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2012 predictions

2012 predictions



world peace meditations


world peace


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world peace meditation


one world


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Free World Peace Meditations

If we all come together and focus, and every individual does their part to affect the mass consciousness of humanity, we can change the world. Watch this video to see proof that it works! Can Group Meditation Bring World Peace?

We suggest you make hard copy CDs of these meditations and transcripts so if the internet goes down for some reason, you still have access.

Please share these World Peace Meditations with as many as possible. Let's all come together and focus on the world we want and the healing for humanity that is happening. Two of the half hour meditations fit on a CD, and if there are 15 minute meditations, you can put 4 of those on a CD.

Share These Meditations With Everyone FREE !

  • Make homemade CDs and Share With Friends and Groups (No Selling!)
  • Post videos or audio on your Website, Blog, Forum, or Social Groups like Facebook and Google+
  • Read Transcripts of these meditations in your discussion groups
  • Print as many CDs or transcripts as you like
  • Share the free Fearlessness in the 2012 Paradigm Shift free ebook too!
UMS and Christine have worked very hard to bring these to you for free because now is such an important time in humanity's history. We hope you join us as the world comes together in focus and intention for the better world we all want to create!

Tips on How To Use These Meditations

Use headphones if you can, as you will get the full sound experience if you do. Computer speakers on your laptop are small. Also, even though we made nice videos for these meditations with some beautiful pictures, the best experience will be what you see in your own mind's eye as you do these meditations.

Just put your headphones on, relax, close your eyes, and see where these journey takes you!

These meditations are designed to be done more than once, so feel free to reuse them, perhaps focusing on different situations and people in the meditations that guide you to focus on something you want to see change or improve. There are a lot of opportunities here for you to affect change in many different places, situations and people.

Copyrights & Credits required on all material you distribute

While copyrighted, and they are free to everyone, all we ask is that if you create any public display or sharing, please give credit to the creators of these meditations. We also ask that you do not sell these meditations, unless you only your costs of making them among your friends, like $.50 for the CD if you need to recover that.

Required Credits are as follows: Free World Peace Meditations by ChristineBreese.com, Music by MichaelHammer.com, Produced by University of Metaphysical Sciences www.umsonline.org

Hard Copies of Meditation CDs

Some have asked if they could buy a physical hard copy CD of these meditations. We are working on putting these CDs together for those who would like a physical CD. They will be $5 in our store in order to cover labor and material costs, but we make no money on them.

If you would like to put them in your store or on your website for $5 only, you may do so if you buy them from us for that price, and sign an agreement to sell them for the price you paid for them. Please do not make your own CDs and sell them for $5. This is copyright infringement.

Money & the World Peace Meditations

These are ALL free. We want no one left out for any reason whatsoever, especially not because of financial reasons! Downloads must be free if you put the downloads on your website, blogs or anywhere else on the net. CDs must be sold for the price you bought them from the UMS store where we only recover the cost of making the CD if you want a physical copy.

These meditations come from Christine Breese's heart to yours, so please make this a service of your heart too if you want to put these out there and do a little bit to help the world. All service is noticed and recognized by spirit, so it will come back to you in other ways!

High Resolution Files at our Store for making higher quality CDs

On this site, we have put a lower resolution audio file (FM Quality) which will be fine for most people. High resolution copies of the meditations for making CDs are at our store for $.95 each to cover the additional server costs for downloading large files (up to 30 MB).

However, you don't need to get hi-res files if you want to make CDs with the free mp3s on this site. You can just as well make CDs with the free downloads if you like. Some people might like the higher resolution files, so they are available if you want them, but most human ears won't be able to tell the difference between the high resolution files or the low resolution files. We're just providing this service for those audio techies who want the higher res files!

Making Donations

If you feel moved to make a donation feel free, but it's not required. If you get a lot out of these, and you feel moved to donate to Wisdom of the Heart Church 501(c)3, here is the link to do that. Any donation you make will go to the scholarship fund for assisting low income people who want to attend UMS. We have had more requests in these challenging economic times for scholarships than ever before!

Don't worry if you don't have extra money to give. Just enjoy the meditations and thank YOU for doing your part to change the world!

List of World Peace Meditations Available Now
(click Audio Downloads for longer descriptions of the meditations available and for those to come as well!)

