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What Is Kundalini Energy?

Kundalini energy is a important force that is related to the chakra system and metaphysics itself. This energy force is considered by many to be the blood of the chakras. Awakening it and its powers is something that can bring about great change in a person on the physical, emotional and spiritual levels. This awakening, however, is something that requires, or should require, years of training to achieve.

Kundalini energy is said to reside in the root chakra, which is located at the base of the spine. It is a power force that emits from this area and moves throughout the entire chakra system. In much the same manner as the blood works through the circulatory system, kundalini energy affects the chakras and feeds them.

Every person has kundalini energy present in their bodies at one level or another. This energy flows from the spine up to the top of the head, passing through each chakra on its way. Kundalini energy can awaken the specific energies contained within individual chakras as it passes. When this happens, it can bring about a higher level of awareness, an awakening of abilities and the attainment of enlightenment or divine states of being.

The release of kundalini energy is said to be an experience like none other. When this energy releases from the root chakra, it tends to feel as if waves of heat or pulsations are rising through the body. While this release is sometimes subtle, many do feel extreme sensations as kundalini energy rises toward the top of the head and outward to meld with the universe’s spiritual energy. As kundalini energy is released, the human body undergoes a cleansing.

The release of kundalini energy is often said to essentially be a divine state of consciousness. This state can last for a mere few hours or as long as months. The release of this energy typically occurs when a person is able to unblock multiple chakras simultaneously. As this happens, the cleansing affects the physical body, emotions, mental status and consciousness.

While many people practice casual meditation and study the chakras, it is a rare individual who can actually release kundalini energy. In fact, many yogis warn not to attempt to raise or release this energy without a full understanding of it. This understanding comes not necessarily from books, but from years of training on the spiritual and metaphysical level. It is seen as the endgame or goal of a long-standing pursuit of enlightenment.

Gaining a keen insight and understanding of chakra meditation and unblocking the aura of negative energies can assist those on the path to be able to release kundalini energy. When a person is fully successful in this quest, he or she will have achieved a state that few on earth can claim. An individual who completely awakens this energy will have a balance of mental, physical and emotional clarity that few can ever boast. This state is said to be the closest to perfection one can attain on earth.


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