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The Benefits Of Meditation

Meditation is a practice that is used in many different metaphysical pursuits. No matter its ultimate goal, this practice can have very positive impacts on the body and the mind.

At its very heart, meditation is an exercise that seeks to clear the mind of the unnecessary clutter of daily life so more important realizations can be focused upon. Meditation generally takes place in a quiet, safe setting where a person can feel free to let go of conscious thought and tap into the subconscious. There are a number of different types of meditation and the goals for the pursuit can also vary.

The types of meditation include:

Guided meditation – This type of meditation can take place in a teaching setting or in the privacy of a home with a tape, CD or computer program leading the effort. In guided meditation, the leader or teacher helps direct students’ thoughts so they can gain a high state of relaxation.

Chakra meditation – This practice involves clearing thoughts to hone in more deeply on different points of the chakra, or human aura. These energy vortexes serve as the focal point of meditation. It can involve the use of chakra stones to help focus thoughts on a specific point of the body.

Healing meditation – This can relate to chakra meditation or stand on its own as a form of meditation that seeks to heal the body and/or the spirit.

Zen Buddhist meditation – This form of meditation is used by Buddhists to help raise an awakening of spirituality and higher consciousness.

The goals of meditation can vary rather greatly based on the individual practitioners. They can include:

Relaxation and stress relief – Meditation is a powerful and proven stress reliever and relaxation technique. When people learn to let go of the maelstrom of thoughts that plague the mind, they can lower stress levels and the impacts this state has on the body.

Self-awareness and healing – Meditation can be used to gain a greater insight into self and it can also be used to assist with physical and spiritual healing. When thoughts are directed in a positive manner, a person can learn more about who he or she is on the inside. It is also possible to direct positive thoughts to help overcome illness.

Enlightenment – On the far end of the spectrum, people use meditation as a tool to help them gain enlightenment. This is a state of great understanding and wisdom not only about self, but also the universe that surrounds humans. It is also described as a state of great peace, bliss or nirvana. This is the ultimate goal of many metaphysical pursuits and results in a deep understanding of the connections between the body, mind and spirituality.

Successful meditation can have a number of positive impacts on those who practice this art. Whether the form is self-guided, guided, chakra or otherwise, meditation can lower stress levels, encourage relaxation and help a person focus thoughts on more important matters than daily comings and goings. It has also been shown to assist with healing and helping people gain enlightenment on a much higher level.


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