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world peace meditation

world peace meditation

one world peace



Download Free World Peace Meditations
Do these meditations on your own, or with a group
Feel free to duplicate and share!

Meditations are between 15 minutes and 30 minutes. 15 MB mp3 files. Hi-speed internet connection recommended.

If you would like to view these meditations as videos with peaceful and meditative pictures, please visit www.Youtube.com/WorldPeaceMeditation

  • Transmitting Peace (Learn how to transmit peace to the world, one individual at a time. First you move into a peaceful state yourself, and then you hold others in that same sphere, including more and more people as your awareness grows. By doing this, you transmit peace, as others naturally resonate with the energy that you are putting out. Suddenly they will be feeling more peaceful, or thinking about peace, and they don’t know why they are. This is how transmitting works.)
  • These downloads availabe soon:
  • Transforming Humanity (Humanity is in a process of metamorphosis, changing, evolving into a whole new way of being. Assist with this transformation happening in a gentle way, one that involves beauty, grace and love.)
  • Amplifying Existing Peace And Love On Earth (there is more peace on the Earth than you realize, as most everywhere there is peace. It is only a small percentage of not-peace on the Earth, but it is amplified by media, fear mongering, and other methods of focusing on that which is negative. In this meditation, you will amplify the already existing peace in the world, as most people are peaceful, most situations are peaceful, and all is well in most places. Make that grow larger and larger, fully eclipsing not-peace and making not-peace impossible.)
  • Working With Pre-Matter (Pre-Matter is the energy underneath reality, and always comes before physical manifestation. Learn how to work with Pre-Matter, shaping it, forming it, causing it to move into different directions than it is right now. Pre-Matter does not care what you tell it to do, it will do negative or positive things, it is only a tool. It has no preference, but you do. Work with Pre-Matter to undo the destructive manifestations that already exist by taking energy away from those manifestations, and reassign Pre-Matter into creating more positive physical manifestations)
  • Humanity United In Oneness & Love (Humanity is not united right now, and there is divisiveness and differences that appear impossible to overcome, even within the relations between individuals at the personal level. Envision all people coming together in united vision, united intention, and coming together in their actions. Humanity has more in common than not, and you can assist in bringing those common things to the surface for all of humanity, and letting the things that are divisive fall into nothingness and disappear.)
  • Awakening All Hearts In The World (One heart, one mind, all can work together in the heart to create the great transformation that is necessary for change on the mass level that will result in a more peaceful, benevolent and beautiful reality for humanity. Watch as your energy spreads around the world, your heart touching all other hearts in the world, awakening the heart wisdom that is in each being, the heart connection that all have, and the connection to source that being in the heart facilitates.)
  • Alignment With Love & Its Manifestation On Earth (Love can manifest in many ways. Work with seeing all of humanity coming into alignment with the energy of love and positive forces in the universe, rather than aligning with fear and negative forces. Envision the miraculous manifestations of that love manifesting on the Earth.)
  • Awakening the Hearts of All World Leaders (Most world leaders are not in their hearts, and that is a huge part of the problem that humanity faces at this time. Work with different world leaders, and their legions, to awaken the heart in each of them, so that they can no longer transgress against humanity the way that they have been. See a beautiful light spreading throughout the world leaders, and an awakening happening for each of them.)
  • Envision Well-Being for All Humanity (See all of humanity as being fed, healthy, and whole. Every person has what he or she needs, every child is free to be a beautiful carefree child, and every being, human and animal, is respected and allowed a peaceful existence. Hold energy with the group for all humans to be in a safe space, free from fear for their needs.)
  • Holding Back The Oceans and the Earthquakes (Earth cataclysms do not have to happen, and if they do, humans do not have to be affected by them. Work with the Earth so that she has her cataclysms in places that do not affect people, and in ways that are predicted far ahead of time so that evacuations can occur, and if it is possible for the Earth to move in ways that do not manifest as earthquakes, tidal waves, or storms of any sort, that she do so.)
  • Connecting With The Cosmos (Connect with the energy of the cosmos, and become one with the universe. All humans are connected. Let the cosmos breathe through you, and let source be alive within you. By connecting with all that is, and surrender to higher forces that are benevolent with humanity’s well being in mind, you open the doors to all good things, even miraculous things, to happen on the Earth.)
  • Accepting What Is (No one knows the outcome, or if world peace will manifest or not, it depends on how humanity responds to the challenges it faces. Part of being at peace is accepting whatever happens, whether good or bad, and being in acceptance of that, no matter what it means. Transmit this awareness to others in the world as well.)
  • Being in the Moment (Part of humanity’s evolution right now entails learning more about how to be in the moment, rather than in the future or the past. Master the art of being fully present in whatever the moment brings you, fully experiencing it to the fullest, and as a group hold this evolutionary leap as an energy signature for the masses to become aware of as well.)
  • Developing Fearlessness (You do not have to be in fear, even if mortal survival issues are right in front of you. By letting go of fear, knowing that you will be provided for, some way, some how, and knowing that you are eternal being, you enter a state of fearlessness. All humans will be challenged to “die before they die” and release their fear of death, fear of the future, fear of everything. This is the fast track to enlightenment. You can do this now, and you can hold a space for everyone else in the world to realize this as well.)
  • And Many More!


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Christine Breese spiritual videos at youtube Christine Breese 2012 videos at youtube have many answers about spiritual energy, topics, and the 2012 coming changes.

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World change begins with you and the love that you are. World peace cannot happen with out you. The power of one is immense, and oneness in the world is what is needed. Change the world with your love and bring world peace into manifestation.

world peace meditation

world peace meditation

world peace meditation

world peace oneness


world change











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