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Getting On The Path To Enlightenment

Enlightenment is the ultimate goal of many metaphysical and spiritual practices. This increased level of consciousness is one that plenty of people strive for, but few attain. It can take a lifetime of practice, discipline and study to even come close to attaining enlightenment.

When enlightenment is attained, a person gains a greater understanding of self, the world around him, the divine and even the universe. This status is almost Christ-like in its awareness and is often associated with Buddha, Shiva and a host of other gods and prophets. In addition to heightened awareness, enlightenment can help people unlock powers to access the astral, psychic abilities and more.

Putting oneself on the path to enlightenment is typically a lifelong pursuit. Some of the practices that can ultimately lead to this level of consciousness include:

Yoga – This discipline involves more than postures and breathing. While these are two pillars of the practice, proper nutrition, meditation and relaxation also play a role. The ultimate goal of yoga practitioners is to gain a level of enlightenment through the combination of these five things. The path toward enlightenment through yoga can take years and many will simply not attain this level of peace and understanding. Despite this, yoga is a pursuit that can have positive impacts that ripple throughout life in the physical, mental and spiritual realms.

Chakra meditation – Gaining a mastery over the human aura and its energies is the focus of chakra study and meditation. When the chakras are mastered through meditation, a deepened sense of awareness and extraordinary powers can be unlocked. Ultimately, the study of chakras can lead to personal healing, self awareness and enlightenment.

Religion – Many of the world’s religions lay out their own paths for spiritual and self enlightenment. Zen Buddhism, for example, has its own highly disciplined route with enlightenment as the final goal.

While reaching a higher state of consciousness is not an easy path to put oneself on, it is one that many choose to tread. Why is this?

When a true state of enlightenment is reached, a person can enjoy:

A greater sense of understanding on the spiritual level – Those who are enlightened are said to have a much greater understanding of the divine than others. They can see beyond this realm to the connections man has with the universe and divinity.

A greater sense of self – A person who has truly reached enlightenment, understands his or her own strengths, weaknesses, desires, fears, motivations and limitations. Though this understanding, an individual can gain wisdom and mastery over self.

A high level of peace – While enlightenment might not necessarily answer all the questions of man and the universe, this state can produce a great sense of inner peace about an individual’s place in physical and spiritual realms.

An ability to tap into hidden powers – On the path to enlightenment, some people are able to tap into powers of which others only dream. Astral knowledge, telekinesis and other similar powers, for example, may open up through such pursuits as yoga and chakra meditation.

Achieving a true state of enlightenment is not a path for the weak at heart. It can take a lifetime to even come close to gaining this level of mastery over mind, body and spirit. The pursuit, nonetheless, is one that can deliver very tangible rewards along the way. The journey itself can be as important, and even more so, than the destination.


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