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2012 predictions

2012 predictions

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Visit Starlight Journal for blogs, newsletter, and forums on spiritual subjects. Visit the Metaphysical Sciences youtube channel to view free video satsangs with Christine Breese. Visit Metaphysical Articles to read about consciousness and awakening. Read more articles at Wisdom of the Heart Church.



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Meet The Staff at
University of Metaphysical Sciences!

You've always wondered what we look like, well here we are! Some staff members are a little too shy to have their pictures here (we have 30 staff members), but others are happy to share their image and bio with you! The tireless and loving team at University of Metaphysical Sciences have all kinds of backgrounds. Now you know what the person looks like who is answering your emails and telephone calls!

Devon Love, C.M.T.
Devon Love is a mother of two beautiful children, Rowan  and Jasper. She is dedicated to the process of self inquiry and self awakening, and loves assisting others on this journey as well. Devon practices what she calls "spiritual medicine," in which she offers sessions in multi-dimensional intuitive healing, witnessing spiritual awakening, conflict resolution, and compassionate communication. She also works full time as an Admissions Director and Staff Coordinator at University of Metaphysical Sciences, and dearly loves supporting University of Metaphysical Sciences students through this powerful and unique program. 
Tristan Anderson
Tristan Anderson M.A.
Tristan's focus at UMS is emailing and phone conversations with prospective and active students. Getting to present this opportunity to interested people and assisting those moving through the program has been a very enriching experience for him. He is also thankful to witness the growth of others and himself by working at University of Metaphysical Sciences. His educational background is a Bachelors degree in Religious Studies from Humboldt State University and a Masters degree in Vegan Live Food Nutrition from the Tree of Life Foundation. He looks forward to connecting with you and assisting you with this program!
kelly love
Kelly Love
Kelly Love joined the University of Metaphysical Sciences staff in June of 2006, which coincided with a recent self-reflective journey he had embarked on.  After the culmination of many years teaching children in both early childhood education as well as primary education settings he found it necessary to reconnect with self before continuing his path in education.  He welcomed the invitation to join the staff and share his skills and knowledge with University of Metaphysical Sciences.  He has dedicated himself to learning all aspects of the university and help to bring organization and innovation.  He currently dedicate most of his time at University of Metaphysical Sciences managing the shipping of course material to students.  Outside of UMS, he shares his time with his partner and two children enjoying the wonders of life.  Simplicity. Integrity. Love. 
Margaret Branch
Margaret Branch has completed graduate coursework in psychology, and has developed dream-work classes and workshops from a Jungian perspective. As a visionary artist and writer, she integrates imagination and the superconscious with practical tools for uncovering the authentic self. Margaret Branch facilitates professional dream consultations and workshops in Arcata, CA.
Christine Breese
Christine Breese, D.D., Ph.D
Christine Breese is the founder of University of Metaphysical Sciences and is proud to have such wonderful people in the office. This is a very sweet spiritual family, not just an office staff! Christine is 44 years old and has much experience in spiritual exploration. She is happy to share it with you and hopes you will pass what you learn to others. She organized the writing team, edited courses, and wrote several of the courses herself. She also created many of the transformative meditation portions of the courses so that students have direct experience with what they are learning in the written materials. She writes books, offers retreats and workshops, and works with video production as well. Christine is pleased to present University of Metaphysical Sciences to you, a precious gem, and all the beautiful people on staff who make it all possible!


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2012 predictions

2012 predictions

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