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Exploring Consciousness More Closely

Consciousness describes a state of awareness and control over the mind. At a rudimentary level, it means having control over the mind during an awakened state. In metaphysical pursuits, however, it is often a goal to gain a higher level of consciousness that transcends into other forms of awareness.

Higher levels of awareness can center on the connection between the mind, body and spirit. They can also involve an ability to awaken the chakras and gain entry into higher plains of existence, such as the astral.

The pursuit of higher levels of consciousness is one that can encompass a lifetime. Buddhists, for example, often spend decades trying to gain spiritual awareness and a state of enlightenment. There are a variety of ways to tap into a higher level of consciousness, but many do focus on meditation as a way to open the mind to the possibility.

Meditation is a focused exercise that seeks to clear the mind of everyday thoughts and open it up to higher realizations. It tends to encompass both mental clarity and deep breathing techniques to raise a state of elevated consciousness. Through meditation, people can awaken their chakras, focus their thoughts, gain stress relief benefits and tap into greater powers, such as astral awareness, telepathy, telekinesis and more.

So, why is it that people seek to gain a higher state of consciousness beyond the everyday? The answers are many and include:

Gaining a better understanding of self – Through meditation and tapping into the mind/body/spirit connection, people are often able to gain a better understanding of who they are. When consciousness is raised, they can see more clearly their motivations, desires, strengths and weaknesses. When the subconscious is tapped into during an exploration of self, this part of the mind can even help people gain an edge in life, project more positive energies and assist in the breaking of bad habits or the developing of good ones.

Gaining an ability to heal – Medical science has been unable to explain how some patients with grave illnesses “miraculously” recover by changing their thinking patterns. Through meditation and gaining a higher level of consciousness, some people have been able to heal themselves physically and even heal others.

Gaining access to untapped powers – Chakra meditation and awareness on a spiritual level has been said to awaken powers in some individuals that transcend the everyday. Astral awareness, telepathy, telekinesis and more are all linked to operating on a higher level of consciousness.

Gaining enlightenment – Spiritual understanding and enlightenment are the ultimate goals of raising consciousness levels. This state is generally gained through a lengthy pursuit and years of practice. Whether the method to achieve this involves yoga, chakra meditation, religious practice or another metaphysical pursuit, true enlightenment and a state of full consciousness is generally not achieved overnight.

Raising personal consciousness can help a person tap into the mind, body and spiritual connection fully. At its pinnacle, consciousness involves not only the physical senses, but also a deep understanding and peace on a highly spiritual level.


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