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All students who have access to the Internet should be taking their exams through our Online Exam System. This does not require high speed access. Even dial-up will work fine. Please read the online document How UMS Online Exams Work. This document should answer any questions you have about the Online Exam System.

Welcome Students
This is the area where you may download your course materials. You may return here anytime you wish if you would like to download your files again any time. We highly recommend storing your audio meditations on a CD or on your hard drive, for the internet is always a changing entity and your downloads may not always be available if there is a lot of traffic or the server is temporarily down for some reason. It is always good to back up your courses so you have them whenever you would like to access them.

The Difference Between FM Quality and CD Quality mp3s:
You will notice that there are two different files for each meditation, one is CD Quality and the other is FM Quality. The difference between them is file size, and a little bit of quality is lost on FM Quality versions. If you have difficulty downloading the CD Quality mp3s, try the FM Quality files which are half the size. This will only be an issue if you are on dial up service instead of high speed internet. These are large files. If you do not have high speed access, we recommend that you find a place where you can access dsl or cable, at a friend's house or an internet café, download your courses there, and put them on your hard drive or a CD.

Turning mp3s into Wave files for CD players:
If you would like to play your audio meditations on your home CD player, you must change mp3 files into wave files (.wav). Your computer should be able to do this with your own operating system software, but if not, there are free software applications that you can find on the internet which will do it. We are not able to help you with tech support on turning mp3 files into wave files, but you probably have a friend who can help you with this. If you have an mp3 player, however, you will be able to simply place your files into your mp3 player and play them! Some of the newer home stereos will play mp3 files on a CD. Some versions of Windows Media Player will turn them into .wav files as well.

Downloading through Dial Up Access:
If you have trouble downloading, and you are on dial up access to the internet, there is not much you will be able to do except find a high speed access point. Audio files are usually too big for dial up access to download before there is a time out or a break in the connection. If you do decide to try it though with dial up access, we recommend doing it during the night when you go to bed, and check to see if they completed downloading in the morning.

Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions, and let us know how you like your courses!

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