Transforming Humanity
Transmitting Peace
Working With Mass Consciousness Gridwork
Loving The Bad Guys
Amplifying Peace

... and many more coming!

Enjoy! And thank you for doing your part to change the world for the better!


Transmitting Peace Meditation

Subscribe to Youtube/WorldPeaceMeditation to watch and listen to World Peace Meditations. Feel free to put these videos on your own website to share.

Free World Peace meditations, from Christine Breese, founder of University of Metaphysical Sciences are here for you for free. There are hundreds of different ways to hold a healing space for the world, yourself and all beings.

It's free, costs you nothing, and is a way that you can contribute toward the mass consciousness energy of humanity and its desire for a beautiful present and future. Many on the planet are wishing for world peace and manifesting a beautiful future, but only by everyone coming together in heart and mind will reality change drastically for the better.

We are here to help meet that need and Christine Breese offers these meditation sessions in service to you and the world to help in focusing meditation energy in an efficient and precise way.

This is your opportunity to work with the mass consciousness in a direct way. It is up to all of us to make the wishes of the mass consciousness known on the inner planes and work with pre-matter. Your part in important. The power of one is immense, and that One is you!

It only takes 10,000 people to change the world!
Journal For Conflict Resolution:
See Video Explaining It Here

It only takes the square root of 1% of the human population (out of 6 billion, that's only 8,000 people!) to change reality, the future, and war situations in the world. This was proven by experiments which were reported and documented in the Journal for Conflict Resolution.

During a given week, only 100 people in towns of 10,000 focused and meditated on peace and well-being for all the inhabitants of those towns. Crime rates dropped, business rose, and hospital emergency rooms had far less action. As soon as the group stopped after the week was over, all the crime rates and emergency room statistics returned to normal. This was done in the middle East in Lebanon as well, and all war actions stopped during the time that this group was focusing on that situation.

All of these experiments were done in different places, at different times of the year, and in different years in order to make sure that they changes were not just because of holidays, or being a weekend, etc. What this does is prove that YOUR consciousness can affect change in the world. If you have wondered what you can do to change the world, this is it.

When a GROUP comes together, the sum is always greater than its parts.

Your Part In The Paradigm Shift

Obviously there are far more than 8,000-10,000 people on Earth who want peace and a benevolent reality, so we are well on our way to changing the world. What is needed now is to harness that energy into a group effort that is precise, efficient and unified. What is projected by the group will come forth because it is the law of the universe. What the mass consciousness wants, the mass consciousness gets.

Projection into reality by large groups united at the same time in the same place is a force to be reckoned with. This is the ultimate test of humanity's ability to utilize the Law of Attraction. Let's do it together. You know the power of it, we know the power of it, and it is now time to manifest peace in the world.

Devote a little time once per week to visualizing, imagining, and intending a beautiful human reality and you will do much to assist in bringing changes to the world. What the mass consciousness wants, the mass consciousness gets, that is the law of the universe, and you are part of that mass consciousness.

Free Meditation Downloads For Your Group

  • Transmitting Peace
  • Transforming Humanity
  • These downloads availabe soon:
  • Amplifying Existing Peace And Love On Earth
  • Working With Pre-Matter
  • Humanity United In Oneness & Love
  • Awakening All Hearts In The World
  • Alignment With Love & Its Manifestation On Earth

Bachelors Curriculum
Meditation Skills, Chakras Auras, Psychic Skills, Divination Systems, Angels, Reincarnation, Manifesting Skills, Crystals, Astrology, Energy of Money, Transforming Personality, Emotional Well-Being, Shadow Work, and many many more...

Masters Curriculum
Yoga, Aura Viewing, Lucid Dreaming, Astral Projection, Hypnosis, Predictions, Vibrational Healing, Metaphysical Technologies, Unconditional Love, and many more...

Elective Courses
Gaia Earth, Feng Shui, Forgiveness, Attracting Mate, Moon Solstice Equinox Ceremonies, Taoist, Tantra, Ayurveda, Breatharianism, Labyrinths, Mayan Calendar, Rebirthing, and many more...

UMS courses and other meditations can be purchased individually at
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2012 paradigm shift

2012 predictions

2012 predictions

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