your emotional intelligence tells you.

Do the following meditation for a moment to see if this is the highest path for your future.

First, breathe deeply, let go of all thoughts and relax on all levels. Sit quietly for a moment. Next, feel in your intuitive senses what you can perceive about this decision right now. Use the steps below to take a walk into your future to see if you can envision yourself earning your degree with UMS, successfully completing the level of the curriculum you desire to reach.

When you think about enrolling in UMS, does it make you feel happy, excited, hopeful, relieved... or does it make you feel depressed, unhappy or otherwise negative? Use your emotional body to guide you, and see if you get a yes or no answer through your emotional response. Postive feelings would be a yes answer, and vice versa.

Imagine that you are halfway through your studies with UMS in the future, wherever that may be, about 6 months or a year from now... and see what you feel about this. What sort of emotions are present? What kind of personal growth has happened up to this point? Has your life gotten better? Has your professional metaphysical practice started, or has it improved if you had a practice before enrolling? If you are enrolled for personal growth or healing reasons, have you experienced an acceleration in your healing and awakening?

Now imagine that you have finished your studies entirely at UMS. What does it feel like to receive your degree? How have you been enriched by your studies? Are you the same person you were before you began? Who are you now?

Finally, imagine you are in your future, practicing metaphysics on a professional level as a counselor, teacher, writer, healer, or leader of other sorts. Whatever it is that you would do with your degree, see yourself there.

What type of career have you created for yourself?

Would you still be doing the same thing without the degree, or has the degree assisted you in some way or another?

Do you find yourself glad that you attained your degree?

Are you using what you learned in your professional practice?

Do you find yourself using your UMS course material as a reference library?

Does your education at UMS enable you to understand and communicate with your students and clients in a more knowledgeable way?

What do the letters D.D. or Ph.D. look like behind your name?

Live Your Dream

We hope that this exercise has helped you make your decision if you were still undecided. Only you know if this is the right path for you.

We Honor The God In You.

University of Metaphysical Sciences
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